FREEWILL 3'?m2f Free will, election, Arminianism, Calvinism

(scene: park bench or four chairs side-by-side)

LIZ -- (enters with cell phone to ear) Yes, please send someone
right away. I'm afraid that the robber might come back. And I'm
afraid to go home for fear he'll follow me. (sits)

AMY -- (enters opposite wearing business suit) Hello. Are you
Elizabeth Johnson?

LIZ -- Yes. Who are you?

AMY -- (opens wallet, shows badge and I.D.) I was on my way
home from the precinct and I heard your call on my scanner. I
live right here (points to exit) on the edge of the park. I'm

LIZ -- Sheridan. Yes, I know.

AMY -- I'm sorry. Have we met?

LIZ -- Not formally. I heard you spouting off about Calvinism
and reform theology at a party a few weeks ago.

AMY -- (snaps fingers) At Anita Tizdale's house.

LIZ -- Yes. I had no idea you were a cop.

AMY -- I'm sorry you thought I was spouting off. But I'm sure
you didn't call 911 to talk about theology.

LIZ -- Ah, no. I almost didn't call at all.

AMY -- Why not? The dispatcher said it was a purse snatching.
That sounds serious.

LIZ -- Well, it could have been worse. It wasn't really a purse.
I was on my way home from working out at the gym and I decided
to take a shortcut through the park, when this big guy jumped
out from behind the bushes (points to exit) and told me to give
him my purse.

AMY -- (takes notes) So, you gave it to him?

LIZ -- Not right away. I told him I didn't have a purse, that
the bag was a gym bag and all it had in it was a towel and some
gym shoes.

AMY -- (takes notes) Did he hurt you?

LIZ -- No. But he threaten to kill me if I didn't hand over the
bag. I hesitated to call 911. The shoes and the towel and the
bag were all old. They weren't worth very much.

AMY -- Can you describe the assailant?

LIZ -- Well, it was dark. (points) It was over there. It wasn't
near a street light. I don't think I could pick him out of a
line up or anything, if that's what you mean. But I'm sure I
would recognize his voice. He had a speech impediment.

AMY -- Oh. Did you notice any tatoos on his arms?

LIZ -- Why, yes. As he was running away, I saw a tatoo right
here. (points to own upper arm)

AMY -- A rose tatoo with a scroll over the top?

LIZ -- Yes. How did you know?

AMY -- I live here. I've made it a point to get to know the
local trouble makers. Your assailant's name is Leroy Biggins.
He's dumber than a box of hammers.

LIZ -- Well, he sure scared me!

AMY -- Oh, he's harmless. He just talks tough.

LIZ -- Well, he sure had me fooled.

AMY -- (takes notes) So, you gave up your gym bag of your own
free will, huh?

LIZ -- No. I told you, he threatened to kill me if I didn't give
it up.

AMY -- But at the party a few weeks ago, you told me you were an

LIZ -- What does that have to do with anything?

AMY -- Well, Arminianists believe that people have a free will
to choose or not to choose Jesus as their savior.

LIZ -- Well, yes, but...

AMY -- Do you still think you have a free will?

LIZ -- I don't understand. Oh, you're just jerking my chain for
saying that you were spouting off about Calvinism.

AMY -- Yes, I suppose I am. But I think there's a lesson to be
learned here about election verses free will.

LIZ -- Oh? What's that?

AMY -- Just how free is your free will when the alternative to
choosing the right thing is DEATH?

LIZ -- Oh, I see what you mean. I guess the choice to choose or
reject Jesus isn't really as free as I first thought.

AMY -- And the guy making the threat is not as harmless as Leroy

LIZ -- Say, listen, I'm sorry about that crack I made about
spouting off. I meant no offense.

AMY -- No offense taken.

LIZ -- I tell you what. You've made a convert out of me. If any
of my Christian friends tell me they chose Jesus of their own
free will, I'll send them to see your friend Leroy.

AMY -- Speaking of Leroy, let's go over to his house and tell
his mother...

LIZ -- ...He still lives with his mother?

AMY -- (exiting) When we tell her that her little boy is
up to his old tricks again, she'll make him wish he was going
to jail. Say, you don't mind if we don't press charges, do you?

LIZ -- (follows) Do I have a choice?
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