ABORTED  5'?m3f A mother meets her aborted baby in Heaven

LIZ -- (enters backward, looking around turns 360, pokes own 
body in several places, lifts each knee high, tilts head) What's 
going on here?! (feels face)

AMY -- Hello. Welcome.

LIZ -- (turns) I suppose YOU are part of my dream too.

AMY -- You're not dreaming, Elizabeth.

LIZ -- How do you know my name?

AMY -- I've been assigned to show you around.

LIZ -- Show me around.

AMY -- Yes. I'm your tour guide.

LIZ -- Show me around where?

AMY -- Here. (motions broadly)

LIZ -- I suppose I would be grateful to have a tour guide, if I 
knew where HERE was. (pokes own body, flexes each leg, feels 

AMY -- Oh, I'm sorry. They told me you'd know that you were 
going to end up in Heaven.

LIZ -- Heaven! Oh, that explains it!

AMY -- Explains what?

LIZ -- My body hasn't felt and looked this good in fifty years. 
I'm eighty-one years old. Look at me! I'm young again!

AMY -- Oh, yes, of course, everybody in Heaven is in the prime 
of their lives. I thought everybody knew that.

LIZ -- Well, what do you know!? You mean, I'll always be like 

AMY -- Yes, of course.

LIZ -- No more cane? No more walker? No more wheel chair?

AMY -- No. This is Heaven. Everything is perfect here.

LIZ -- Well, what do you know?! So, when I fell asleep at the 
nursing home, I died. And then, in the twinkling of an eye, here 
I am.

AMY -- That's why you thought you were dreaming.

LIZ -- Yes. (flexing and poking) Isn't this something?!

AMY -- (points back to own exit) Would you like me to show you 

LIZ -- Yes. 

AMY -- (turns) Right this way....

LIZ -- Tell me, did any of my relatives make it here?

AMY -- (turns back) I'm sorry...

LIZ -- ...I didn't think so. None of my family ever stepped foot 
in church. Pity. They'd really like it here.

AMY -- I was going to say that I'm sorry that only ONE of your 
relatives made it here.

LIZ -- One.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Who? I can't...

AMY -- ...Your daughter.

LIZ -- What is that, some kind of joke?! I'm an old maid. I 
never got married. I never had any chil... Oh, no!

AMY -- (turns) Come. I asked her to come and greet you.

LIZ -- No!!

AMY -- (turns back) No? Are you saying that you don't want to 
see your own daughter?

LIZ -- Listen, I already asked for forgiveness for that. Is this 
your way of punishing me again?

AMY -- We're not trying to punish you. Your daughter wants to 
meet her mother.

LIZ -- (hands up defensively) No. I'm sorry. I can't see her. I 
just can't. How could you possibly think that I would want to 
meet the baby that I aborted?! I've been trying to forget her for 
sixty years. How cruel can you be?!

MEG -- (enters) Mother?

LIZ -- (to Amy) This is really a sick joke. Who is this person?

AMY -- This is Margaret.

LIZ -- (shakes finger) How did you know I named my baby 

MEG -- You gave me my name, Mother.

LIZ -- You people are really sick! I know. I know what this is. 
This isn't Heaven at all. I'm in Hell and you're going to 
torment me with my sin forever, aren't you?

MEG -- No, mother, you're in Heaven. 

AMY -- We're not trying to torment you, Elizabeth. You are 
really in Heaven. We just thought you'd like to meet your 

LIZ -- There is no way this person is my daughter. She's the 
same age as I am... was... Oh... Oh, no. Don't tell me...

AMY -- Margaret arrived here in Heaven a fully formed adult in 
the prime of her life.

MEG -- If you don't want me, Mother, I'll... I'll just go. 
(turns away)

LIZ -- Margaret.

MEG -- (turns to) Yes, Mother?

LIZ -- You really are her, aren't you?

MEG -- (nods)

LIZ -- (to Amy) How can that be? The last thing I remember 
before I passed out on the abortion table was that they were 
counting Margaret's body parts in a glass jar.

AMY -- How do you explain YOUR body?

LIZ -- Of course. If God can raise the dead, He can do anything.

MEG -- Would you like me to go, Mother?

LIZ -- (to Margaret) You turned out so beautiful!

MEG -- Do you really think I'm pretty, Mother?

LIZ -- Oh, Margaret, (crossing to Meg) If I had known you were 
so beautiful, I would have never... (hugs Meg) I'm sorry. (wipes 
eyes, turns to Amy) I want to go back.

AMY -- Back where?

LIZ -- To earth. I want to tell them not to listen to the 
abortionists. It's NOT just a fetus. It's not just a blob of 
tissue. It's a beautiful human being they're killing. When I 
killed my baby, I robbed the world of a her beauty and her 
talent. Only God knows what great contributions she could have 
made to humanity if I have let her live. Send me back.

AMY -- I'm sorry. It's too late.

LIZ -- Then, at least let me go back and tell them that there's 
forgiveness and then they can meet their babies in Heaven if 
they trust in Jesus.

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- Can't I do ANYTHING?

AMY -- You're in Heaven. You can celebrate your reunion with 
your baby. (turns) Come. The Lord is having a reunion party for 
you. (exit)

LIZ -- (exit arm wrapped around Meg) If I had only known.

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