BUD      3'2m0f Aaron's staff buds, blooms and produces almonds

SLIM --- (stalks out on stage, wearing a holster and 
six-shooter, shouts) Alright, Moses, I'm callin' you out. 
There's no room in this wagon train for the two of us.

MOSES -- (enters opposite, carrying a walking stick) Alright, 
slim, I'm comin' out. But I ain't armed. You wouldn't cut down 
an unarmed man would you?

SLIM --- Moses, where's you side arm? What kind of yellow belly 
are you?

MOSES -- You know I don't wear a weapon, slim. I rely on God to 
protect me.

SLIM --- Well, you better say your prayers, Moses, cuz I'm 
takin' over this wagon train and we're headin' back to Egypt.

MOSES -- Listen, Slim, you seem like a nice guy to me and I got 
no quarrel with you. But you seem to be a might stupid.

SLIM --- Was that an insult?

MOSES -- Slim, you seen for yourself what the Lord did to Korah 
and his friends when they tried to take over leadership of this 
wagon train. The earth opened up and swallowed them, leaving no 

SLIM --- It was a lucky shot.

MOSES -- Then the 250 men burning incense, they were burned to a 
crisp because they opposed me.

SLIM --- Coulda happened to anybody.

MOSES -- And then when 17000 people tried to take over 
leadership at the tent of meeting, the Lord struck them with a 
plague and they died on the spot. Is that what you want?

SLIM --- Oh, sure, now yer gonna play dirty an' call in the 
Lord to do yer fightin'. That ain't fair.

MOSES -- I tell you what. You can have my job.

SLIM --- Huh?

MOSES -- You can have my job without firing a shot.

SLIM --- What's the catch?

MOSES -- We'll put twelve sticks with your name on them in the 
tent of testimony (points offstage) next to Aaron's walking 
stick here. If any of your sticks grow buds, you can lead the 
wagon train. But if Aaron's staff grows buds, I keep the 
leadership of the wagon train. Fair enough?

SLIM --- No tricks?

MOSES -- No tricks.

SLIM --- (points to exit) Okay, I'll just cut twelve branches 
off'n that there tree and carve my name on each one. That there
is a really green tree. If'n these branches don't grow buds in a 
couple weeks, I'll be surprised. 

MOSES -- How about overnight?

SLIM --- What?! Ain't no way a stick kin grow buds overnight.

MOSES -- You yellow, Slim?

SLIM --- No, no, I ain't yellow. Okay, overnight is good.

(both exit, reenter right away)

MOSES -- Okay, it's morning. Let's have a look.

SLIM --- Now, wait a minute. I just put them sticks in there.

MOSES -- This is a play, slim. You wouldn't expect our audience 
to wait overnight would you?

SLIM --- I guess not. So, let's go on into the tent of testimony 
and get them sticks. See if any of 'em grew any buds.

(both exit, reenter immediately)

MOSES -- (carrying a stick with leaves, flowers, nuts on it) 
Okay, here they are, twelve branches with your name on them and 
Aaron's staff with his name on it.

SLIM --- (carrying twelve bare sticks) Looks like a draw to me.

MOSES -- What do you mean, it looks like a draw? Look at Aaron's 
staff. It's covered with flowers and there's even some almonds 
growing on it.

SLIM --- You said it hadda grow buds. I don't see no buds. Just 
flowers and almonds.

MOSES -- Slim, this all happened overnight. Doesn't that tell 
you who the Lord wants to lead this wagon train?

SLIM --- Let's try two out of three.

MOSES -- Sorry.

SLIM --- Cut the cards? High card leads the wagon train.

MOSES -- The Lord has spoken.

SLIM --- Flip you for it?

MOSES -- Nice try.

SLIM --- Paper, rock and scissors? (demonstrates)

MOSES -- No. (exits)

SLIM --- (follows) Toss pennies. Closest one to the wall leads 
the wagon train.

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