NATHAN   5'5m?f Nathan confronts King David about Bathsheba

(all characters, dressed in business suits, enter singly from
both exits, converge)

NAT -- (enters last) What's going on? Why aren't we meeting in
the conference room? (points over shoulder)

MEL -- (looks both ways) We don't want the boss to know we're
talking about him.

LIZ -- (looks both ways) Do you think he suspects?

NAT -- Suspects what? What are we doing here?!

MEL -- Somebody has to confront him.

NAT -- Confront him about what? What did he do?

LIZ -- You must be the only person in the company who doesn't

NAT -- Know what? Will somebody please tell me what's going on
around here?!

MEL -- The Boss had an affair with his vice president's wife...

LIZ -- And then she got pregnant...

MEL -- But he couldn't marry her because she was already

LIZ -- So, he sent his vice president to the Middle East...

NAT -- You're talking about Uriah.

MEL -- You think his death was an accident?

NAT -- You're not saying that the boss sent him there KNOWING
that he would be killed!

LIZ -- Just because you don't shoot the gun doesn't mean you're
not the murderer.

NAT -- That's terrible! We've got to confront him!

MEL -- That's why we're having this meeting, to draw straws to
see who gets to cut him down to size.

NAT -- You sound like you're looking forward to it.

MEL -- I am! The big jerk chopped the budget for my department!
I've been looking for a way to get back at him!

NAT -- Not a good idea.

LIZ -- Why not?

NAT -- It's not only important to DO the right thing but to LOOK
LIKE you're doing the right thing.

MEL -- I don't get it.

NAT -- If you have an ax to grind, the Boss will write off your
accusations as sour grapes. There's no way he'll take you
seriously if he can use your ill feelings against you.

MEL -- Maybe you're right. I was so looking forward to seeing
his face when I got even with him.

LIZ -- I suppose "I" could confront him.

NAT -- Do you know him that well?

LIZ -- Actually, I've never been introduced to him.

NAT -- Then, you are probably not the best person to do the

LIZ -- Why not?

NAT -- A stranger doesn't have the credibility of someone who
knows him. The person who confronts the boss should have some
history and credibility with him. He should be somebody the boss
has trust in.

LIZ -- Good. I didn't want to do it anyway.

MEL -- What about you, Nate?

NAT -- Me?!

MEL -- Yeah, you know him personally.

LIZ -- Yeah, you go to his church. You'll have credibility with

MEL -- There's no way he'll write off YOU'RE accusations as sour

NAT -- I don't know. I don't feel comfortable....

LIZ -- All the more reason for you to be the one to confront

MEL -- That's right! If you start out your confrontation with,
"It really pains me to bring this up...."

LIZ -- There's no way he'll write you off.

NAT -- Alright. Alright, I'll do it.

DAV -- (enters) Hey, what's going on, guys? Am I missing a good

MEL -- (looks at watch, backs to exit) Gee, look at the time! I
have a meeting.

LIZ -- (looks at watch, backs to opposite exit) Oh, yeah, me
too. Big meeting.

DAV -- What was that all about? Well, maybe it's my breath.
(chuckles, notices Nat's stern look) What's going on, Nate?

NAT -- I... We... Dave, I don't exactly know how to tell you
this. It really pains me to bring it up...

DAV -- Wow. This sounds serious, Nate!

NAT -- Dave, what if I told you that a new car dealer was
expecting company from out of town. And this car dealer wanted
to give his guest a car to use while he was in town. But instead
of giving his guest one of his many cars from his dealership,
this car dealer went and took his neighbor's only source of
transportation, a newly and lovingly restored '57 Chevy. What
would you say about such a car dealer?

DAV -- I'd say the guy was a thief! Worse than that. He's got no 
morals! The guy ought to go to jail!

NAT -- That car dealer is YOU.

DAV -- What on earth are you.... (sighs) Oh. I should have known
that God wouldn't let me get away with this. I should have known
that someone from my own church would be the one to confront me
about this. This is God's way of making sure I know that I
offended him. I don't deserve to call myself a Christian.
(sighs) I'm kind of glad he finally confronted me with this.
I've been useless to him ever since. What do you think will
happen now?

NAT -- Well, God promises that if you confess your sins, he'll
forgive you.

DAV -- Good. I need to get right with God.

NAT -- Don't make the mistake of thinking that things will be 
all rosey. God doesn't promise to remove the consequences of
your actions. You may have to wear the scars from this for a
long time as a constant reminder that sin is never without cost.

DAV -- Perhaps it's just as well. What kind of an example would
I be to my employees if there were not consequences for my sins?
(exiting with Nat) Come pray with me?

NAT -- Sure.

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