HEALING  4'?m2f Sin, forgiveness, pain, healing

(scene: doctor's office or one chair and one end-table facing

LIZ -- (enters holding own elbow, crosses stiffly to chairs,
sits painfully)

AMY -- (enters wearing lab coat with stethoscope around neck,
reading file folder) Good morning. The nurse said that you had a
pain in your neck, Ms.... (closes folder, reads name, looks up)

LIZ -- Hi, Amy.

AMY -- I thought you moved away or something.

LIZ -- No. I'm still here.

AMY -- Oh, well, ah, (reads inside folder, looks up) the nurse
said you had a pain in your neck.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Then why are you holding your arm?

LIZ -- If I move my arm, it causes my shoulder to move.

AMY -- Uh huh.

LIZ -- And if my shoulder moves, it hurts my neck.

AMY -- So, you're completely immobilized.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- (feeling the underside of Liz's jaw line) Your lymph
glands are swollen. How long have you been like this?

LIZ -- About three weeks.

AMY -- Three weeks? (lifts Liz's hair, examines neck)

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- (picks up cotton swab) You have a bacterial infection.
Open wide.

LIZ -- (opens mouth)

AMY -- (rubs swab on the inside of Liz's cheek briefly) What
took you so long to get treatment? (drops swab into test tube)

LIZ -- Because I knew you'd be here.

AMY -- You haven't been skipping church just to avoid seeing me,
have you?

LIZ -- Every time you see me, you ask questions and I didn't
want to answer any questions.

AMY -- So, you waited until the pain became unbearable before
you came to see me.

LIZ -- I have to sleep sitting up. It even hurts to chew, so all
I've been able to eat is soup.

AMY -- Do you have any idea how you got this infection?

LIZ -- Well....

AMY -- It wouldn't have anything to do with the tattoo on your
neck, would it?

LIZ -- That's why I didn't come in before. If you found out
about the tattoo, you'd ask me about other things in my life
associated with getting the tattoo and I didn't want to lie to
you and I didn't want to give you an honest answer either. So,
the easiest thing for me to do was to avoid you.

AMY -- I understand.

LIZ -- I'm sorry.

AMY -- Well, I'll run this swab over to the lab to be sure but
it looks like you have an infection that could have been cured
in twenty-four hours.

LIZ -- I've really messed up my life, haven't I?

AMY -- (writing in folder) I'll give you an antibiotic that will
clear up the infection right away. But by delaying treatment you
have complicated your recovery.

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- By immobilizing your neck, shoulder and arm for three
weeks, you caused the muscles to atrophy and the ligaments to
stiffen. You'll need physical therapy to regain normal strength
and flexibility.

LIZ -- So, if I would have come in here when it first started
hurting, I could have avoided the physical therapy?

AMY -- That's right. Do you see any parallels with your
Christian walk?

LIZ -- Yeah. Sin doesn't just cause me pain. It immobilizes me
in ways I wouldn't even suspect. Sin ruins my strength and my
flexibility. It renders me completely useless.

AMY -- That about summarizes the sin. What about the

LIZ -- Oh, yeah. I'm not the only member of the body affected by
my sin. I've hurt others too. Now I have to go through the pain
of trying to apologize and reestablish trust with everyone I've
lied to and avoided. It's just not worth the momentary pleasure.

AMY -- Well, I'm glad you learned your lesson. (backs toward
exit) Come. Have a seat in the waiting room while I confirm your
diagnosis and write you a prescription.

LIZ -- You know the worst part about this whole thing?

AMY -- (exiting) What's that?

LIZ -- (follows) I don't even like the tattoo.

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