EVIL     5'?m2f Proof that God exists: evil in the world

LIZ -- (enters in a huff, slaps folded newspaper with back of 
hand) Look at this! And these people are SUPPOSED to be 
Christians! (shouts) Amy! Where are you?! 

AMY -- (enters opposite, reading Bible, does not look up) Hi, 
ya, roomy. What's for dinner?

LIZ -- You've got a lot of explaining to do!

AMY -- (still reading) I do?

LIZ -- Yes, you do! Look at this! (thrusts paper at Amy) And 
these people are supposed to be Christians! 

AMY -- (cranes to read newspaper) Oh, I just saw that on CNN. 
Isn't that terrible?!

LIZ -- Is that all you can say?

AMY -- Surely you don't want me to defend those Serbs just 
because they call themselves Christians.

LIZ -- That's my point! You can't defend them. They killed this 
poor Muslim woman's children and then raped her repeatedly! This 
is absolute proof of what I've been trying to tell you.

AMY -- Proof of what?

LIZ -- There is no way God exists! No way.

AMY -- (shakes head, half smile) Are you reading the same 
headlines I am?

LIZ -- Well, of course, I am! These soldiers are EVIL. How could 
God exist and allow this kind of evil?

AMY -- Isn't that funny? I see the same evidence as you and yet 
I come up with a completely different conclusion. I think the 
fact that this story made the headlines absolutely proves that 
God exists.

LIZ -- You're kidding!

AMY -- No, I'm not kidding. And your reaction not only points to 
the existence of God, but it tells me that you actually believe 
in God too.

LIZ -- You must be from a different planet. How can you look at 
this story and claim that it proves that God exists?

AMY -- Let's suppose for a second that that news story was about 
a Serb soldier who uprooted two baby carrots and stomped on them 
with his boot, smashing them to moosh, then he scalded a full 
grown carrot in hot water and ate it. How would you feel about 

LIZ -- Are you kidding? That would never even make the news!

AMY -- Yes, but two tiny living things lost their lives and a 
third living thing was used for the pleasure of a soldier. 
Wouldn't you be outraged?

LIZ -- Well, of course not! Surely, you, of all people wouldn't 
consider the two stories equivalent?

AMY -- No, I certainly would not. Because I believe that God 
made man in his own image, and because of that, the lives of 
human beings are sacred to me. I am outraged by the taking of 
human life and the victimization of the weak. But I don't 
understand why YOU are outraged. Who told YOU that it was wrong 
to kill babies and rape women?

LIZ -- Everybody knows it's wrong to do those things.

AMY -- Yes, but HOW?

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- Yes, if there is no God who gives sanctity to the lives 
of humans, why are humans more valuable than carrots? Why is it 
illegal in every nation of the world to kill people but killing 
carrots is considered acceptable?

LIZ -- I don't know. It just is, that's all. What do carrots 
have to do with evil, anyway?

AMY -- Do you know that some animal rights activists think that 
murdering six million Jews was morally equivalent to barbecuing 
six million chickens?

LIZ -- Yes, but those people are just the lunatic fringe.

AMY -- But who's to say that they're wrong? If there is no God 
telling all mankind that human life is valuable, then, as 
happened in Germany during World War II, why not pass a law 
downgrading the lives of some humans and legalizing their 

LIZ -- Because it's sick, that's why. Hitler was just sick. You 
still haven't explained why God would allow evil in the world.

AMY -- Alright, let's take another tack. Let's pretend that 
tonight at midnight God is going to have another passover, just 
as he did for the Jews in Egypt thousands of years ago. But this 
time there will be no lambs' blood on the door posts to save 
anyone. An angel of death will passover the earth an kill 
everyone who has ever done evil. He will cleanse the world of 
evil in one fell swoop.

LIZ -- Anyone who had EVER done evil?

AMY -- Yes. The angel of death would have to kill everyone who 
doesn't measure up to God's perfect standard. That means if you 
ever stole a pencil, you're dead. If you accidentally walked off 
with a pencil and didn't return it to it's owner, you're dead. 
If you ever disobeyed your parents, you're dead. If you ever 
showed any disrespect for your parents, you're dead. If you ever 
cheated, your dead. If you ever thought about ways to steal 
something without getting caught, you're dead....

LIZ -- ...Alright, I get the message!

AMY -- What's the message?

LIZ -- If God cleansed the earth of evil, the earth would be 
empty. Nobody would be left. If God allows MY evil to exist, he 
has to allow (points to paper) their evil to exist.

AMY -- That is if there IS a God. But if there is no God, you 
and I are just carrots. And one man's murder is another man's 
barbecue. So, how do you like being a carrot?

LIZ -- I'm not a carrot!

AMY -- No, you're not. Carrots are not outraged by evil. Outrage 
is GOD'S reaction to evil. You wouldn't happen to know who you 
inherited your knowledge of evil from, would you?

LIZ -- (looks at watch, turns to exit) Oh! Dinner is ready. 

AMY -- (follows) Oh, please, please don't tell me you've 
murdered some innocent carrots!

LIZ -- Very funny.

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