CANDY    3'2m?f Children speak about friendship and candy

(Child "A" opens the scene DC, unwraps a candy bar, takes a 
bite. Child "B" crosses behind, the candy bar catches his eye. 
Child "B" does his best to put on a show of enjoyment for "B".)

B --  Can I have some?

A -- (takes another bite, really enjoys every chew)

B -- (wipes mouth with back of hand) I'll be your friend.

A -- Already got a friend.

B -- Who?

A -- Jesus.

B -- Jesus?

A -- Yup.

B -- How do you know Jesus is your friend?

A -- He don't ask for a bite.

B -- He can't do what I can do.

A -- What?

B -- Play with ya.

A -- I'm not playin'. I'm eatin'.

B -- Ah, come on! Gimme a bite.

A -- What will you do for me?

B -- What can Jesus do for you?

A -- He died for me.

B -- I don't need chocolate THAT bad. 

A -- Sorry, friend. (takes a slow, enjoyable bite)

B -- Does it have nuts in it?

A -- Yup.

B -- I'll let you play with my Nintendo.

A -- No, thanks.

B -- I'll have you over for dinner.

A -- No, thanks.

B -- I'll even eat your brussel sprouts.

A -- No, thanks.

B -- I'll do all your homework. Jesus wouldn't do your homework.

A -- Two nights in a row?

B -- Okay. Okay. Just give me a bite.

A -- How do I know you'll do what you promise?

B -- How do you know Jesus will do what he promises?

A -- He done miracles. You do any miracles?

B -- I got high score on Super Mario Brothers. Is that a miracle?

A -- Nope.

B -- How 'bout we shake hands. My dad shakes hands when he makes 
a deal.

A -- Okay, if we poke a hole in our skin (demonstrates) and
intermingle our blood. Got a knife?

B -- No! Yuk.

A -- Sorry, no deal. (takes another delicious bite, flaunts it)

B -- Can't we make a deal some other way?

A -- (spits in his palm, holds out his hand)

B -- Gross!

A -- Sorry, no deal.

B -- Okay, Okay I'll do it. (spits in his hand, turns his head as he
holds it out. They shake. "B" wipes his hand down the side of
his shirt, makes a face)

Okay, we're friends. Now can I have a bite?

A -- Sure. (Transfers the candy to the spit hand, rubs it around,
holds hand palm up, offers to "B") Here you go, friend.

B -- (points off stage) Oh, look, there's a friend with TWO candy
bars! (exits)

A -- (follows) What about my homework! What about my brussel 

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