REBEKAH  4'2m0f Eleazar tries to avoid matchmaking for Isaac

ABRAHAM - (old man, enters, paces floor, then shouts) Eleazar! 
Eleazar, where are you. Eleazar!

ELEAZAR - (English butler, enters opposite, carrying suitcases) 
I'm going on holiday, Mr Abraham, sir. One of the other servants 
can see to your needs. (turns) Goodbye, sir.

ABRAHAM - Eleazar, you can't leave. I need you.

ELEAZAR - (stops, cringes, doesn't look back) What is it now, Mr 

ABRAHAM - I'm going to die soon, and....

ELEAZAR - (turns) ...In that case...It's been a pleasure working 
for you, sir.

ABRAHAM - Not that soon, Eleazar! My wife's death got me to 
thinking about putting my ducks in a row, so to speak.

ELEAZAR - And you do have a great many of ducks, so to speak, sir.

ABRAHAM - Yes, I am a very wealthy man, Eleazar. But my money is 
not what I wanted to talk to you about. It's my son. He's 40 
years old and he's not married yet. I'm beginning to worry about 

ELEAZAR - Oh, I'm quite sure he doesn't like boys or anything, 
if that's...

ABRAHAM - ...That's not what I'm worried about. I'm afraid I'm 
going to die and then he'll have to choose his own wife.

ELEAZAR - He's been dating some rather beautiful Canaanite 
women, sir....

ABRAHAM - That's the problem, Eleazar. If I don't find him the 
right woman, he'll marry a Canaanite and pretty soon he'll start 
worshiping their gods. No, I want you to go to my home town and 
choose a bride for him from among my relatives.

ELEAZAR - (turns) Just as soon as I come back from my vacation, 

ABRAHAM - No, I want you to leave now. I see you're already 
packed and ready to go.

ELEAZAR - (turns) Yes, I AM packed, sir. But, as I was saying, 
I'm on my way to the resort. Can't this wait, sir?

ABRAHAM - No, there's no telling when I might kick the bucket. 

ELEAZAR - But, it'll take me weeks to get to your home town and 
weeks to get back. By that time the resort will be closed.


ELEAZAR - Ah, I couldn't possibly make that trip right now, 
anyway, sir.

ABRAHAM - Why not?

ELEAZAR - Ah, I'd have to bring along a great many gifts, you 
know, for the dowry, sir. So, while I'm on holiday, you can send 
one of the other servants shopping. (turns) I'll see you when I 
get back, sir.

ABRAHAM - Sarah had a ton of jewelry and fine fabrics. You can 
take those with you.

ELEAZAR - (stops, turns) I can. Oh. Unfortunately, sir, all that 
jewelry and fine fabrics is far too much for one man to carry 
all the way to Nahor. And I am not as young as I used to be...

ABRAHAM - ...Nonsense. I'm a rich man. I have camels that will 
carry the gifts.

ELEAZAR - But for all those gifts I would need at least six or 
eight camels.

ABRAHAM - Take ten camels. You'll leave as soon as they're 

ELEAZAR - Uh huh. Sir, did it ever occur to you that this is 
much too awesome a responsibility for one man? What if I bring 
back a bride that your son thinks is... objectionable. You'd 
better send him. Isaac will be a much better...

ABRAHAM - Isaac must remain here with me.

ELEAZAR - But Why?

ABRAHAM - The Lord gave us this land. I made the mistake of 
leaving Canaan to go to Egypt once and that brought us nothing 
but trouble. No, we shall not leave the promised land again.

ELEAZAR - I don't know, sir. My taste in women has been getting 
worse lately. What if I bring back a woman with the face of a 
camel? Perhaps you should send someone else. 

ABRAHAM - Don't worry about that. The right woman will come to 

ELEAZAR - Excuse me?

ABRAHAM - As you ride into Nahor at sundown, all the women will 
be coming out from the town to draw water from the well. The one 
you should choose is the one who not only offers to draw water 
for you to drink, but also for all ten of your camels.

ELEAZAR - If she has the strength to draw water for ten camels, 
that would mean she'll be built like a blacksmith, probably with 
a face to match, sir. Couldn't you just send...

ABRAHAM - ...She'll be very beautiful.

ELEAZAR - What if I don't arrive at sundown? What if the wrong 
girl waters my camels? Your son will hate me forever.

ABRAHAM - The Lord will make all this happen just the way I 
said. I'm a prophet, remember?

ELEAZAR - Yes, but does your prophecy include unforeseen 
contingencies, sir?

ABRAHAM - Contingencies? What contingencies?

ELEAZAR - What if I get bitten by a scorpion and the right woman 
waters the someone else's camels? Isaac's wife could end up 
married to an Egyptian sundial salesman...

ABRAHAM - ...You know, Eleazar, now that my wife is dead, I was 
thinking of rewriting my will to include some of my servants. 
(exiting) Can you think of any servants who are deserving of 
such great wealth? 

ELEAZAR - (follows) I understand that Nahor is very beautiful 
this time of year, sir. I'll leave right away.

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