DONTWAIT 4'?m2f Procrastination, denial, salvation, judgement

LIZ -- (enters confidently, looks around, slows, stops) Wait a
minute. I'm lost. How could I be lost? I was just... Oh, no! It
can't be. (turns, nearly collides with Amy)

AMY -- (follows) Maybe I can be of assistance.

LIZ -- (gasps, backs away) No. Um, no thank you. I can find my
way back on my own. (tries to get by Amy)

AMY -- (steps into Liz's path) Sorry. There's no going back.

LIZ -- (stops, steps back) Look. I know who you are and I think
there's been a terrible mistake.

AMY -- I doubt it.

LIZ -- No, really. I had this all worked out. And it wasn't
supposed to happen this way.

AMY -- Life is what happens when you're waiting for your plans
to be fulfilled.

LIZ -- Listen, it's been my experience that everything in life
is negotiable. Can't we negotiate this?

AMY -- We could if this was life. But this is....

LIZ -- Don't say it. If you say it we can't negotiate. Listen, I
know who you are. You're the angel of death. And you've come to
get me. But I had this all worked out. This wasn't suppose to
happened for at least another twenty years. So, you need to go
back to... your boss and tell him... tell him this is way to

AMY -- What you're saying is that you're not ready to die.

LIZ -- (holds up hand, interrupts) Please don't use the D word.
If you use the D word, I lose my negotiating position.

AMY -- I'm afraid you're operating under a big misconception...

LIZ -- (holds up hand, interrupts) No. I had this worked out. I
was going to go with the Jesus option in twenty years.
Everything was going to plan.

AMY -- So, you're admitting that you were aware of the Jesus

LIZ -- Well, of course! Anyone who owns a radio or a television
knows that Jesus forgives sins. And, believe me, I was going to
trust Jesus to forgive MY sins as soon as I was diagnosed with
cancer or heart disease.

AMY -- But you didn't die of cancer....

LIZ -- (holds up hand, interrupts) Please don't use the D word.
If you use the D word, I lose my negotiating position.

AMY -- Listen, I hate to burst your bubble, but you have no
negotiating position. You lost it when you died.

LIZ -- (holds up hand, interrupts) See, there you go again. When
you say the word, you destroy some of my options.

AMY -- You seem to think that saying the word makes it happen.

LIZ -- "In the beginning was the word..."

AMY -- The WORD is a person, not an utterance. And that person
has declared that your options are now null and void.

LIZ -- You don't understand. I INTENDED to trust Jesus. Doesn't
that count for something?

AMY -- I'm sorry, but both rewards and punishments in eternity
are based on what you've DONE, not on what you've planned or
what you've intended.

LIZ -- This is a nightmare. I had this all worked out. Where did
I go wrong? 

AMY -- You were fully aware of what God expected you to do, but
you put off bending your knee before God so you could go on
sinning. You saw it as delaying your decision. But God saw it as
deliberate disobedience. In God's eyes, you were without excuse.

LIZ -- What about an appeal?

AMY -- The Bible says that man is destined to "die once and
after that to face judgement". What do you think?

LIZ -- So, there's no way I'm getting into Heaven?

AMY -- Let's just say that Jesus is going to procrastinate that
decision indefinitely.

LIZ -- (turns, exits) Go ahead, rub it in.

AMY -- (follows) If it's any comfort, I've decided to put off a
decision to pray for you.

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