BLOOM    5'?m2f Ministry: Bloom where you're planted

AMY -- (enters, wearing apron, gloves, hat, carrying potted 
plant, wanders about holding the plant at arm's length, 
pondering where to plant it)

LIZ -- (enters opposite, singing) Hello, neighbor.

AMY -- Oh, hi, Liz, I was just thinking about you. (continue 
browsing for a location)

LIZ -- (follows) You're not going to believe what a fantastic 
ministry opportunity just opened up for me.

AMY -- Right on schedule.

LIZ -- I think this will be the one I've been looking for.

AMY -- (turns to Liz) Have you met my plant?

LIZ -- Excuse me?

AMY -- Liz, I'd like you to meet Liz.

LIZ -- (distracted) Nice to meet you. Amy, do you know how I 
know this is the right ministry for me?

AMY -- Because it's one of the very few ministries left in the 
church that you haven't tried yet?

LIZ -- I'll tell you why. Because this ministry is interesting 
and exciting. That's why.

AMY -- That's what you said about your last five ministries.

LIZ -- Well, but this is different.

AMY -- Because it's new?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Liz, do you know why I named this plant Liz?

LIZ -- I didn't come over here to talk about a silly plant. I...

AMY -- You can learn a lot from my friend Liz, here.

LIZ -- (sigh) Are you going to let me tell you about my new 
ministry or not?

AMY -- Do you know why I chose this plant above all others at 
the nursery?

LIZ -- (sigh) Alright, tell me about your stupid plant.

AMY -- I chose this plant because of its potential.

LIZ -- Potential.

AMY -- Yes, there was a full color sign next to the display that 
that showed this plant in full bloom.... 

LIZ -- ...That's all very nice, but...

AMY -- ...It showed these huge blossoms with vibrant colors and 
the sign said that the blossoms would last at least six weeks.

LIZ -- So, that's why you named the plant after me?

AMY -- No. I named the plant after you because it never 
blossomed at all.

LIZ -- Well, thank you very much.

AMY -- Do you know why this plant never reached its full 

LIZ -- (sigh) Alright, let's hear it.

AMY -- Because it never had a chance to sink down any roots. 
First, I planted it by the driveway. But before it could sink 
down its roots, we decided to put a lamp post by the driveway. 
So, I transplanted it out by the street. But before it could 
sink down any roots, the gas company wanted to dig a trench 
there. So, I transplanted it to near the front steps. But before 
it could sink down any roots, we decided to plant a shade tree 

LIZ -- ...This is all very interesting. But as you know, I'm not 
into gardening...

AMY -- You're apparently not into producing fruit either.

LIZ -- What kind of crack is that?

AMY -- You know, Liz, you're a lot like this plant. You have 
great potential to blossom and give pleasure to those around 
you. But noone ever sees you blossom because you never stay in 
one ministry long enough to sink down any roots. 

LIZ -- Well, those ministries were not right for me. How can I 
blossom in a ministry that doesn't fit?

AMY -- How do you know it doesn't fit? You don't stay in any 
ministry long enough to find out. The moment the newness of a 
ministry wears off, the moment the ministry gets the least bit 
routine or tedious, off you go, uprooting yourself.

LIZ -- You make me sound like a spoiled brat.

AMY -- If the shoe fits....

LIZ -- All I ever wanted to do was make a difference.

AMY -- Do you think Mother Theresa made a diffidence in India by 
jumping from ministry to ministry whenever life became tedious?

LIZ -- No, I suppose not.

AMY -- Day after miserable day she lived among diseased people 
who had no money, no indoor plumbing, no status, no hope. Do you 
think we would even know her name today if she had uprooted 
herself the moment the newness wore off and the work became 

LIZ -- (sigh) Compared to hers, my old ministries sounds like a 

AMY -- You know the person you cheat the most by uprooting all 
the time?

LIZ -- Who?

AMY -- You. 

LIZ -- Me?

AMY -- Yes. The Lord reveals himself to those who hang in there 
and sink down some roots. And believe me, the Lord is far more 
interested in your character than in your comfort.

LIZ -- (points to plant) That plant is really beginning to look 
a little ragged, isn't it?

AMY -- Yes. Uprooting takes it toll on plants AND people.

LIZ -- (turns to exit, rolling up sleeve) Well, that's it then.

AMY -- Where are you going?

LIZ -- I've decided not to change ministries after all. I've 
decided to sink down my roots and blossom where I'm planted. 

AMY -- (exits opposite, holding plant at arm's length) Well, 
Liz, I think there's hope for you after all.

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