DEDICATE 6'?m4f Dedication of a new church building

LIZ -- (enters carrying clipboard) And this is where we're going
to have the dedication ceremony.

AMY -- (follows) Wow! What a beautiful building! You've done a
great job!

LIZ -- Thank you. We're all working a lot of overtime to put on
the finishing touches and get it ready in time for the

AMY -- Have you decided what you're going to do for the

LIZ -- We think we're going to hire a production consultant.

AMY -- A production consultant?

LIZ -- Yes. I hear she's very good. She'll be here any minute.

AMY -- (turns to exit) Well, then I'll just be on my way.

LIZ -- No, please, stay. I may need your expertise too.

AMY -- (turns) My expertise? For what?

LIZ -- Well, this production consultant has planned some of the
biggest, flashiest events in Hollywood. But we want to be sure
that whatever we do is Biblically sound.

AMY -- I see.

LIZ -- Oh, here she comes now.

C.B. -- (enters hurriedly talking into cell phone) Yes, I'm at 
the church now. It's a pretty small building by our standards. 
(passes by Amy and Liz looking at the rafters) The production 
should be a piece of cake. Call you later. (puts away phone) 

NILMAN -- (follows closely on C.B.'s heels, manipulating a palm
pilot) Yes, C.B.?

C.B. -- We'll need a cherry picker in here to hang some spot
lights from the rafters. What's the tallest cherry picker we can
get that will fit through those doors. (points to main doors,
makes a circuit around stage)

NILMAN -- (looks at palm pilot) I'm checking, C.B..

C.B. -- Well don't take all day. I'm a very busy person.

NILMAN -- I know, C.B.. Yes, here it is, C.B.. We can rent a
cherry picker with a 28-foot reach and it will fit through those

C.B. -- That will have to do. They haven't given us much time to
do the set-up, Nilman, you'd better order two cherry pickers.

NILMAN -- Right away, C.B..

LIZ -- Cherry pickers?

C.B. -- (turns to Liz) Who are you? Do you work here?

LIZ -- Yes. I was the one who called you. (extends hand) I'm....

C.B. -- (turns away) You should have told me about the low

LIZ -- Low ceilings? I thought the ceilings were quite high.

C.B. -- No way there's enough clearance for fireworks.

LIZ -- Fireworks?!

C.B. -- Cancel the fireworks, Nilman.

NILMAN -- Cancel the fireworks. Got it, C.B..

LIZ -- You weren't really planning on having fireworks in here,
were you?

C.B. -- Oh, don't tell me this is going to be a low-budget

LIZ -- Well, I was less interested in the cost than I was in
making sure that the dedication was Biblically sound.

C.B. -- Authenticity is the hallmark of my productions. You
needn't worry about that. We've done a complete review of the
Bible. (points) Where does that door lead? (points to side door)

LIZ -- That leads to the fellowship hall.

C.B. -- Good. That's where we'll bring in the sacrificial

LIZ -- Sacrificial animals?!

C.B. -- Nilman, make a note of it.

NILMAN -- Got it down, C.B..

LIZ -- You're not really going to sacrifice animals here, are

C.B. -- Yes, there was only one dedication of a new building in
the Bible and that's the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem.
You did say you wanted to be authentic, didn't you?

LIZ -- Well, yes. But...

C.B. -- (puts thumbs and fingers into the shape of a frame
and sweeps hands around auditorium as if shooting a movie) Okay,
we'll bring the animals in through those doors and down the
outside aisle, then we'll bring them up here (points to floor at
C) and slaughter them.

NILMAN -- Very good, C.B..

LIZ -- You're going to slaughter animals right here?!

C.B. -- Yes, then the priest cuts the animals into pieces and
burns them on the altar, here (points to floor or altar at UC)

LIZ -- You're going to set a fire INDOORS?

C.B. -- Yes. Then, the priest sprinkles the blood from the
animals on all the people.

LIZ -- You can't sprinkle people with blood!

C.B. -- I thought we covered this. You said you wanted this
dedication to be authentic.

LIZ -- Well, I did. But, the blood will stain the carpets?! What
about the smoke damage?!

C.B. -- (sigh) You don't really want this to be authentic, do

NILMAN -- Doesn't sound like it to me.

LIZ -- (to Amy) Help me out here.

AMY -- I think what she's trying to say is that you're being a
little old fashioned.

C.B. -- Old fashioned?! It's YOU people who insisted on

AMY -- When I say old fashioned, I mean that the temple
dedication was in the Old Testament. The Old Testament
ceremonies no longer apply to people who have put their trust in

C.B. -- If you're talking about the NEW Testament, you can
forget it. There were no buildings dedicated in the New
Testament. Isn't that right, Nilman?

NILMAN -- Right you are, C.B., not a single building dedicated
in the New Testament.

AMY -- What I mean is that Jesus himself is the fulfillment of
those Old Testament ceremonies.

C.B. -- Tick, tock, tick, tock. I'm a very busy person. Can you
get to the point?

AMY -- For instance, the Book of Hebrews says that Jesus blood
was spilled once for all time. Jesus blood has already
cleansed us of all our sins. So, animal sacrifices and the
sprinkling of blood are no longer necessary.

C.B. -- Is that true, Nilman?

NILMAN -- (studies Palm Pilot) By gully, she's right, C.B..

C.B. -- So, that means we have to strike the animal sacrifices.
(points to Nilman)

NILMAN -- Strike the animal sacrifices. Got it, C.B..

C.B. -- But that means we won't be able to burn them up.

NILMAN -- Strike the fire on the alter. Got it, C.B..

C.B. -- But fire is so dramatic! Can't we set just a little itsy
bitsy fire?

AMY -- I'm sorry, but fire is a symbol of judgement. And those
of us who put our trust in Jesus will not go through the

LIZ -- Well, it looks like we won't have to worry about blood
stains on the carpet or smoke damage.

C.B. -- But you've just ruined my whole production!

NILMAN -- Ruined!

C.B. -- Nilman, cancel the cherry pickers and the spot lights.

NILMAN -- Got it, C.B.. (follows C.B. to exit)

C.B. -- (dials cell phone) Hello, J.R.? Yeah this is C.B..
(exits) That church dedication I told you about turned out to be
a dud. Let's do lunch and talk about the Chicago project.

LIZ -- (follows for two steps) Wait! Where are you going?
Surely, there must be SOMEthing we can do that's Biblical and
authentic! (sigh) Now what are we going to do?!

AMY -- How about if we merely thank God.

LIZ -- (exited) Yes! Yes! We could thank God ...For saving us
from blood stains and smoke damage!

AMY -- (follows) If it wasn't for Jesus, blood stains and smoke
damage would be the least of our worries.
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