ASSERT   5'?m2f Apologetics: assertion vs argumentation

LIZ -- (enters running carrying high school class year book,
hand raised) Hey! Stop! (stops, sighs, shrugs, crosses to front
lip of stage, looks left and right, opens book, pages)

AMY -- (enters opposite carrying Bible, crosses to front lip of
stage, looks left and right) Is this where I catch the shuttle
to the convention center?

LIZ -- Yeah. I just missed the last one. The next one should
come by in five minutes.

AMY -- That's a high school class year book, isn't it? (points)

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Class reunion?

LIZ -- Yes. I was just refreshing my memory of faces and names.
I don't want to be embarrassed by forgetting someone's name.

AMY -- Yeah, well, people change over the years. You might not
even recognize them.

LIZ -- Say, you weren't in my graduating class, were you?

AMY -- Me? No. I'm here for a Christian conference. (shows

LIZ -- What a shame. (opens book, turns away)

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I said it's a shame.

AMY -- What's a shame?

LIZ -- You look so intelligent. I don't see how anyone could be
so gullible as to believe what's in the Bible.

AMY -- I'm sorry, I don't understand what's so difficult to

LIZ -- All of it. It's just a collection of myths and legends.

AMY -- Can you PROVE that?

LIZ -- Prove it?

AMY -- Yes, merely CLAIMING that it's full of myths and legends
doesn't make it so. Do you have any PROOF that what's in the
Bible never happened?

LIZ -- Well, no. Can you prove that it did happen?

AMY -- That's not how things work. The standard for evaluating
historical documents is to ASSUME they're true unless they're
self-contradictory or if there's proof of errors. If you give
the Bible the same treatment as any other historical document,
you need PROOF when you claim it's wrong.

LIZ -- Everybody knows the Bible is wrong.

AMY -- How?

LIZ -- Well, look at the New Testament. It was written by the
disciples of Jesus. That's bias right there.

AMY -- So, you're saying that any account written by people
biased in favor of the topic can't be trusted?

LIZ -- That's right. They made it up to make Jesus look good.

AMY -- So, according to your reasoning, that (points) high
school class year book there can't be trusted.

LIZ -- Of course it can!

AMY -- But it was written by people who have a bias in favor of
the school, especially of your graduating class. By your logic,
you can't believe a word in it.

LIZ -- Oh... well... this is the exception to the rule. I KNOW
these (points) people. I know the writers and I know the people
they write about. And I know first hand what they said is true.

AMY -- So, if I accused that book of being full of myths and

LIZ -- I'd say you're wrong.

AMY -- But I said it. Doesn't saying it make it true?

LIZ -- No. You need proof.

AMY -- And what proof do YOU have that the Bible is nothing but
myths and legends?

LIZ -- Well, I don't. But I'm sure there are others who say so.

AMY -- Can you name the others?

LIZ -- Well, no.

AMY -- In that case, I claim that there are tons of people who
swear that your high school class year book is a fake.

LIZ -- Alright. I get your point.

AMY -- What's my point?

LIZ -- That I shouldn't make claims without proof, even if I've
heard a lot of people say so. But you have to admit that there's
a lot better chance that the Bible is full of errors than this
year book.

AMY -- Sorry to disagree.

LIZ -- How can you say that?!

AMY -- Well, for one thing, four different writers wrote about
the life of Jesus. And their writings harmonize with one
another. For another thing, nearly all of the New Testament was
written within the lifetime of the people who lived through the
events. If even one fact was incorrect, thousands of readers
would have been there to correct the error. In fact, there were
probably more witnesses to the events of the Bible than to
events in your year book. Are you sure you can trust that year

LIZ -- Of course! But you don't REALLY believe in all those
miracles, do you?

AMY -- I believe in the ones that had witnesses.

LIZ -- Which ones had witnesses.

AMY -- All of them.

LIZ -- I still don't believe them.

AMY -- Well, how much proof would you need to believe them?

LIZ -- None.

AMY -- None.

LIZ -- I wouldn't believe in miracles, even if the Bible had a
million witnesses.

AMY -- So, then, you're problem with the Bible is not that you
don't think there's enough PROOF for the claims. Your problem is
that no matter how much PROOF it provides, you're not going to
believe a word of it.

LIZ -- That's right.

AMY -- What if I said that about your year book? Wouldn't you
say that I'm closed minded and bigoted?

LIZ -- (exiting) Listen, I think I'll just walk to the
convention center.

AMY -- (exiting opposite) But the shuttle is here.

LIZ -- It's okay. I need the exercise. (mumbles) I'm glad I
wasn't in HER graduating class. I'd be a Christian by now.

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