BABYMOSE 5'2m2f Pharaoh's daughter adopts baby Moses

MOTHER -- (enters with Father, sobbing) He's gone! My baby is 

FATHER -- (arm around Mother's shoulder) Please don't cry, my 
love. Tell me what happened.

MOTHER -- I put him in a basket and hid him in the river, just 
as we planned.

FATHER -- Yes, in the thick reeds by the river bank.

MOTHER -- Yes. But when I went back to feed him, he was gone!

FATHER -- The basket and everything?

MOTHER -- Yes! Do you think a crocodile ate him?

FATHER -- No. A crocodile wouldn't have eaten the basket too. 
Maybe the basket just floated down the river.

MOTHER -- That's impossible. I wedged the basket in among some 
thick reeds. You don't think that the worst might have happened, 
do you?

FATHER -- (turns away) I... I don't want to think about it.

MOTHER -- Perhaps the Egyptian soldiers found the basket and 
killed our baby.

FATHER -- (restrains tears) He was such a wonderful baby. I 
always thought that some day he would be a leader for our 

MOTHER -- (sobs)

PHARAOH -- (enters) What are you two slaves doing in my palace?

FATHER -- (points, loud whisper) It's the Pharaoh, king of 

MOTHER -- (bows, tries to stifle tears) 

FATHER -- (bowing) I'm sorry, your majesty, the slave driver 
assigned us to serve here in the palace. We were told to report 
to the head servant here.

PHARAOH -- Why is that woman crying?

FATHER -- I'm sorry, your majesty, she...  we just lost our 
baby. We think your soldiers killed him.

PHARAOH -- Listen, I'm not a vicious person. You Jews were just 
having too many babies. My advisors told me that if I didn't 
take action soon, you Jews would outnumber us Egyptians and we 
would lose control of you. Pretty soon you would be the masters 
and we would be your slaves.

FATHER -- I understand, your majesty. 

PHARAOH -- Well, get busy! There's work to be done. (points over 
shoulder as he crosses) The head servant is right through that 

(Father and Mother face and bow to Pharaoh as he passes)

FATHER -- (exiting with Mother) Yes, your majesty.

PRINCESS -- (enters opposite carrying baby) Father! A miracle 
has happened!

PHARAOH -- What is that in your arms? A baby?

PRINCESS -- Yes! Oh, yes! You know how my husband and I have 
been wanting to have a baby, but we couldn't have one of our 


PRINCESS -- Now the gods have given us a baby!

PHARAOH -- Yes, but where did he come from?

PRINCESS -- He came from the god of all gods, from the River 

PHARAOH -- But how? The River Nile doesn't just grow babies like 
it grows reeds and lily pads!

PRINCESS -- I went down to the river this morning to take my 
bath. And on the way there, I prayed to the gods that I would 
some day be a mother. And when I got there, a baby, this baby, a 
boy baby, was waiting for me in the river floating in a basket!
Isn't that wonderful father?!

PHARAOH -- So, the River Nile is indeed the greatest god of all!

PRINCESS -- (pats baby) Oh, he's fussing, father. I'll bet he's 
hungry. But I have no milk to give him.

PHARAOH -- The gods are truly smiling down upon you today, my 

PRINCESS -- Why, father? What do you mean?

PHARAOH -- Just a moment ago, two new slaves were assigned to 
work here in the palace and one of them, a woman... her baby 
just... died.

PRINCESS -- Oh, I'm sorry.

PHARAOH -- But she will be able to nurse your new baby!

MOTHER -- (enters hurriedly) My daughter just came and told me 
that the princess found a baby.

FATHER -- (follows Mother, whispers loudly) Darling, you mustn't 
approach the royal family without being invited! (bows, 
encourages Mother to bow)

MOTHER -- (rises boldly) May I see the baby?

FATHER -- (tries to restrain Mother, whispers) Darling, please!

PRINCESS -- Yes, look, the gods gave him to me just this 

MOTHER -- (recognizes baby, gasps)

FATHER -- Him? Did she say the baby is a boy?! (tries to peek)

PRINCESS & MOTHER -- It's a miracle!

PRINCESS -- Isn't he beautiful? I shall call him Moses because 
he came "out of the water".

MOTHER -- (aside to Father, whispers) It's him! It's our baby!

FATHER -- (aloud) Praise God!

PHARAOH -- Yes, praise be to all the gods, but especially to the 
greatest God of all, the River Nile! He gave the royal family an 
heir to the throne of Egypt!

FATHER -- You mean, you're going to make our.... you're going to 
make that baby a king?!

PHARAOH -- Some day he will be Pharaoh, King of Egypt! It is the 
will of the gods.

FATHER -- Praise God!

PRINCESS -- (pats baby) Oh, the baby is fussing! And I have no 

PHARAOH -- This is the woman I told you about. The one who lost 
her baby.

MOTHER -- I will nurse the baby for you!

PRINCESS -- (hands baby to Mother) Then, I shall make you the 
royal nanny and you shall raise my baby for me. You shall love 
him and care for him as if he were your own.

MOTHER -- I would be honored!

PRINCESS -- (crosses to exit) Come then, let us make 
preparations to move you into the palace.

MOTHER -- (follows smiling) Yes, your majesty.

PHARAOH -- (follows) You won't mind living in the palace and 
helping to raise my grandson, will you, slave?

FATHER -- (follows) It is the will of God!

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