DREAM    3'?M1f Monologue: Salvation, paid in full, works

Have you ever had one of those dreams that was so real you could
not only see it, you could feel it and smell it? I had one of

In my dream, this chef, dressed in a white chef's jacket and one
of those big puffy chef's hats, came up to me carrying a frying
pan and said,

(in character, points into pan)

"Your omelette is done."

Sure enough, there in the pan was my favorite omelette, fluffy
and light, ready to eat.

(rubs hands, licks lips)


Then the chef said something odd. He said,

(imitates) "Would you like me to cook it some more?"

"Didn't you say it was done?"

(imitates) "Yes. It is done. Would you like me to cook it some

"What would happen if you cooked it more?"

(imitates) "It would get dry and rubbery. Would you like me to
cook it some more?"

(tilts head)

"No, of course not! It's done."

(closes eyes tightly, reopens)

Then, as suddenly as he appeared the chef disappeared and a man
wearing blue jeans and a tool belt approached me. He said,

(imitates) "Well, your construction project is all finished."

"Good." I said. "I'll get my check book." (turns)

But then he said something odd. He asked, (turns back)

(imitates) "Or maybe I should do some more cutting and hammering
on it?"

(tilts head)

"Wait a minute. Didn't you just say that the construction
project was finished?"

(imitates) "Well, yes, but I could do some more cutting and

"What good would that do?"

(imitates) "It wouldn't do any good. In fact, it would probably
mess things up. But I could do more if you'd like."

(closes eyes tightly, reopens)

And when I opened my eyes again, there was my accountant
standing there with two checks, one to pay for the omelette and
one to pay for the construction project. He offered me a pen and

(imitates) "Sign here."

After I signed the two checks, he smiled and said,

(imitates) "Paid in full! (seriously) Would you like me to write
each of them another check?"

(tilts head)

"But why?! You said they were paid in full!"

(imitates) "Oh, they are, but I could write them each another
check, if you like."

"What possible benefit would it be to me to write them a check
when I don't owe them anything?!"

(imitates) "Actually, there would be no benefit at all. But you
could do it if you want to."


(closes eyes tightly, reopens)

And when I opened my eyes there was Jesus hanging on the cross.
He said,

(imitates) "It is done. It is finished. It is paid in full."

Then he looked down at me and said,

(imitates) "Hey, Bob, what part of FINISHED don't you

(closes eyes tightly, reopens)

That's how I knew it was just a dream. Jesus never called my
name while he was on the Cross. But my dream gave me something
to think about. Sometimes I act as if Jesus' death on the Cross
was not enough to pay for all my sins. Sometimes I act as if
Jesus never said "It is finished."

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