FORGIVE3 5'?m3f Forgive, not for his sake but for yours

LIZ -- (enters in a huff) I know what you're doing and it won't

AMY -- (follows) How do you know what I'm doing?

LIZ -- I saw her coming in the other entrance. (points)

AMY -- Saw who?

LIZ -- You know who. That... That... jerk. You're going to force
us to sit down together and try to smooth out things between us.
You think you can get us to shake hands and everything will be
the way that it was.

AMY -- Well, you're a big girl now. I can't MAKE you do 
anything you don't really want to do, least of all forgive her.

LIZ -- Well, what am I doing here, then?

AMY -- Before I tell you what I have in mind, you tell me again
why you won't forgive her.

LIZ -- I've told you a hundred times. I refuse to forgive her
because I don't want to let her off the hook. If I forgive her,
she'll think she got away with it. And I'm not going to let that

AMY -- So, you're willing to hold this grudge and be miserable
just so she'll be miserable too?

LIZ -- Alright, since you put it that way, yes. I'm not going to
let her get away with it no matter what you do here today. So,
just what did you have in mind?

AMY -- Well, I brought you to this building because it has a
room with a one-way mirror on the wall. (points)

LIZ -- (points) That window there? That's a mirror?

AMY -- Yes. You can see in, but people in the other room can't
see you.

LIZ -- So, what are you going to do? Why do you need a one-way
mirror? (stands watching through window, reacting with various 
levels of agitation as they speak)

AMY -- You just watch. (opens imaginary door to far side of
stage, crosses to far exit, calls to exit) Kathy? Can you come
in now?

KAT -- (enters) What's this all about? I'm not it trouble, am I?

AMY -- No. I just need to clarify a few things. It's a personal

KAT -- I'll help if I can, but I...

AMY -- Do you know a person named Elizabeth Mosley?

KAT -- Well, sure, she used to be my best friend.

AMY -- Used to be?

KAT -- Yes.

AMY -- What happened between you?

KAT -- I... I don't remember exactly. One day we were bosom
buddies the next day she wouldn't even discuss what it was that
I'd done to make her mad.

AMY -- So, you have no idea why she broke off your friendship.

KAT -- I think I slighted her somehow. But I can't remember
exactly what it was. I'm sorry I can't be more help.

AMY -- You're not hiding anything, are you?

KAT -- Me? No. Why would I hide anything?

AMY -- So, just to make this absolutely clear, you can't
remember exactly what you did to offend your friend Elizabeth?

KAT -- I wish I could. I wanted to make things right with her,
but she wouldn't even discuss it.

AMY -- Did it upset you?

KAT -- Well, of course! She was my best friend. I was very upset
for a while.

AMY -- Are you still upset?

KAT -- Not anymore. After a while I stopped trying to save the
friendship and started making new friends. Life goes on.

AMY -- Thank you. You've been very helpful. (guides Kat to exit)

KAT -- I have?!

AMY -- Yes.

KAT -- But I wasn't able to remember anything. (exits)

AMY -- You've been more helpful than you know. Thanks for coming
in. (turns, crosses, opens door) Well, what did you learn from

LIZ -- (pacing) I can't believe it! I've been holding a grudge
against her for six months so she couldn't get away with it. And
now I find out she can't even remember what she did wrong!
That's not fair!

AMY -- What's not fair?

LIZ -- SHE was the one who was supposed to be suffering! But
SHE's the only one who came out of this whole thing unscathed!
Doesn't she know all the pain and suffering I went through to
hold a grudge against her?!

AMY -- Apparently not.

LIZ -- That's not the way grudges are supposed to work out!

AMY -- Actually, I'm not sure where you get you're information
from, but grudges NEVER work like that.

LIZ -- (stops) They don't?

AMY -- No. All they do is make YOU miserable.

LIZ -- Boy! This one sure did! I not only lost my best friend, I
also lost two other friends who got tired of hearing my tale of
wo over and over again.

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- You should be sorry. If you hadn't done this (points to
window) I would have gone on for months being blissfully

AMY -- So, you enjoyed being miserable?

LIZ -- Well, it didn't seem so bad when I thought that SHE was
suffering worse than me. But now, after I found out that I've
been suffering alone for six months.... (exiting) I hate you.
I'll never forgive you!

AMY -- (follows) Some people never learn!

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