DESIGN   3'2m0f In the beginning... creation, purpose, love

(in the dark)

Gabe -- Lord.... Jesus..... Before you start creation I have
some design changes. Lord? Where are you?

Jesus --  Let there be light.

(lights up)

Gabe -- Oh, no, he's already started. Jesus....

Jesus -- Yes, Gabriel.

Gabe -- Lord, I hope I'm not too late.

Jesus -- I call this DAY. How do you like it?

Gabe -- Fine. Listen, I have some design cha....

Jesus -- (motions with his hands, light go off)

And I call this night. Nifty huh?

Gabe -- Lord, we really have to talk.

Jesus -- (waves hand, light on)

I like day best, don't you?

Gabe -- Yes, day is nice. But....

Jesus -- (motions broadly overhead)

Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water
from the clouds. I'm going to call it SKY. How do you like it?

Gabe -- Blue! Very Nice. But listen before you go much further,
you really should look at my analysis....

Jesus -- (motions broadly)

Let the water under the sky be gathered in one place and let dry
ground appear. Look, (points) there's the land and there's the

Gabe -- Yes, land and sea, very nice, but your about to....

Jesus -- It is good. I like it. Maybe a little vegetation... And
maybe a few billion stars in the sky.

Gabe -- Stars, what stars?

Jesus -- Oh, you can only see them at night.

(motions. lights go out)

Gabe -- Oh, yes now I see them, but...

Jesus -- Now a big sun and a little moon, and the four

(lights on)

Gabe -- Yes, well, this is all very nice but....

Jesus -- Now a few billion creatures for the sea and few million
more on the dry la....

(starts an arm motion, but Gabe grabs his arms)

Gabe -- Creatures. Yes, Lord, it was the creatures that I wanted
to talk to you about.

Jesus -- Alright, Gabriel, but make it snappy, I'm on a tight
schedule here. I've only got six days and five are used up.

Gabe -- Well, first of all, it's about your list of creatures.

Jesus -- Yes.

Gabe -- Well, you've included fleas and ticks.

Jesus -- Yeah, great, isn't it?

Gabe -- Yes, but none of the other creatures are going to like
them. What good are they?

Jesus -- It's a joke.

Gabe -- A joke.

Jesus -- Yeah, wait till you see what a dog does to get rid of
them. And now the creatures for the dry la....

(begins to motion with his arms. Gabe stops him again)

Gabe -- Wait! That's not all.

Jesus -- What is it now, Gabriel?

Gabe -- It's about the last two creatures on your list, the

Jesus -- Yeah, I'm making them in my own likeness.

Gabe -- Yes, but the specification says that you're going to
give them a free will. Do you know what that means?

Jesus -- Yes. It means that when I tell them not to eat the
fruit, they'll go ahead and eat it anyway.

Gabe -- You know that they'll disobey and you want to give them
free will anyway?!

Jesus -- Sure. Why not?

Gabe -- Well, if I knew MY creations would disobey me, I'd die.
I would just die!

Jesus -- I will.

(lights out)

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