ADOPTED2 3'?m2f Salvation parallels to adoption, assurance

AMY -- (enters, motions broadly) And here we are back where we

LIZ -- (follows) Wow! I didn't realize that the Hall of Records
had so many departments! This is a big building!

AMY -- Yes, and while we were out of the office, we got more
birth certificates to process. (points to podium or desk) If we
don't get you started on your new job, you'll be swamped. I hope
you don't mind boring work. (picks up file folder, opens it)
This job doesn't have a lot of variety.

LIZ -- I know. I asked for this assignment.

AMY -- You did?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Why would anyone volunteer for the most boring job in the
Hall of Records?!

LIZ -- This job primarily is recording and filing birth

AMY -- Yes. So?

LIZ -- I was adopted when I was a baby. I was kind of hoping to
stumble across my birth certificate and find out who my birth
parents were.

AMY -- Well, if that's why you volunteered for this department, 
I'm afraid your going to be disappointed.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- Well, let's process this (points to folder) adoption
declaration and I'll demonstrate. When the judge declared this
couple as the adoptive parents, (bends down, reaches for eraser)
our job is to take our trusty eraser (holds eraser at eye level,
then erases name on folder) and erase the names of the birth
parents completely from the birth certificate...

LIZ -- Wait a minute! You can't just erase names like that can

AMY -- That's what I'm doing.

LIZ -- Well, that can't be legal.

AMY -- It's not only legal, it was ordered by the probate judge.
It's now required by law!

LIZ -- No kidding?!

AMY -- No kidding. Then, we take our trusty pen, (demonstrates
with flourish) and fill in the names of the child's adoptive

LIZ -- On the BIRTH certificate?!

AMY -- That's right. So, now, in the eyes of the law, this child 
was born into this new family and all the rights and privileges 
of other family members are bestowed upon the child. (closes 
file, holds it at eye level)

LIZ -- I can't believe you can just change a legal document like

AMY -- It's the only way the law can show society that adopted
children are full and true members of the family. In the eyes of
the law, it's as if the adopted child was born into the family.
Listen, if you want to find your birth parents, you have a legal
right to do that at your age, but, their names are not filed
with the birth certificate. That information is kept in a
different file.

LIZ -- (staring off into space) Huh? Oh, ah, on second thought,
I changed my mind.

AMY -- You what?

LIZ -- I didn't realize how permanent adoption was. I guess I
always thought that an adopted child was just like a foster
child but just a little more permanent. But, now... I realized
that my parents KNEW all this when they adopted me. They really
intended to make me a permanent part of their family, didn't

AMY -- Yes, I'm sure they did.

LIZ -- I thought they were just being nice to me. But they loved
me... they love me as if I am their own.

AMY -- You ARE their own.

LIZ -- (chuckles) You're right.

AMY -- Well, now that this (points) adoption has been made
permanent, and recorded, (exiting) we file it under the last
name of the NEW parents. Right this way.

LIZ -- Adoption is forever.

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