WORKERS  6'?m3f The parable of the workers


MOM ---- (enters wiping hands on apron, crosses to Janey) Oh, 
Janey, I was just coming in to see how you were doing on your 
math homework.

JANEY -- (enters opposite at the same time as Mom, smiling) I'm 
all done, Mom. Can I go over to Amy's house and listen to her 
new CD?

MOM ---- Sorry, tonight is our night for family devotions.

JANEY -- But, Daddy is working late tonight. I thought....

MOM ---- Daddy asked me to lead the devotion tonight.

JANEY -- (turns, big sigh and disappointment) Okay.

MOM ---- He also gave me some money.

JANEY -- (whirls around) Money? Did you say money?

MOM ---- Yes, we thought that, rather than read the lesson out 
of the Bible and talk about it, we would LIVE the lesson for a 

JANEY -- LIVE the lesson?

MOM ---- Yes, we'll do an exercise. This exercise happens to have 
money in it.

JANEY -- Do I get to keep any of the money?

MOM ---- Yes, that's part of the lesson. But the lesson isn't 
about money.

JANEY -- It isn't? What's it about then?

MOM ---- It's about sovereignty.

JANEY -- Am I supposed to know what that means?

MOM ---- You will, once you've lived the lesson.

JANEY -- Alright, you've got my attention. What do I have to do 
to earn the money?

MOM ---- Clean the garage.

JANEY -- Eooow! Are you sure this lesson isn't about torture?

MOM ---- Well, if you'd rather I give the ten dollars to your 
sister, I....

JANEY -- Ten dollars! That's exactly as much as I need to buy 
the CD that Amy just bought.

MOM ---- I know.

JANEY -- Are you sure this lesson isn't about money?

MOM ---- No, it's about sovereignty. Do you want ten dollars or 

JANEY -- Of course, I'm no fool! It won't take me more than an 
hour to get all those boxes back up on the shelves.

MOM ---- And hang all the tools back up on the peg board.

JANEY -- And hang all the tools back up on the peg board.

MOM ---- And clean up the work bench.

JANEY -- And clean up the work bench.

MOM ---- And sweep the floor.

JANEY -- And sweep the floor.

MOM ---- Is it a deal then? (offers hand)

JANEY -- Deal. (shakes, exits past Mom) This will be the easiest 
ten bucks I ever made.

KATIE -- (enters, stands near exit) Mom, since Daddy's working 
late, can I watch TV now? (points over shoulder)

MOM ---- We're doing the family devotional without Daddy.

KATIE -- (big sigh and disappointment, turns) Okay. 

MOM ---- Don't be so enthusiastic.

KATIE -- Well, there's a good movie on tonight.

MOM ---- Is it worth missing ten dollars for?

KATIE -- (turns, smiling) Did you say ten dollars?

MOM ---- Yes, would you like to earn ten dollars?

KATIE -- (approaches Mom) Of course! But I thought you said we 
were doing the family devotional tonight.

MOM ---- We are. But tonight we're not going to just read it and 
talk about it. We're going to LIVE it.

KATIE -- And you're going to bribe us into doing a devotional?

MOM ---- No, Katie. I'm going to pay you to do a task, so you'll 
learn a lesson about sovereignty.

KATIE -- What's that? Oh, I know. That's like what kings do or 
something, right?

MOM ---- That's right. Kings have the right to do anything they 
want. They don't have to answer to anyone.

KATIE -- Do I get to keep the money? 

MOM ---- Yes, I think the lesson will sink in better if you get 
to keep the money.

KATIE -- I won't have to eat a gold fish or anything, will I?

MOM ---- (laughs) No. You just have to clean your room.

KATIE -- You're kidding, right? You're not really going to start 
paying me to clean my own room?

MOM ---- No. This is not the start of anything. This is a once 
in a life time offer. Take it or leave it.

KATIE -- No catch?

MOM ---- No catch, except that you're room has to be clean and 

KATIE -- I always do a good job cleaning my room. You know that.

MOM ---- Okay. Then, let's shake on it. (offers hand)

KATIE -- (shakes) You're sure there's no catch.

MOM ---- No catch. Just a lesson in sovereignty.

KATIE -- And ten bucks.

MOM ---- Well, get busy, then. (exits)

KATIE -- (exiting opposite) This will be the easiest ten bucks I 
ever made.


MOM ---- (enters with Janey) Well, you did a nice job on the 
garage, Janey. Now, Daddy will have a place to park his car 

JANEY -- When to I get my ten dollars?

MOM ---- As soon as Katie finishes her job.

JANEY -- What job did you give her?

KATIE -- (enters, crosses to Mom) Mom, you'll be so proud of me. 
My room is clean as a whistle. I even rolled all my socks in my 
sock drawer.

JANEY -- (to Mom) You paid Katie to clean her own room?

MOM ---- Yes, (gives two five dollar bills to Katie) here you go, 
Katie. Ten dollars, just as we agreed.

JANEY -- You paid Katie ten dollars to clean her own room?

KATIE -- (shows off money, one bill in each hand) She sure did.

MOM ---- (hands Janey ten dollars) And here is the ten dollars I 
agreed to pay you to clean the garage, Janie.

JANEY -- (takes money, irritated) Mother! That's not fair!

MOM ---- What's not fair? Didn't I agree to pay you ten dollars 
for cleaning the garage?

JANEY -- Well, yes, but...

MOM ---- And didn't I pay you the amount I agreed to pay?

JANEY -- Well, yes, but that's not fair! My job was harder. I 
had to lift all those boxes. All she had to do is pick up a few 
clothes and roll her socks. You never pay us to clean our rooms. 
That's not fair at all.

MOM ----  Wait a minute. You got exactly what you bargained for. 
I didn't cheat you.

KATIE -- (smiles) That's the lesson.

JANEY -- What lesson? What is she talking about?

KATIE -- The lesson was sovereignty.

JANEY -- I still don't know what you're talking about.

KATIE -- Sovereignty is a thing that Kings have. Nobody can 
tell them what to do.

JANEY -- Yeah, so what?

KATIE -- So, Mom is like a king. It was Mom's money. She can 
spend it any way she wants to. Don't you get it?

JANEY -- Actually, no I don't.

KATIE -- This was a cool lesson, Mom.

JANEY -- (sarcastic) Yeah, way cool. How come you didn't have 
Katie clean the garage?

MOM ---- Because I'm sovereign. And because I know my children. 
I knew this lesson would sink in better if you came out on the 
short end.

JANEY -- Thank you very much.

KATIE -- You still don't get it, do you?

JANEY -- (pauses, looks at money, smiles) This is like life, 
isn't it, Mom?

MOM ---- Exactly.

JANEY -- God has the right to give anybody anything he wants. He 
doesn't owe us anything. 

KATIE -- He doesn't even have to be fair. If he gave us what we 
deserved, we wouldn't get anything.

JANEY -- I don't know what I'm complaining about. I just made 
the easiest ten dollars of my life. The only reason I didn't 
appreciate what I got is because I compared what I got with what 
Katie got. And that was really stupid, since ten dollars was 
enough to buy the CD I wanted. (hugs Mom) Sorry, Mom.

MOM ---- No problem. You learned the lesson.

KATIE -- (holds a five dollar bill in each hand) I think I know 
why Mom gave me two fives instead of a ten dollar bill.

JANEY -- What do you mean?

KATIE -- Here. (hands Janie a five) Now what lesson do you see?

JANEY -- You're just GIVING me five dollars?

KATIE -- Sure. See the lesson?

JANEY -- Yeah. We have sovereignty too, don't we?

MOM ---- Why do you think God gives us sovereignty? Why does He 
allow us to spend our time and money any way we want?

KATIE -- If we didn't have sovereinty, we would just be robots. 
If I was God, I would get kind of bored with robots after a 
while. Would you?

MOM ---- Exactly. Why do you think God give some of us more 
money than he gives to others?

JANEY -- I think He wants us to share it with those who have 
less. Here, Katie... (slaps a five dollar bill into Katie's 
hand) I'm sovereign too. (exits arm-in-arm with Mom) This WAS a 
cool lesson, Mom!

KATIE -- (following) Way cool! Say, Janey, you got any socks 
that need rolling?

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