CONFESS4 4'?m2f Prayer, confession, sin affects performance

AMY -- (enters, crosses to DC, kneels, bows head, clasps hands)

LIZ -- (enters reading book, crosses by upstage, looks back,
turns) If you're still looking for the remote control, I found
it between the couch cushions. (points)

AMY -- Thanks.

LIZ -- (pauses) You're not looking for the remote control, are

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- What are you doing?

AMY -- (pauses) I'm... I'm rewriting history.

LIZ -- Is that your way of telling me to mind my own business?

AMY -- No. That is actually what I'm doing.

LIZ -- On your knees?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You're praying, aren't you?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- But you SAID you were rewriting history.

AMY -- Same thing.

LIZ -- You need help.

AMY -- Boy, you got that right!

LIZ -- You actually think you can rewrite history?

AMY -- My history, at least.

LIZ -- (closes book loudly)

AMY -- You're not going to let this alone, are you?

LIZ -- Boy, you got that right!

AMY -- (stands) What will it take for you to let me finish?

LIZ -- You don't REALLY think you have the power to rewrite
history, do you?

AMY -- No. That's why I was praying.

LIZ -- So, you think GOD can rewrite history.

AMY -- God lives outside of time and space. To him the past and
the future are interchangeable.

LIZ -- Not really.

AMY -- I have no reason to doubt it.

LIZ -- Just what about your past do you want God to rewrite?

AMY -- My sins.

LIZ -- So, you were confessing your sins.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- And you think God can rewrite history so you don't have
any recollection of your sins?

AMY -- Definitely not. If I have no recollection of my sins,
I'll probably repeat them. My memory of them helps me avoid them
in the future.

LIZ -- Then, what's the rewrite all about?

AMY -- Well, for me at least, whenever I sin, my sins are
carried along with me as baggage. And if I don't deal with them
right away, I either have to deny them or justify them. Both
denial and justification are sins which adds to the baggage.
Pretty soon I'm carrying this huge load into the future with me.

LIZ -- I never thought about it like that.

AMY -- Did you ever deal with a manager or coworker who seemed
to have a hidden agenda?

LIZ -- All the time. You think his hidden agenda is baggage from
some sin in his past?

AMY -- Definitely. After while his load is so heavy that
everything he does is all about justifying or denying his sin.
Sometimes the load of denial is so heavy that he can't even
remember why he's denying it anymore. Life is no longer about
him, it's about the hidden agenda. He's completely preoccupied.
I can't live like that.

LIZ -- So, what's this REWRITE all about?

AMY -- When I confess my sins, I ask God not only to take my
guilt for my sins, I also ask him to rewrite my past to remove
the load of denial or justification that I heaped on top of it.
The denials and justifications are sins too. When I confess them
too, I effectively rewrite my future, a future without hidden

LIZ -- That is so cool! God will do that for you?!

AMY -- The Bible says "If we confess our sins, God is faithful
and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from ALL

LIZ -- Just by admitting your mistakes?

AMY -- Just by admitting them.

LIZ -- But you're a Christian. What about us non-Christians?
Can't we pray too.

AMY -- The only prayer God will hear from non-Christians is the
prayer of repentance.

LIZ -- Repentance.

AMY -- The admission that you need help with your sins.

LIZ -- If I don't admit I need help...

AMY -- There's only one God-given solution for sins. If you
don't let Jesus carry your sins, you have to carry your own
baggage and the denial and justification that is heaped on top
of them.

LIZ -- (pauses) You know that boss or coworker you were talking
about... the one with the hidden agenda?

AMY -- Yeah.

LIZ -- That's me. I need a rewrite for my future.

AMY -- I can help you get started. (points to exit, exits)

LIZ -- I bet I know how.

AMY -- How?

LIZ -- (exiting) The way you were doing it. On your knees.

AMY -- Bingo.

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