HEAVY    2'?m1f Monologue: stress management, balance, pace

(enters carrying very large package(s) or stuffed bag(s) on head
or shoulders, huffing and puffing)

I've got a message for you.

Oh, not about this load I'm carrying. It's ABOUT the load YOU
are carrying.

One thing I've noticed as soon as I picked up this load is that
it's VERY heavy. I'm sure you can tell. I've learned a lot about
carrying heavy loads in just a short time. And I thought I would
share it with you.

First, the heavier the load I carry, the more I need to stop,
put down the load (drops package, exhales) and rest. (sits on
package if possible) I tried to carry my load too far once and I
not only dropped and ruined my load, but I also injured myself.
That's what happens when you don't stop, drop, and rest
regularly. The larger the load, the more you need to rest.

The next thing I noticed when I carry heavy loads is that I
can't go as fast. I have to slow down under heavy loads or I
lose control of my load. Once, when I began to feel tired, I
decided to speed up, so I could get to my destination faster and
get rid of my load. But the faster I went the more tired I got.
Needless to say, I had another accident. So, what I learned was,
the larger the load I'm carrying the slower I must pace myself
to stay in control of my load.

(hoists load onto shoulder, struggles to keep balance)

Another important lesson I learned is that the heavier the load,
the more I have to concentrate on keeping my balance. When I'm
at my maximum load, I have to watch every step to make sure I
don't fall. My automatic reactions just don't work when I'm
under a heavy load. I found I have to take concentration away
from other things in my life just to keep myself balanced under
a heavy load. What I'm saying is that when I'm carrying a heavy 
load, the rest of my life is on hold. The load becomes my life 
and everything else in my life takes a back seat. (staggers)

But probably the most important lesson I learned about carrying
heavy loads is that if I can get someone else to SHARE my load,
I can go faster, I need less rest, and I don't have to be nearly
as concerned about keeping my balance. Come to think of it, if
there's someone around to share my load with, it would be
downright foolish to carry a load alone.

(exiting) I just thought you should know.

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