FLOW     4'?m2f Go with the flow: conformity and peer pressure

AMY -- (enters, crosses briskly to opposite exit) 

LIZ -- (enters opposite) Hey, where you going? The party is this 
way. (turns Amy around, one arm around shoulder) 

AMY -- (resists) I'm sorry, do I know you?

LIZ -- Well, you may not know me personally. But you know my 
reputation. I'm the voice of moderation. 

AMY -- Moderation.

LIZ -- Yes, and you are about to make a big mistake.

AMY -- I am?

LIZ -- Yes. You are.

AMY -- (points over shoulder) I was about to start my ministry, 
the job the Lord created me to do. How is that a big mistake?

LIZ -- Think of all you'll be missing. (signals subtly with 
downstage hand)

(An indefinite number of others dressed in dark clothing enter, 
take Amy by the hands and some begin pushing her gently from 
behind, shuffling across the stage with half-inch steps, keeping 
heads down and pointed slightly away from audience. The rest of 
the dialogue takes place as the group ushers her back to her 
original entrance)

LIZ -- You've got to go with the flow.

AMY -- Yes, but what about my ministry?

LIZ -- There's plenty of time to do you ministry. What's your 

AMY -- The Lord has uniquely gifted me with talents and 
experience. If I don't do my ministry, it won't get done.

LIZ -- My, aren't we full of ourselves today.

AMY -- Please, let me go.

LIZ -- Take a deep breath and relax. You have your whole life 
ahead of you. 

AMY -- If I don't do my ministry, I'll miss my rewards in 

LIZ -- Deep breath. Go with the flow.

AMY -- (deep breath, sigh)

LIZ -- There, doesn't that feel better? 

AMY -- Well....

LIZ -- It's easy going with the flow, isn't it?

AMY -- Well, yes, but...

LIZ -- (pulls remote control from pocket, points it at wall at 
audience rear) Here, watch a little television.

AMY -- (looks, wide-eyed) I shouldn't be watching that stuff. 
There's sex and violence and drugs in that show.

LIZ -- It's prime-time television. What could be the harm in 

AMY -- Those images stay with you, you know.

LIZ -- Yes, they're really exciting to watch aren't they? What 
an adrenalin rush!

AMY -- I really shouldn't be watching this. It desensitizes me 
to sinful behavior. It makes it seem like it's acceptable.

LIZ -- Well, if you don't like that, how about this picture?

AMY -- (looks, wide-eyed) Hey, that's Brandon Johnson. How did 
he get on TV?

LIZ -- He's your secret heart throb from school, isn't he?

AMY -- Yes, but how did you get him on TV?

LIZ -- You know, if you'd just lighten up a little, you could 
have Brandon Johnson wrapped around your little finger.

AMY -- Brandon is not a Christian. I shouldn't date 

LIZ -- Listen to me. I'm the voice of moderation. Brandon is a 
hunk. Every girl in school would love to date Brandon Johnson.

AMY -- (stops) Yeah, he's real cute and everything. But Brandon 
smokes and drinks and uses drugs. And he's got a terrible 
reputation among the girls at school.

LIZ -- You know what your problem is? You're too up tight. 
You've got to go with the flow. 

(Group resumes shuffling, one of the Others hands Amy a cocktail 

AMY -- I really shouldn't be doing this....

LIZ -- (pushing glass toward Amy's lips) Go with the flow.

AMY -- (drinks) I guess this isn't so bad after all.

LIZ -- (takes glass, taps the back of Amy's hand with a small 
vile) Everything in moderation. Go with the flow. (pushes Amy's 
hand to her nose)

AMY -- (sniffs, head wobbles) I guess this isn't so bad.

LIZ -- And Brandon is looking better and better all the time, 
isn't he?

AMY -- Boy, I'll say. What a hunk! (optionally, Brandon could 
enter, pet Amy's face, step around behind her, spin her around) 
Oh, Brandon!

LIZ -- Everything in moderation. Go with the flow.

(Others completely surround Amy, howl and make party sounds, 
then suddenly sink to their kneels, revealing Amy with blouse 
untucked and hair a mess)

AMY -- I feel so ashamed. I've done all the things I swore I 
would never do.

LIZ -- (hands glass back to Amy) Well, then, have another drink. 
That will help you forget.

(Others stand, resume ushering Amy) 

AMY -- I've already had too much to drink. What about 

LIZ -- Forget moderation. You've got to go for the gusto! 
(pushes glass to Amy's mouth)

AMY -- (drinks) Wait a minute. What about my ministry?

LIZ -- Ministry? What ministry?  The Lord could never use a 
miserable excuse of a human being like you for ministry.

AMY -- But, I'm going to lose all my rewards in Heaven.

LIZ -- Yes, isn't that a pity? When you go with the flow it's 
all down hill! (laughs fiendishly)

(all exit)

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