ANTIDRUG 4'?m4f Drug abuse message with Christian theme

(scene: Stage lights are dimmed almost to dark, heavy metal rock
music blares as a tour group -- any size -- enters holding their
ears, remaining near wings. Non-speaking members of the group
remain upstage of speaking actors and must keep their voices and
movements to a minimum in order to avoid stealing focus from
speaking actors)

KATIE -- (outspoken, natural born leader, enters first, shouts)
Turn it off!

ASHLY -- (the most popular girl in school, runs ahead of group
to DC, reaches toward audience, twists imaginary knob

(music stops, lights begin to dim up very slowly)

ASHLY -- Sorry. I like my music loud.

(group drop hands from ears, grumble briefly, begin looking

ASHLY -- Okay, so, this is the last stop on your tour of my
body. (motions broadly L to R) This is my brain.

JANEY -- (ditzy) I'm sorry, my ears are still ringing. What did
she say?

KATIE -- (shouts in Janey's ear, approaching Ashly) This is
Ashly's brain!

JANEY -- (walking with Katie) You don't have to shout. I can
hear you.

KATIE -- Why is it so dark in here?

LIZ ---- (a genious, follows) Everything in Ashly's brain is
coated with this black substance. What is it?

(group mills toward C)

JANEY -- I'm more interested in what's on TV. (points to
audience rear)

ASHLY -- Oh, that. That's not a TV set. That's....

LIZ ---- ...that's obviously, the video readout from Ashly's

KATIE -- She's watching a TV program. Ashly, why are you
listening to loud rock music while watching TV? How do you know
what's going on on TV if you can't hear the words?

ASHLY -- I have the TV going every minute I'm home. I don't
really pay much attention to it. Here, let me close my eyes.
(reaches toward audience, pulls down imaginary window shade)

(lights dim down immediately, then begin to dim up very slowly)

KATIE -- Sure is dark in here.

LIZ ---- Yes, and what is that smell?

ASHLY -- I don't know. Isn't that what a brain is supposed to
smell like? Maybe we can take a tour of Elizabeth's brain next
time. What do you think it would be like in there?

JANEY -- Nothing but computers and library books....

KATIE -- ...and the music of Johann Sabastian Bach.

LIZ ---- Very funny, guys. But I don't listen to music while I
study. It's distracting.

ASHLY -- Well, if there are no more questions, I guess the tour
is over. Let's exit my body through my nose. (sings) Right this
way, please. (points, starts toward exit)

KATIE -- Wait a minute. You haven't told us what all this other
stuff is.

JANEY -- Yeah, you can barely see it. But there's another TV set
there. (points toward back of audience) See it guys?

KATIE -- Yeah, but it's not very bright.

(group nods, mumbles in the affirmative)

LIZ ---- That would be the video readout for Ashly's memories.

JANEY -- Oh, yeah, it's getting brighter now, but you can hardly
make out the picture. It looks like someone is shaking his
finger into Ashly's face and yelling at her. But I can't hear
the sound.

LIZ ---- That video screen is covered with the same black
substance that's covering everything else in Ashly's brain. And
what IS that smell? It smells like anticeptic. Can you smell it?

ASHLY -- Not me. (nervously) I can't smell anything and it's my
brain. So, it must be your imagination. Okay, everybody, (sings)
right this way to the exit. (turns to exit)

KATIE -- (peering over the edge of the stage) Wait a minute,
Ashly. (points down) What's this?

(group cranes necks to look over edge from where they're
standing upstage)

ASHLY -- It's nothing. Let's go. The exit is right this way.
(points to exit expectantly)

JANEY -- (looking down) It's a pit...

KATIE -- ...and there are things floating in the pit. Can you
see how the surface is moving like a liquid? (makes floating
motion with hand)

(group members nod and consult one another)

LIZ ---- It's covered with that same black substance. What IS
that anticeptic smell? I've smelled it before.

ASHLY -- It's just a BRAIN guys. Come on, let's go.

KATIE -- The light is getting better in here. You can make out
some of the things floating down there. (points) There!
Something is floating to the top. It's a face. That's
what-her-name, Amy Daniels. Isn't it?

JANEY -- Who's Amy Daniels?

KATIE -- She moved to town when Ashly and I were at the other
school. Ashly chummed around with Amy for a few days and then
dropped her when she found out that Amy lived in the trailer
park. It made Amy cry.

LIZ ---- (points down) That is the pit of Amy's regrets.

(group buzzes with speculation)

JANEY -- Really? What else is down there?

ASHLY -- Alright, guys, I'm sure you've all got some regrets
in your brains too.

LIZ ---- I know what the loud music and television are for.

ASHLY -- What are you talking about? What does that have to do
with my brain?

LIZ ---- You play your music loud and watch TV every spare
minute of the day, so you won't have to think about those
(points down) regrets and (points to the memory video screen)
the bad memories.

KATIE -- (points to memory video screen) Hey, I recognize the
face of the person who is shaking his finger in Ashly's face.

JANEY -- ...That's Ashly's Dad. Can you turn up the sound,

ASHLY -- This tour is over guys. Let's go! Right now!

LIZ ---- I know what the black substance is.

KATIE -- You do? What is it?

LIZ ---- Ashey is a stoner.

JANEY -- A what? What's that?

KATIE -- Liz, do you realize what you're saying?

LIZ ---- I'm saying I recognize that anticeptic smell. I know
what the black substance is that covers everything in Ashly's
brain so that she won't have to think about her bad memories and
her regrets. It's alcohol...

KATIE -- ...and drugs. Oh, Ashley.

ASHLY -- Listen, you guys, I think I have been a very gracious
hostess to let you take a tour my body. But, if you're going to
start accusing me of using drugs....

JANEY -- ...LOOK! (points down) Something else is floating to
the surface in the pit. It's another face. I recognize him!
That's Jesus.

LIZ ---- That's Jesus, alright.

KATIE -- No daah! Ashly is a Christian.

LIZ ---- Yes, but why is Jesus in the pit of Ashly's regrets?

ASHLY -- Alright! That's it. This tour is over! Get out of my
body right now! (reaches toward audience, twists imaginary knob

(music blares, lights dim, everyone but Ashly covers ears and
exits quickly)

ASHLY -- (when everyone is out of sight, twists imaginary knob

(music stops)

ASHLY -- (looks down at the pit of regrets, sobs) I'm sorry,
Jesus. (exits tearfully)

(lights dim to dark)

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