MARYTEEN 5'0m1f Monologue: Mary announces her pregnancy 

MARY -- (enters running) Oh, Mother, I have some much to tell...

(stops suddenly)

Oh, I'm sorry, Mother, (turns 1/3 turn away from audience, 
speaks over shoulder) I didn't know you were still dressing. 
(pause) It's me, Mother. It's Mary. I'm sorry to barge in on you 
like this. But I have so much to tell you. Can I turn around 


Good. You're not going to believe what happened to me, Mother! 
(pause) Oh, where do I begin? You're going to think that I'm 
making this up, because some of this is pretty fantastic and... 
Well, I'll just come out and tell you. (smiles) I'm pregnant. 
(pause, smile melts) Aren't you going to say something, Mother? 
I said, I'm going to have a baby. (pause) Oh, dear. I thought 
this was going to be such good news for you. (smiles) I never 
get the punch line right when I tell a joke either. (brightens) 
But, please believe me, Mother, this is good news!

(pause, begins pacing)

Oh, dear, I'm not married yet. I'll bet this his sounds terrible 
to you. Maybe I should start at the beginning. (nods) Yes, 
that's what I'll do. I'll start at the beginning. Let's see. 
Joseph said that the reason he and I were chosen is because we 
can both trace our lineage back to King David.... 


You're not getting any of this, are you, Mother? We were chosen 
by an angel of the Lord.... I should have mentioned the angel of 
the Lord first.

(resumes pacing) 

I'm sorry, I'm not very good at explaining things, Mother. I 
wish Joseph were here. He's good at explaining things. Let's 
see, where was I? Oh, yes, the pregnancy. 


Oh, it's not what you think, Mother. (holds tummy) This isn't 
Joseph's baby. Oh, dear, that makes it sound even worse, doesn't 
it? And this was supposed to be such good news too. 

(resumes pacing) 

Let's see, how can I explain this? The reason we were selected, 
besides the fact that the baby will be descended from royalty, 
is because Joseph and I are pledged to be married, which means 
the baby will have good stable home. Nobody is going to believe 
a word of this, are they, Mother? I can see by your face that 
not even YOU believe it. But it's true. It's all true. The same 
angel who came to me came to Joseph later and told him to go 
ahead and marry me, even though this is not his baby. (throws up 
hands) This sounded so good when the angel was telling it. What 
am I missing?

(stop, snaps fingers) 

Oh, of course! Silly me! I only left out the most important 
part. (hold tummy) The reason I was chosen to have this baby is 
because I'm a virgin. The prophet Isaiah predicted that the 
messiah will be born of a virgin. This baby is from the Holy 
Spirit of God! He's the Son of God, the messiah that we Jews 
have been waiting for all these years, Mother. And I get to have 
him! I get to raise him as my own! Isn't that fantastic, 

(resumes pacing) 

I know what you're going to say, Mother. You're going to say 
that I should have checked with you first, before I made such a 
big commitment. And normally I would have. But it was an angel 
of the Lord, Mother! When an angel of the Lord asks me to do 
something, what was I supposed to do? 

(stop, hands on hips)

"...not so fast, there buster, I've got to check with my mother 
first!" I couldn't very well do that to an angel of the Lord, 
could I, mother?

(resumes pacing)

I know what you're going to say, Mother. You're going to say 
that our friends and relatives won't understand. All they're 
going to do is point at Joseph and me and click their tongues. 
They're going to say, 

(stops, hands on hips, wagging head)

"Couldn't the love birds at least wait until after they got 

(resumes pacing)

The funny thing is, after he's born, he won't look or act like a 
messiah. He'll cry and soil his diapers like any other baby. 
Joseph says the only way we'll be able to tell that he's God in 
human flesh is that after he gets a little older, he won't sin. 
Isn't that something, Mother? He won't cheat, or lie, or even 
steal apples from old man Obediah's apple tree. He won't 
disrespect his momma, or talk back to his daddy. (smiles) What a 
pleasure it would be for any woman to raise such a baby!


I know what you're going to say, Mother. You're going to say, 
"What about when he grows up?" "What about when he's the age of 
a priest?" "What about the prophecy?"

(resumes pacing) 

But that's thirty years away, Mother. That's thirty wonderful 
years that I will be the mother of an obedient little boy and a 
devoted son. (pause) I know what you're going to say, Mother. 
You're going to say that sooner or later I'll have to face up to 
it. And after thirty wonderful years with my beautiful son, will 
be slaughtered like a lamb for the sins of the world. And I... 
I'll just. I'll just...

(stops, tearfully)

...say "Goodbye".

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