BLASPHEM 5'?m2f Unforgivable sin: blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- (enters wearing baseball cap, carrying pizza box) Hello? 
Pizza. Pizza delivery.

LIZ -- (enters opposite hopping with arms handcuffed behind 
back, ankles duct taped together) Oh, hi! Am I glad you're here.

AMY -- Oh, no!

LIZ -- (looks behind) What's the matter?

AMY -- I'll call 911. (turns to exit)

LIZ -- Oh, no! Please don't go! I haven't eaten for three days.

AMY -- You've been tied up and robbed and all you can think 
about is eating?

LIZ -- Oh, I haven't been robbed!

AMY -- You haven't?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- Then who tied you up?

LIZ -- I did.

AMY -- You hand cuffed yourself and tied up your feet?

LIZ -- Well, actually, I duct taped my ankles first, then I put 
the hand-cuffs on. Listen, I am just starved! I haven't eaten...

AMY -- You mean YOU ordered this pizza?

LIZ -- Yes. How much is it?

AMY -- How did you dial the phone?

LIZ -- I pushed the buttons with my nose. How much for the 

AMY -- Oh, ah, (reads slip on box) $10.50.

LIZ -- Could you... (hops sideways in small steps toward Amy) 
Could you just reach into my front pocket...

AMY -- (backs away) Oh, now, wait just one minute!

LIZ -- What's the matter?

AMY -- You want ME to reach into YOUR pocket?!

LIZ -- Yeah. (hops sideways in small steps toward Amy) I've got 
a twenty dollar bill in this pocket here.

AMY -- (backs away) You are really sick!

LIZ -- I'm what?!

AMY -- You get yourself all bound up in handcuffs and tape, just 
so I'll...

LIZ -- ...Oh, no! You don't understand!

AMY -- Boy! You got that right!

LIZ -- I suppose I should explain.

AMY -- Yes, I suppose you should.

LIZ -- See, I've been reading my Bible and for the second time 
since I started reading the gospels, I was reading about 
committing the unforgivable sin.

AMY -- The unforgivable sin.

LIZ -- Yes, it's called blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

AMY -- I know what it's called.

LIZ -- Oh! Your a Christian too?!

AMY -- Yes. But, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is related to hand 
cuffs and duct tape... how?

LIZ -- Listen, I am really hungry. Could you just feed me a 
piece of pizza while I explain?

AMY -- Nice try.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- You could CLAIM to be a Christian and turn out to be a 
serial killer. I'm not coming near you.

LIZ -- (laughs) That's ridiculous! I would never... Oh. This 
really does look a little strange, doesn't it?

AMY -- A little.

LIZ -- I suppose I should explain.

AMY -- I suppose.

LIZ -- I really am hungry.

AMY -- First the explanation, then the pizza.

LIZ -- Alright. Where was I? Okay, so, I ran across this idea of 
the unforgivable sin twice in the gospels. I got real paranoid, 
you know? I got to thinking, "I have no idea what the 
unforgivable sin is. What exactly does it mean to blaspheme the 
Holy Spirit? What if I commit the unforgivable sin without 
knowing it?" So, I thought it would be a good idea to bind myself 
up so I couldn't possibly commit ANY sins at all until I...

AMY -- Oh, brother.

LIZ -- What's the matter?

AMY -- You're a Christian, right?

LIZ -- Yeah. So?

AMY -- So, Christians can't blaspheme the Holy Spirit!

LIZ -- We can't?

AMY -- No. Your body is now the temple of the Holy Spirit. 
The Holy Spirit can't blaspheme against himself.

LIZ -- He can't? No, I guess he can't. Well, what exactly is 
blaspheming against the Holy Spirit?

AMY -- It's explained in the context.

LIZ -- The what?

AMY -- The context, the situation Jesus was in when he talked 
about the unforgivable sin.

LIZ -- The situation.

AMY -- Yes. Do you remember the situation? Who was Jesus talking 
to in those passages?

LIZ -- Ah, let's see. It's difficult trying to concentrate with 
my stomach growling so much. I don't suppose I could talk you 

AMY -- The context.

LIZ -- The context, right. It seems to me, in both gospels I 
read Jesus was talking to the Pharisees. 

AMY -- And what was Jesus reacting to?

LIZ -- What was he reacting to?

AMY -- Yes. What did the Pharisees just say to Jesus?

LIZ -- Oh, ah, as I remember, in both cases, the Pharisees told 
Jesus that his power to drive out demons was from the demons.

AMY -- So, now you know what blaspheming the Holy Spirit is.

LIZ -- What is?

AMY -- Giving credit for the work of the Holy Spirit to demons.

LIZ -- How is that blaspheming?

AMY -- Miracles like healing sicknesses and driving out demons 
are OBVIOUSLY works of the Holy Spirit, aren't they?

LIZ -- Obviously.

AMY -- So, the Pharisees rejected obvious proof that Jesus is 
from God...

LIZ -- ...That's unforgivable!

AMY -- That's what Jesus said.

LIZ -- Oh! I get it!

AMY -- So, now you can have your pizza.

LIZ -- Oh sure. (hops sideways in small steps toward Amy) Just 
reach into my pocket.

AMY -- (backs away) Listen, why don't you just remove the hand 

LIZ -- I can't.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- I was afraid I'd be tempted to take them off, so I 
flushed the key down the toilet.

AMY -- You didn't.

LIZ -- What are we going to do?

AMY -- (pauses, looking around) I know! I have a hack saw at 
home! (turns) I'll be back in two hours!

LIZ -- Two hours!?

AMY -- (turns) Yes. I have about eight more pizzas to deliver. 
(exiting) Then I'll run home and grab the hack saw. See you!

LIZ -- (follows hopping) Wait! What about my pizza?! Don't take 
my pizza! Please! Come back!

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