BLOT     4'?m2f The book of life, losing one's salvation

(scene: podium with large book and a Bible)

LIZ -- (enters wearing white tunic, carrying rag, crosses with
fake casualness to podium, looks both ways twice on the way,
pages through book slyly with little finger, looking both ways)

AMY -- (enters wearing white tunic carrying quill pen, crosses
to podium ignoring Liz)

LIZ -- (startled, fakes casual demeanor, dusts podium) Nice day.

AMY -- (pages through book, making notations) Yes. But then it's
always a nice day here in Heaven.

LIZ -- (sneaks slyly behind Amy, looks over her shoulder)

AMY -- (turns page, jots, notices Liz) What are you doing?

LIZ -- Me?

AMY -- Do you see anybody else in the room?

LIZ -- (dusts podium) Nothing. I wasn't doing anything. I was
just dusting and tidying up)

AMY -- Nice try.

LIZ -- What.

AMY -- There is no dust in Heaven.

LIZ -- Oh. No wonder my job is so easy.

AMY -- This is not your job.

LIZ -- It isn't?

AMY -- No, you're not even assigned to this room.

LIZ -- Oh. Well, maybe I should just have a peak in the book.
Maybe my assignment is in there. (reaches)

AMY -- (slams book closed)

LIZ -- (pulls hand back quickly) What did you do that for?

AMY -- This is not the book of jobs. This is the Book of Life.

LIZ -- Oh, yes, so it is.

AMY -- You're doing it again.

LIZ -- Doing what again? I'm not doing anything.

AMY -- You're kvetching again.

LIZ -- Ka what?

AMY -- You're kvetching. You're worrying about your name. I've
already told you that your name is in the Book of Life.

LIZ -- That was last week.

AMY -- And the week before that. AND the week before that. AND
the week before that!

LIZ -- It doesn't hurt to make sure.

AMY -- How sure do you have to be?! You're in Heaven, aren't

LIZ -- Yes, but I was reading the Book of Revelation.

AMY -- Oh, brother.

LIZ -- What.

AMY -- You're reading about the letter to the Church of Sardis.

LIZ -- Well, yes.

AMY -- And you think that because Jesus mentions that certain
people will never have their names blotted out of the Book of
Life, that there must be some people whose names WILL BE blotted

LIZ -- Well, yes.

AMY -- Forget it.

LIZ -- What do you mean forget it? Aren't you worried that some

AMY -- No. I'm not and you shouldn't be either.

LIZ -- But...

AMY -- (hands Bible to Liz) Here.

LIZ -- What's this?

AMY -- A Bible.

LIZ -- I know it's a Bible! What's it for?

AMY -- It's got a concordance in the back. Look up the word

LIZ -- I already did that. The word BLOT is not listed anywhere

AMY -- And you're still worried that your name might be blotted

LIZ -- Well, yes. (opens Bible, pages) Look, what Jesus tells
the church of Sardis. "To him who OVERCOMES... I will never

AMY -- Oh, brother.

LIZ -- What. I thought it was a good question.

AMY -- How on earth did you ever get to Heaven?

LIZ -- Are you saying I don't belong here?

AMY -- No. I'm asking you an important question. How on earth
did you ever get to Heaven?

LIZ -- Jesus got me here.

AMY -- Did you have to do much to deserve his kindness?

LIZ -- No. Even my faith was a gift from God.

AMY -- Well! I guess there's still hope for you!

LIZ -- What are you saying?

AMY -- I'm saying that if your salvation is not earned, it's a

LIZ -- Yes. So?

AMY -- So, have you ever known Jesus to take back a gift that he
gave ANYONE?

LIZ -- Well, no. But what about this word OVERCOMES. (points to
Bible) What if I fail to overcome... something.

AMY -- Oh, brother.

LIZ -- What.

AMY -- (points to Bible) Read 1 John 5:4.

LIZ -- "... for everyone born of God overcomes the world." Oh.

AMY -- Are you born of God?

LIZ -- Of course. I'm born again.

AMY -- Then you have overcome! Past tense. Any questions?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- Then,... go... dust something! (flicks hand)

LIZ -- There isn't any dust in Heaven. (points at book) While
I'm here, maybe, I just have a peak.

AMY -- (looks up, rolling up sleeves) Lord, forgive me for what
I'm about to do. (follows)

LIZ -- (looks at wrist where wrist watch should be, exits
hurriedly) Oh, look at the time! I have to be somewhere.

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