TWOSONS  3'0m3f The parable of the two sons [daughters]


KATIE -- (older daughter, enters, fists clenched, stomps across 
stage, growling) Oooo. She is such a thoughtless little brat!

MOM ---- (enters same side, with coat draped over arm, follows, 
adjusting ear ring) Good Morning, Katie.

KATIE -- (turns, growls) What's so good about it?

MOM ---- Oh, my, did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed 
this morning?

KATIE -- Your precious little Janey left the bathroom a mess 
again this morning! And, of course, I had to clean up after her.

MOM ---- I guess there's not much chance I could get you to do 
the dishes, then.

KATIE -- Absolutely not! It was Janey's turn to do them last 

MOM ---- Are you sure I can't talk you into doing them? I hate 
to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes. And the kitchen 
always sparkles after you do the dishes.

KATIE -- Mother, Janey has missed her turn twice this week. But, 
of course, being exempt from all responsibility around here, 
she'll get away with it AGAIN. No. I'm not going to bail her 
out this time.

JANEY -- (younger daughter, enters same side, with cut flower, 
cheerful) Good morning, Mom. Let me help you with you coat. 
(helps mother into her coat)

KATIE -- I think I'm going to be sick to my stomach.

MOM ---- Katie!

KATIE -- If she spent half as much effort doing her chores 
around here as she spends on apple polishing for you, she could 
start her own maid service.

JANEY -- You're just jealous because Mother likes me best. 

MOM ---- Janey...

JANEY -- (slips flower through button hole in Mom's coat) There 
you go Mom, now your coat is as pretty as you are.

MOM ---- Thank you, honey. Say, there's a sink full of dirty 
dishes that you promised to do last night...

JANEY -- Oh, yeah, I'll have them done before you get home. 
(kisses Mother, returns to exit) Bye Mom. (sticks out tongue at 
Katie as she exits)

KATIE -- She is so phony.

MOM ---- Katie!

KATIE -- I mean it, Mother. She says that every time, but she 
never follows through. I'm telling you, if she doesn't do the 
dishes this afternoon, they'll be waiting for you when you get 
home. I'm tired bailing her out all the time. (returns to exit)

MOM ---- (turns to Katie, who is now gone) Don't I get a kiss 
good... (shrugs shoulders, shakes head, exits opposite)


MOM ---- (reenters moments later with coat over arm, sings) I'm 

JANEY -- (enters opposite, runs to meet Mom with greeting Card 
in hand) Hi, Mom! Look what I made for you on the computer!

MOM ---- (reads) "To the world's greatest Mom" (opens) "From 
your devoted daughter." Well, isn't that pretty! Thank you, 
honey. (pats Janey's cheek, kisses other cheek)

KATIE -- (enters) Hi, Mom. Can I have my allowance? I have to 
run down and buy some graph paper.

MOM ---- Well, it's nice to see you too.

KATIE -- Sorry. (kisses Mother's cheek)

MOM ---- Here's your allowance. (hands Katie money)

JANEY -- How come she gets twice as much?

MOM ---- Because she did YOUR dishes AGAIN.

KATIE -- How did you know Janey didn't do the dishes?

MOM ---- Because the kitchen always sparkles when you do them.

JANEY -- Well, I gave you a flower and pretty card.

MOM ---- And I love them both. Thank you very much. (pats 
Janey's cheek) But my quiet time Bible study this morning said 
the the Lord wants our obedience, more than our sacrifices. I 
think as your parent I should reward obedience too. I asked both 
of you to do the dishes, but only one of you obeyed.

JANEY -- I was going to do them...

KATIE -- Thanks, Mom. (holds up money, exits opposite)

JANEY -- Can I have my allowance?

MOM ---- (points over shoulder at Katie) That WAS your 
allowance.  (continues toward exit) 

JANEY -- (follows) That's not fair.

MOM ---- (exiting, admiring greeting card) What a lovely card!

JANEY -- (exiting) Mother!

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