FATHER   5'2m0f Abraham and Isaac: the first Father's Day gift

ABRAHAM - (enters through audience rear, carrying a bundle of 
fire wood on a rope over his shoulder)

ISAAC --- (enters through audience rear, carrying a bundle of 
fire wood on a rope over his shoulder) Yo, Dad, wait up. Dad. Oh 

ABRAHAM - (turns) I'm sorry, Isaac, I was deep in thought.

ISAAC --- So, what are you thinking about? The sacrifice?

ABRAHAM - Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking about.

(they arrive at the corner of the stage, begin crossing)

ISAAC --- I don't suppose it has slipped your mind that we 
brought the fire wood to burn the sacrifice, but we didn't bring 
a sheep or goat.

ABRAHAM - No, it hasn't slipped my mind. 

ISAAC --- Well, we always bring a sheep or a goat for the 
sacrifice, Dad. What's the story?

ABRAHAM - This time the Lord will provide a sacrifice.

ISAAC --- Can we sit for a minute before we start the fire, Dad? 
(points to two rocks, tree stumps or chairs DC)

ABRAHAM - Why? Are you tired?

ISAAC --- No. I just want to talk to my Dad, that's all.

ABRAHAM - Very well, son. (sits) What do you want to talk about?

ISAAC --- I just want to tell to you what a great Dad you've 
been to me. (sits)

ABRAHAM - Are you talking about why I treat you different from 
your brother Ishmael?

ISAAC --- No. I understand about all that. The Lord told you 
that the great blessing to the world that will come through you 
will come through me.

ABRAHAM - So, why all of a sudden do you want to tell me what 
a great Dad I've been to you?

ISAAC --- Because you're special. You know, the other fathers 
tell their sons stories about the past, but, you're a prophet. 
You tell stories about the future and you always tell it with me 
right in the middle of it. You make me feel special. 

ABRAHAM - You are special, Isaac. You're a miracle baby. I was 
100 years old when you were born.

ISAAC --- Tell me a story, Dad.

ABRAHAM - About what?

ISAAC --- About this place, Mount Moriah.

ABRAHAM - Well, let's see.... Some day the capital city for your 
great nation will be built on this very mountain.

ISAAC --- My great nation. See? You're doing it again. This will 
all happen hundreds of years from now, long after I'm dead.

ABRAHAM - Yes, but whenever they speak the name of your great 
nation, they will also mention your name.

ISAAC --- And yours.

ABRAHAM - Yes, I suppose they will.

ISAAC --- Tell me more about the city that will be built here.

ABRAHAM - The second king of your great nation will sit on his 
throne here. Then the dwelling place of the Lord himself will be 
built on this mountain. 

ISAAC --- The temple.

ABRAHAM - Yes. At that time, this will be the greatest nation on 

ISAAC --- What else? What else will happen on this mountain, 

ABRAHAM - I'm not sure I should tell you.

ISAAC --- I think I already know.

ABRAHAM - Tell me.

ISAAC --- A father will sacrifice his only son on this mountain. 

ABRAHAM - How did you know?

ISAAC --- Because you haven't talked to me all the way up here. 
You're a great Dad. You always talk to me and joke with me. But 
since the Lord told you to come here, you barely said a word to 
me. You look like you're about to cry.

ABRAHAM - (brushes away a tear) It pains me to think I that I 
will have to sacrifice my only son today. But that was what the 
Lord commanded me to do.

ISAAC --- I understand, Dad, all the other religions sacrifice 
their first born sons to the gods. It's only fitting that our 
God demands the same.

ABRAHAM - You don't understand, Isaac. This is different. Our 
God is different from all those other gods. Hundreds of years 
from this day on this very spot, God himself will sacrifice HIS 
only son for the sins of the world. His son will be born from 
YOUR descendants.

ISAAC --- I don't understand, Dad. How can the son of God be 
born from my descendants? You're about to kill me and I don't 
have any children yet.

ABRAHAM - I don't know, Isaac. All I know is that the Lord, who 
created all life, promised me a son long after your mother and I 
was physically able to have a son the natural way. And he 
promised that through you, the messiah would be born to pay for 
the sins of the world. Perhaps, after I kill you, he will bring 
you back to life. It's not so unlikely that the creator of life 
could recreate it.

ISAAC --- Even after you burn my body?

ABRAHAM - Isaac, if you haven't learned a thing from your old 
Dad, learn this: The Lord keeps his word.

ISAAC --- (sighs)

ABRAHAM - Are you afraid?

ISAAC --- Of course I'm afraid. I'm about to die. But you're my 
Dad. I trust you and your God. (stands, picks up bundles of 
firewood, lays one on each chair or tree stump, sits on the 
wood) I'm ready. (pulls tunic neck away from his left breast)

ABRAHAM - Goodbye, my son. I love you.

ISAAC --- Goodbye, Dad. I love you.

ABRAHAM - Lord, receive this, the sacrifice of my dear son. 
(raises knife) 

(from offstage: Baaaaaaaa)

ISAAC --- (looks offstage) What was that?

ABRAHAM - (looks offstage) It's a ram, with it's horns caught in 
a thorn bush.

ISAAC --- Well, it looks like the Lord provided a sacrifice, 
just as he promised.

ABRAHAM - A substitute.

ISAAC --- Just like in the future....

ABRAHAM - ....when the Lord sacrifices himself for us.

ISAAC --- ....right on this very spot. (moving toward ram)

ABRAHAM - (follows) You learn quickly, my son.

ISAAC --- I know. I take after my Dad.

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