DRESS    4'1m4f Judging people by outward appearance

(scene: 4 chairs facing podium)

LIZ -- (enters, crosses to chairs, talking to Ash) ...And I 
found this great looking pair of shoes to match the color 
perfectly. (sits in upstage chair.)

ASH -- (enters with Liz, crosses to chairs) Oh, where did you 
find them? Every shoe store in the mall seems to carry the same 
old tired looking shoes.

LIZ -- Actually, it wasn't a shoe store at all. It was a shoe
department in a boutique in the new m..... (sits next to Ash, 
taps Ash, points at Amy) Check this out.

AMY -- (enters, wearing jeans and T-shirt, sits in chair nearest 
audience, opens and reads Bible) 

LIZ -- Have you noticed how this neighborhood seems to be going 
down hill?

ASH -- I think this church should have a dress code, don't you? 
(to Amy) Excuse me, are you aware that this is a church?

AMY -- (looks up from Bible, looks over at Ash) Excuse me?

ASH -- I asked you if you were aware that this is a church?

AMY -- Yes, this is a prayer meeting, isn't it? I hope I'm not 
in the wrong room.

LIZ -- This is a prayer meeting, alright. 

ASH -- Do you ALWAYS dress like THAT when you go to church?

AMY -- I'm afraid I don't have much choice. I only have one 
other outfit. It's jeans and a T-shirt too.

LIZ -- (to Ash) What did I tell you about the neighborhood?

AMY -- This IS the place where we're praying for the homeless, 
isn't it?

ASH -- (to Liz) Yes, but we didn't invite any of the homeless to 
this meeting.

PAT -- (enters, crosses to podium) Hi, everybody. Are we ready 
to pray for the homeless?

AMY -- Yes, mam.

PAT -- Oh, I see a new face here. And you are....?

AMY -- My name is Amy. 

PAT -- This meeting was to PRAY for the homeless. I hope you 
didn't come here expecting a handout.

AMY -- Oh, no mam. My mom has a job now and some nice folks from 
the shelter found us a place to live. We don't need a handout 

PAT -- You weren't thinking of making this your church-home were 

AMY -- Well, my Mom has to work on Sunday's, so she won't be 
able to make it to church here. But this was our denomination 
back home, so....

PAT -- How nice for you. Well, this is a prayer meeting, I 
suppose we should pray for the homeless. Let's bow our heads in 

(all bow heads)

PAT -- Our gracious and merciful heavenly father,....

LIZ -- Excuse me, but this just isn't working for me!

ASH -- Me, either.

PAT -- What's the problem?

LIZ -- How can I concentrate on praying, when one of us is 
not dressed for praying?

ASH -- It's really distracting when one of us is dressed for 
cleaning out the barn?

AMY -- I'm sorry, you're obvious talking about me.

LIZ -- Obviously.

AMY -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean be to be a distraction. The Lord 
has been so good to my Mom and me....

ASH -- Obviously, not good enough.

PAT -- Listen,... what's you're name again?

AMY -- Amy.

PAT -- Listen, Amy, I realize that this church is your 
denomination, but under the circumstances, perhaps you'd be more 
comfortable in the community church down the block. I haven't 
seen a coat and tie in that church in years.

AMY -- (stands, suppressing tears) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be 
a distraction. I... I'll just go. ( crosses toward opposite 

(Pat, Liz, Ash exit discussing Amy's attire in whispers)

JESUS -- (enters) Amy, why are you crying?

AMY -- (startled) Who are you?

JESUS -- I'm Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth. You know me.

AMY -- Jesus!

JESUS -- You're crying because of them, aren't you? (points)

AMY -- (head down, nods silently)

JESUS -- (arm around Amy's shoulder as they exit) Don't worry 
about them, Amy. They won't let me in either.

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