COVERED  3'?m2f Salvation, sin, confession, forgiveness, Heaven

AMY -- (enters backward wearing white tunic) Welcome to Heaven.
Come right in.

LIZ -- (follows with clothes covered in bumper stickers saying
"SIN") You mean I... I'm dead?

AMY -- In a manner of speaking, I suppose. Your earthly body
died. But you were never meant to live in your earthly body

LIZ -- So, I'm in... Heaven.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I really made it. I mean, I really belong here.

AMY -- Yes. According to our records, you yielded control of
your life to Jesus three years ago. That means you belong here.

LIZ -- Oh, good!

AMY -- Come. (points to opposite exit) You have an audience with
the Father.


AMY -- Yes. Right this way. (turns, steps toward opposite exit)

LIZ -- Wait a minute.

AMY -- (turns) What's the matter?

LIZ -- I have all these sins.

AMY -- Oh, you don't have to worry about those.

LIZ -- I don't?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- But I haven't confessed them yet.

AMY -- Oh, the Father won't even see them.

LIZ -- Well, he's not blind! Of course, he'll see them! Look at
them! I'm covered in unconfessed sins!

AMY -- (pulls white choir robe from podium or other hiding
place) Oh, you don't understand. When you go before the throne,
you'll be wearing this. Here, put it on. (unfurls robe, offers

LIZ -- What's this?

AMY -- (putting robe on Liz) This is the righteousness of Jesus.
It will cover all your sins. See? All your sins are covered.

LIZ -- But, I don't understand. It's been a while since I
confessed my sins. I haven't confessed any of these sins yet.

AMY -- Oh, I guess you DON'T understand. When Jesus died for
your sins 2000 years ago, he died for ALL of your sins.

LIZ -- Even the sins I haven't confessed yet?

AMY -- 2000 years ago ALL of your sins were in the future. That
means that when Jesus died for your sins NONE of them were
confessed yet.

LIZ -- Oh. I suppose you're right. I hadn't thought about it
that way before.

AMY -- There was no special distinction in God's plan between
confessed and unconfessed sins.

LIZ -- It's not in the Bible?

AMY -- No. If there was a distinction between confessed and
unconfessed sins, people with bad memories would never make it
into Heaven.

LIZ -- Oh. Of course.

AMY -- The Bible says you were cleansed from ALL

LIZ -- Then, why does the Bible tell us to confess our sins?

AMY -- The apostle James says that the purpose of confession is
for healing.

LIZ -- Healing.

AMY -- Yes. In addition to the great number of people being
treated for depression and anxiety, I'm sure you've heard that a
large percentage of people in hospitals have illnesses caused by
depression or anxiety.

LIZ -- Of course.

AMY -- But here in Heaven there is no disease, mental or
physical. So, you don't need to confess your sins. But I'm sure
you can confess them if you want to.

LIZ -- So, the Father can't see ANY of these sins?

AMY -- What sins? I don't see any sins. They're all covered by
the righteousness of Jesus.

LIZ -- Then, I'm ready. Let's go.

AMY -- (points to exit) Right this way.

LIZ -- (stops, primps) On second thought...

AMY -- (stops) What's the matter?

LIZ -- I can't see the Father like this!

AMY -- Like what?

LIZ -- I just died. (combs hair with fingers) I must look a

AMY -- (guides Liz to exit) Don't worry. You look just like
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