BABEL    4'2m?f God stopped the building of the Tower of Babel

ANGEL -- (enters strolling, carrying clipboard, counting stars,
making notes, looks down over edge of stage, making notes,
gasps) Lord Jesus, come quickly!

JESUS -- (enters casually) Don't tell me. You were wondering
about the new construction project down on earth. (looks over
front edge of stage)

ANGEL -- How did you know?

JESUS -- (smiles patiently)

ANGEL -- Oh, of course. You're God. You know everything.

JESUS -- Yes, I do.

ANGEL -- (points down) That's a pretty big construction project!
(examines clipboard, pages) I don't see any commands to build
anything since you commanded Noah to build the arc.

JESUS -- The command didn't come from me.

ANGEL -- Well, the humans must think a lot of you. They're
building a really big monument to you.

JESUS -- Well, it's a monument, but it's not for me.

ANGEL -- It isn't?

JESUS -- No. As a matter of fact, they're doing the building in
spite of me.

ANGEL -- They can't do that! You created them. They're supposed
to do things that bring you glory! But tell me, if they're not
building a monument to you, what are they building?

JESUS -- They're building a tall tower.

ANGEL -- A tower.

JESUS -- Yes.

ANGEL -- (examines clipboard, pages) I don't see anything in
your master plan for a tower. In fact, I don't see anything in
your master plan for ANY major construction in this century. In
fact, I don't see any construction scheduled during this
millennium. (points to clipboard) According to your plan, the
humans were not scheduled to build anything permanent until....
(pages) until after they spread out and filled the entire earth.

JESUS -- According to the plan.

ANGEL -- Then, why are they building a tower now?

JESUS -- They think that if they can build a tower that reaches
to the heavens, they can be just like me.

ANGEL -- That's blasphemy!

JESUS -- (nods)

ANGEL -- (pages) According to the plan, blasphemy is punishable
by... (pages, points) death!

JESUS -- How quickly they forget.

ANGEL -- You mean, the flood of Noah.

JESUS -- Yes.

ANGEL -- But you promised you wouldn't kill everybody with a
flood ever again.

JESUS -- That's right.

ANGEL -- Then, how will you kill them? (pages) If we eliminate a
flood from your list, you have at your disposal (points, reads)
lightning, hailstones, fires, wind storms, and conquest by
foreign armies.

JESUS -- The problem is, there are no foreign armies because
there are no foreigners. These fools have defied my instructions
to spread out and fill the earth. They think if they stay
together, they can have their own way.

ANGEL -- So, how will you kill them?

JESUS -- I won't.

ANGEL -- You won't?

JESUS -- No.

ANGEL -- (points to clipboard) But the plan says that if they
defy you, they must be put to death!

JESUS -- Except when I extend my mercy.

ANGEL -- You would do that?!

JESUS -- Yes.

ANGEL -- But why? Won't they interpret your mercy as license to
do anything they want?

JESUS -- Within a few generations, their descendants won't even
remember the deeds of this foolish generation.

ANGEL -- Why? What are you going to do?

JESUS -- I'm going to let them live, but I'm not going to let
them finish building the tower.

ANGEL -- How? Oh, let me guess. You're going to take away their

JESUS -- No.

ANGEL -- You're going to take away their building materials.

JESUS -- No.

ANGEL -- What then?

JESUS -- I'm going to attack the strategy behind their

ANGEL -- What's that?

JESUS -- They thought that by staying together and cooperating
instead of spreading out throughout the earth they could be like
me. I will attack their cooperation.

ANGEL -- But how can you attack their cooperation?

JESUS -- What if they all spoke a different language?

ANGEL -- That's very clever! There's no way they could cooperate
if they can't understand one another! But how can you just
change their language?

JESUS -- (points finger down, wiggles finger) It's done. (exits)

ANGEL -- That is so clever! Now all they do is Babble! (follows)
Hey, that's a good name for it! The tower of Babble!

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