COMA     4'?m3f Abortion: the humanity of the unborn

LIZ -- (enters hurriedly)

AMY -- (follows) Elizabeth?

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Huh? Oh, Amy! I'm so glad you got my

AMY -- Is it true?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- How did it happen? Was he in an accident?

LIZ -- No. He just collapsed without warning.

AMY -- He's alright, isn't he? I mean, he's still alive.

LIZ -- Last I heard. But he was still unconscious when they
loaded him into the ambulance.

DOC -- (enters opposite, wearing white lab coat) Elizabeth?

LIZ -- (turns) Yes? Oh, hi Ann. Are you Daddy's attending

DOC -- Yes.

LIZ -- Well, at least I know he's in good hands.

AMY -- How is he?

DOC -- Well, his vital signs are stable. But he's still

AMY -- What happened to him?

DOC -- Your father has a rather rare degenerative disease. The
good news is that this disease is very rarely fatal. And there's
usually a complete recovery.

LIZ -- Oh, good! When he collapsed, I thought we lost him for

DOC -- The bad news is, he could be unconscious for six to nine

LIZ -- Six to nine months?!

AMY -- Isn't there some medicine you can give him or surgery you
can perform?

DOC -- I'm sorry. But unless there's a breakthrough in research,
this disease will have to run its course.

AMY -- Six to nine months is a long time to be without my dad.
But, I suppose that's a lot better than losing him.

DOC -- Elizabeth, may I talk to you alone?

LIZ -- (glances back and forth between Amy and Doc) Amy and I
share all our family decisions.

DOC -- You're sure?

LIZ -- Yes. What is this about?

DOC -- You should decide now whether you want to... pull the 

AMY -- Pull the plug?!

LIZ -- You said he would regain consciousness in six to nine
months, didn't you?!

DOC -- Well, yes, but right now your father has no
self-awareness, he's unproductive, unable to communicate, and
worst of all, he's unable to protect himself. If you wanted to
you could end his life and noone would question your motives.

AMY -- This is preposterous! You can't treat a human life like
that! He didn't cease to be human merely because he has no
self-awareness and can't communicate!

DOC -- Don't forget, he's also unproductive and he can't pretect 

AMY -- I can't believe you can be so callous about this!

LIZ -- Relax, sis. She's not talking about Dad.

AMY -- She just said....

LIZ -- She's trying to make a point... about me.

AMY -- What point?

LIZ -- I'm pregnant.

AMY -- Elizabeth! I didn't know!

LIZ -- I was going to sweep it under the rug and noone would

AMY -- I missed something. What does that have to do with Dad?

LIZ -- When I went to see Ann about the pregnancy, I used those
same arguments for ending the pregnancy. They were right out of
the pro-choice manual. They say that if the fetus has no
self-awareness, if it can't communicate, if it's

DOC -- And if it can't defend itself....

LIZ -- The manual says that it's not really a person and you can
get rid of it.

DOC -- They're good arguments.

LIZ -- Until you examine the arguments closely. Just because Dad
has no self-awareness, is unable to communicate, and is
unproductive doesn't make him less human. It just makes him a
human being in special circumstances.

AMY -- I guess the same thing is true for a baby in the womb. In
a few months the baby will have self-awareness, he'll be able to
communicate and he'll be able to do things.

LIZ -- I can't believe I was actually thinking of destroying an
innocent human being.

AMY -- You weren't really thinking about pulling the plug on my
father, were you?

DOC -- Not at all. I'm consistently pro-life. I can see that you 
are too. (points to exit) Come on. Let's sign the papers and 
transfer your dad to a nursing home.

LIZ -- And maybe you can give me a referral to help me find a
good home for my baby.

(all exit)
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