VIRGINS  5'3m?f The parable of the ten virgins (campers)

(all actors (any number over three, any sex) wear identical 
T-shirts and jeans)


BOB -- (enters, blows whistle) Alright, all campers, I need to 
see you out here in the clearing for a meeting. (blows whistle) 
Campers, let's assemble here in the clearing for a meeting.

DAN -- (enters) Hey, who appointed you leader, Peterson?

PAT -- (enters) Yeah, where did you get the whistle?

(all others enter and clump around each of the three speaking 

BOB -- Alright, listen up. Mr Prescott had to take Danny 
Jacobson to the hospital for his stomach pains. The other adults 
are up on the hill setting up for capture the flag and the 
campfire afterward.

DAN -- So, Prescott appoint YOU the grand poobah?

BOB -- He didn't appoint me anything. He just wanted me to tell 
you that as soon as he gets back from the hospital, which will 
be some time after dark, he wants us all to be ready play 
capture the flag.

PAT -- (exiting with his group) What's there to get ready for?
It's just a stupid game.

DAN -- (exiting with his group) Yeah, you called a meeting to 
tell us that?

BOB -- He also gave me money.

ALL -- (stop in their tracks) 

PAT -- He what?

DAN -- Did you say money?

BOB -- (hands stacks of $1 bills to Dan and Pat) Mr Prescott, 
gave me money and said that while he's gone, we are all suppose 
to hike over to the general store at Three Corners and and buy 
an extra set of batteries for our flashlights, because there 
will be no moon light tonight for capture the flag. 

PAT -- (passing out three dollars to each person in his group) I 
already have batteries for my flashlight.

DAN -- (passing out three dollars to each person in his group) 
Me too. I'm not hiking all the way over to Three Corners just to 
buy something I already have.

PAT -- Me either, especially when the Way-Side Bar and Grill 
(points to opposite side of stage) is half as far.

BOB -- I don't think they sell flashlight batteries in a bar.

PAT -- No, but they do have video games and air hockey there. 
(kisses the money)

BOB -- Mr Prescott gave us the three dollars for batteries, not 
for video games.

PAT -- (exiting) I already have batteries, remember?

DAN -- (following, stuffing money in pocket) I'm not hiking 
anywhere, I'm going fishing. I'll buy batteries when I need 

BOB -- (shouting) Hey, guys, Mr Prescott said that only the 
winners of capture the flag get to go to the campfire and have 

DAN -- (reenters) Did you say somemores?

BOB -- Yeah, but he was real clear. Not everybody gets them. The 
losers will have to come back here and go to sleep, while the 
winners get to stuff themselves with...

PAT -- (reenters) SOMEMOREs?

DAN -- Chocolate?

PAT -- And marshmallows?

BOB -- Yes, but only for the winners get them.

DAN -- (exiting) Well, then, we'll just have to win, won't we?

PAT -- (exiting) I just happen to be an expert at capture the 

BOB -- (shouting) Guys, what about the batteries? (shrugs, 
exiting opposite with his group) Oh, well, if Mr Prescott thinks 
we need extra batteries, then I'll hike over and buy batteries.


(All enter with towels over shoulder or around neck, Pat and Dan 
enter together)

PAT -- That was really dirty.

DAN -- Yeah, we got gypped. (points across stage) There he is.

BOB -- (yawning, rubbing tummy) Good morning guys.

PAT -- Don't you good morning us, you swindler!

DAN -- Yeah, Peterson.

BOB -- Swindler?! What did I do?

DAN -- (mocking) What did I do?

PAT -- You didn't tell us that Mr Prescott would put all the 
campers with extra flashlight batteries on one team.

DAN -- Yeah, that wasn't fair.

BOB -- Of course it was fair. He told us all go hike over to the 
general store to buy batteries. Mr Prescott is the camp 
director. He has a right to reward those who are obedient 
doesn't he?

DAN -- Well, yeah, but....

BOB -- You chose to go fishing instead. You can't blame that on 
Mr Prescott or me.

PAT -- Are you saying Mr Prescott punished those who went 
fishing? Because if he did, I....

BOB -- Mr Prescott explained it to you last night when he sent 
the losers away. But you were apparently not listening. He said 
this is exactly like the parable of the ten virgins. Those who 
were obedient and were ready for the game were rewarded. 
Those who were lazy or self-indulgent were not ready and would 
be sent away. You guys have nobody to blame but yourselves. 

(all move toward exit)

DAN -- I'll never do that again.

PAT -- Me either.

DAN -- So, how were the SOMEMOREs?

BOB -- Each one had TWO squares of chocolate.

PAT -- TWO squares of chocolate!?

BOB -- And TWO marshmallows.

DAN -- TWO marshmallows!?

BOB -- Maybe next time you'll remember our motto. (exits)

DAN & PAT -- Be prepared. (follow)

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