BODYPART 6'?m6f Evangelism, witnessing, courage, Holy Spirit

(scene: several chairs facing podium)

MOUTH -- (enters running) Emergency! Emergency! (speaks into
microphone or talks through megaphone) Attention all body parts.
Attention all body parts. We have an emergency. Please come to
the meeting area immediately. Attention all body parts.
Emergency meeting immediately.

(all body parts enter singly or in pairs and sit)

STOMACH -- What's going on?

FACE -- What's this about an emergency?

MOUTH -- I'll fill you in when all the body parts get here.

BOTTOM -- This better be important. I was just getting

HANDS -- Yeah, we've got more to do than sit around in meetings
all day.

MOUTH -- This is important. I assure you.

HANDS -- Can we please get started? I have things to do.

MOUTH -- We need to wait for ALL the body parts to arrive.

STOMACH -- Oh no. I think I know what this is about.

FACE -- What?

BRAIN -- What's going on? What's the big emergency?

MOUTH -- Have a seat. And we'll get started. (steps up to
podium) This meeting will come to order. I know you all want to
know what the emergency is.

STOMACH -- I think I already know.

FACE -- What?

MOUTH -- As you all know, Bob is flying to a convention. And...

STOMACH -- I think I'm going to be sick.

BOTTOM -- What on earth is going on?!

MOUTH -- The problem is, Bob sat next to an unbeliever.

STOMACH -- I knew it. Now I know I'm going to be sick.

HANDS -- An unbeliever?

STOMACH -- I knew it.

MOUTH -- That's right. Bob sat next to an unbeliever and this is
a long flight.

HANDS -- So?

MOUTH -- So, Bob is trying to decide whether or not to tell this
unbeliever about Jesus.

HANDS -- Oh.

STOMACH -- Doesn't it just make you sick?

HANDS -- Why would it make me sick?

MOUTH -- Please! We can't all talk at once. What I think we
should do is each spend a few seconds giving our individual
inputs so Bob can make his decision. And since she's been vocal
about it, we'll start with Bob's stomach.

(each body part stands and speaks in turn)

STOMACH -- I vote NO. (sits)

MOUTH -- That's not very helpful for making a decision that
affects all of Bob's body parts. Can you give us a reason why
you vote NO?

STOMACH -- (stands, holds stomach) Okay. It makes me nervous. My
acid is churning inside. And I think I might be getting sick to
myself. I vote no.

MOUTH -- Okay. That's one vote NO. Now lets hear from Bob's

BOTTOM -- (remains seated) I vote no also.

MOUTH -- Bottom, can you please stand up so we can all hear you?

BOTTOM -- Oh, very well. I was just getting comfortable in my
seat. I don't see why we can't just continue to do what makes us

MOUTH -- That's two NO votes. Let's hear from Bob's face.

FACE -- Listen, we're getting into uncharted territory here. I
don't want to LOOK bad.

MOUTH -- That's three NO votes. What about Bob's brain? What do
you have to say?

BRAIN -- Well, I vote NO also. I mean, of all the body parts, I
have the most to lose. What if the unbeliever asks a question
that I don't know the answer to. I'll look stupid.

FACE -- And don't forget when YOU look stupid, the unbeliever is
looking at me. It's Bob's face he'll remember if YOU look

MOUTH -- Okay, that's four NO votes. Let's hear from Bob's

HANDS -- Well, as you all know, I try to remain neutral in these 
controversies. I've always thought that hands should be seen and 
not heard. But....

MOUTH -- But now you DO think you should express your opinion.

HANDS -- Yes. All of a sudden, I'm shaking and my palms are
sweating. The unbeliever is sure to notice that we're all
nervous about this decision. As you all know, I'm a rather
orderly body part.

BOTTOM -- What you mean is that you're a neat freak!

HANDS -- I like things to be organized. But I don't feel that
any of us body parts are particularly well organized at this
point in time. So, I think we should avoid confrontations like
this until Bob is better prepared.

STOMACH -- Here, here!

MOUTH -- Okay, so far, that's five NO votes.

BRAIN -- So, what about you, Mouth. Are you going to make it

MOUTH -- No.

ALL -- No?!

MOUTH -- No. I don't see any good reason to keep silent.

BRAIN -- We just gave you FIVE reasons.

MOUTH -- I said that I don't see any GOOD reasons. (points to
each body part) Comfort is not a good reason. And DIScomfort is
not a good reason. The prospect of LOOKING bad is not a good
reason. The prospect of looking stupid is not a good reason.
Neither is looking nervous and feeling disorganized.

BRAIN -- Well, then, what WOULD BE a good reason?

MOUTH -- Listen, all you body parts, this unbeliever in the next
seat will probably never see Bob after this flight is over.

BOTTOM -- All the more reason not to bother with him. Who will
know one way or the other if Bob doesn't tell this unbeliever
about Jesus?!

MOUTH -- Listen, you body parts, we're not talking about sharing
a recipe or playing a game of gin rummy with this person. If we
don't tell this person about Jesus, he could spend eternity
separated from Jesus.

BRAIN -- Oh.

HANDS -- That's right. He could.

STOMACH -- Yes, but how can we do this? None of us is ready for

MOUTH -- We only need two things. A little bit of courage and a
lot of Holy Spirit.

BOTTOM -- Oh, I keep forgetting about Him. Even "I" could do it
with the help of the Holy Spirit!

FACE -- If eternity is at stake, we can risk looking bad.

STOMACH -- AND being a little uncomfortable.

MOUTH -- (exiting) Alright, then, let's get busy.

ALL -- (follow) Yeah! (mumble excitedly)

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