ANTENNA  4'?m2f An analogy from science on the Holy Spirit

LIZ -- (enters carrying road map, shouts to opposite exit) 
Excuse me. Can you help me?

AMY -- (enters opposite, smiling) I take it you're lost.

LIZ -- (holds up map) Yeah, I was on 395 and I took a wrong turn 
when I left the restaurant. Could you just get me back to the 
main road? (looks at surroundings)

AMY -- Oh, sure, it's just...

LIZ -- ...Oh, say, listen, I'm sorry if I'm trespassing.

AMY -- No problem. You're not the first person to end up out 
here in the middle of nowhere.

LIZ -- Say, what is this place? What's with all the satellite 
dishes? Is this a TV station or something?

AMY -- No, these dishes are not for satellites. They're for 
radio astronomy. I work for SETI.


AMY -- The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

LIZ -- Oh! SETI!

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- So, you're one of those people who listens for messages 
from little green men.

AMY -- (laughs) I guess you could put it that way.

LIZ -- You know, the longer I live, the less I believe in 

AMY -- Coincidences?

LIZ -- Yes, I was just thinking about you this morning.

AMY -- (backs away) Wait a minute. You don't even know me.

LIZ -- Not about you personally. About listening for messages 
from outer space. That's kind of what I do every morning after I 
read my Bible, during my quiet time. 

AMY -- Oh, you're a Christian too.

LIZ -- You too?

AMY -- I'm a baby Christian. There's not much to do out here in 
the boondocks after hours, so I started reading the Bible. It 
didn't take long before the things they said in there began to 
make a lot of sense to me.

LIZ -- It really does, doesn't it?

AMY -- Yes, especially to a radio astronomer.

LIZ -- How so?

AMY -- Well, being a Christian is a lot like the SETI project. 

LIZ -- You mean, we try to align our antennas to hear messages 
from a life source more intelligent than ourselves?

AMY -- Yes. You see, every second of our lives, our bodies are 
bombarded with radio waves carrying millions of messages. But 
our earthly bodies are incapable of sensing any of them. But 
when we align our antennas to the Source of spiritual messages, 
suddenly the messages becomes clear.

LIZ -- I never thought about it like that before.

AMY -- I think SETI people have the right idea. They're just 
aligning their antennas in the wrong direction. And we're 
never going to hear any messages on radio waves. God transmits 
on spiritual waves.

LIZ -- That is so cool. That explains everything.

AMY -- What do you mean?

LIZ -- I mean, I always wondered why I never heard voices or got 
all excited after I gave my life to the Lord. I was receiving 
spiritual waves that can't be felt by the body. There was 
nothing physical to react to. It was all spiritual.

AMY -- And yet, you started seeing things more clearly almost 
immediately, right?

LIZ -- Yes. I wasn't hearing any words, but I just began to 
know things I didn't know before. The Bible began to make sense, 
when it didn't make sense before.

AMY -- That's because you were getting the decoding from the 
spiritual transmission. (points up)

LIZ -- The Holy Spirit. Isn't that something?

AMY -- If you think that's something, wait til you hear this. 
You are receiving more than just messages from the Holy Spirit's 

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- The spiritual transmission is more like a laser beam than 
a radio beam. Using a laser beam, we can send not only messages, 
but also ENERGY from one place to another. Now do you see the 
connection with the Holy Spirit?

LIZ -- Oh, wow! You mean, while I'm sitting in the morning after 
reading my Bible, I not only hear messages that tell me what to 
do, but I also get the power to do them!

AMY -- Say, you're more technical than most civilians. Maybe 
you'd like a job here. (points back own exit)

LIZ -- You've got to be kidding! (holds up map) I can't even 
read a road map. Which reminds me...

AMY -- Oh, ah, (points to opposite exit) Take a right at the 
second stop sign, then a quick left. That will take you 
back to 395.

LIZ -- (backs away) Thanks... For everything.

AMY -- (backs away) Keep your antenna pointed the right 

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