ARMOR2   5'?M2f Spiritual warfare, armor, God's word

LIZ -- (enters wearing business clothes, carrying file folder,
begins crossing)

AMY -- (follows wearing business clothes, carrying file folder)

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Good Morning. Well, you look a little
sleepy this morning.

AMY -- I was up late working on the armor.

LIZ -- The armor! You haven't started working on the armor of
God project already!

AMY -- Actually, I finished the designs.... subject to your
approval, of course.

LIZ -- My approval?

AMY -- Well, you're the one who is going to wear the armor of
God in front of the whole church. (offers folder)

LIZ -- (takes folder) Well, let's see how you did. (flips open
folder, smiles) The belt of truth!

AMY -- You like it?

LIZ -- I would have never thought of engraving words into the
leather. Very Clever! (pages)

AMY -- Thanks.

LIZ -- (smiles) The breastplate of righteousness! You went with
polished brass! I like the pomegranates around the edge! It
reminds you of the tabernacle! But how are you going to do all
that metal work?

AMY -- Well, I'm no metal worker. I thought I'd make it out of
vacuum formed plastic and spray it with metalic paint.

LIZ -- Very nice! (pages, smiles) Oh and the shoes of readiness!
Very Good! I like the little wings on the sandals!

AMY -- Thanks.

LIZ -- (pages, smiles) The shield of faith! Made of the same
material as the breastplate, I assume?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Beautiful! I like the lightning design! It gives the idea
that the power comes down from above. (pages) The helmet of
salvation! Looks like a Roman helmet.

AMY -- I took that right out of an archaeology textbook. It was
the strongest, most protective looking helmet I could find.

LIZ -- It's perfect! (pages) And last but certainly not least,
the sword of the spirit! The handle is very ornate. And the
scabbard... with Hebrew letters running the full length... to
symbolize the word of God!

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- Will I be able to remove the sword from the scabbard?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You don't have a separate picture of the sword. What will
it be made of?

AMY -- I was thinking that we could make it of silly putty.

LIZ -- Silly Putty?!

AMY -- Well, I thought we should personalize the word of God to
the way YOU use it.

LIZ -- What does that mean?

AMY -- Well, you always ignore the context of a verse to make it
say what you want it to say. I thought....

LIZ -- You think "I" treat the word of God like silly putty?

AMY -- Well, yes.

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- Well, your favorite phrase is "God told me to do thus and
so". And when I ask you HOW he told you, you point to the Bible.
But the Bible doesn't say what you said God told you.

LIZ -- Does too!

AMY -- When I criticized you for dating a non-Christian, you
came to me the next day with two Bible verses to shut me up.

LIZ -- I remember that. I can't remember the verses, but I told
you that "Christians should not be quarrelsome" which was God's
way of telling me that you shouldn't criticize me.

AMY -- But if criticizing YOU is being quarrelsome, isn't it
also quarrelsome when you criticize me for criticizing you?

LIZ -- You always make it sound so logical. But you're not
arguing with me, you're arguing with God.

AMY -- There you go again. You think that if you baptize it with
God talk, you can yank verses out of context and noone can
criticize you. If you look at that verse on quarreling in its
context, you'll see that it's talking about "foolish and stupid"
arguments, not ALL arguments.

LIZ -- That's what it says?

AMY -- In the previous verse.

LIZ -- Oh. Well, I still think I'm right about the other verse,
the one on missionary dating. In fact, I memorized it. (recites)
"Colossians 4:5 Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders;
make the most of every opportunity."

AMY -- And you think that means you can date non-believers?

LIZ -- That's what God told me.

AMY -- (smiles)

LIZ -- Alright, smarty pants, what do YOU think that verse

AMY -- Well, I know for sure what it DOESN'T say. It says
nothing about dating at all. And baptizing it with God-talk will
not change what it doesn't say.

LIZ -- (pushes file folder at Amy) Listen, about this sword...
are you going to make it right or not? (follows)

AMY -- (takes folder, backs toward exit) I promise I will make
the sword of the spirit ridged and strong, if you promise not to
treat it like silly putty.

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