MARYSMOM 5'0m1f Monologue: Mary's mother at Jesus' birth

(enters hurriedly, wearing drab tunic, head down)

Hello, everybod.... Oh my! They said that there were some
shepherds waiting outside to see baby Jesus, but I had no idea
there were so many! Oh my! The Angel of the Lord must have
invited every shepherd for ten miles around!

Well, anyway, welcome to Bethlehem. My name is Abegail. I'm
Mary's mother. Oh, my. I suppose you don't even know who Mary
is. Mary is baby Jesus' mother. So, that would make me his
grandmother. Now that I think about it, you probably didn't even
know that the baby's name is Jesus. So, now you know. His name
is Jesus, which means "God is salvation". And you'll all be able
to see him in a minute. Mary, my daughter, is feeding our
miracle baby now.

You know, this whole year has been filled with miracles. First,
my niece Elizabeth had a miraculous baby after years of
infertility. You'll be hearing a lot about him in the future.
His name is John. When he grows up they're going to call him
John the Baptist.

Anyway, I was talking about miracles. When my daughter got
pregnant, she was a virgin, she is still a virgin, just as the
Prophet Isaiah predicted. And the Angel of the Lord told her
that we were supposed to name the baby Jesus and that his title
is IMMANUEL. IMMANUEL means "God with us", you know.

Well, we were flabbergasted, of course, and honored that God had
chosen our family to bear this miraculous child. But, we were
immediately faced with a big problem. The problem is that the
Prophet Isaiah predicted IMMANUEL would be born in the City of
King David, right here in Bethlehem. But when she got pregnant
we were all living way out in Galilee in a town called Nazareth.
There was no way my son-in-law could leave his carpentry
business and travel all the way to Bethlehem just to have a
baby. We all said, "Lord, it's in your hands. We don't know how
you're going to pull this off, but, it's up to you."

Then, guess what happened. The Roman emperor Caesar, out of the
clear blue sky, suddenly declared that there was going to be a
census and everybody was commanded to go to his tribal home so
the Romans can count noses. Well, chills just run down my spine,
when I realized that both my son-in-law and my daughter are both
from the tribe of Judah and the family if King David. That meant
we were all coming here to Bethlehem for the census and to have
the baby, just as the prophet Isaiah predicted. Isn't God
amazing?! When the centurion came to Nazareth and announced the
census, (kneels) I fell to my knees and I praised the Lord with
King Solomon's proverb. It says "The king's heart is in the hand
of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he
pleases." That is so true!


Anyway, that also explains why the baby was born in the stable
here. (points offstage) Because there were so many out-of-town
visitors for the census, by the time we all arrived from way out
in Nazareth, the hotels were all crammed to capacity. So, we all
had to sleep (points offstage) here in the stable.

Well, (looks offstage) it looks like the baby is done eating and
Mary is bundling him up so you can see him. But before we go in,
I just want you all to know that I don't think it was just a
coincidence that the baby was born in the wee hours of the
morning like this, instead of in the day time. (looks both ways)
I think it's because if he was born in the day time, the Angel
would have announced the birth to the religious leaders, instead
of to you shepherds. I don't think I have to tell you the
religious leaders are so full of themselves and their religious
rituals that the Angel's announcement would have probably fallen
on deaf ears. It's you shepherds who are the real men of faith.
You rely on the Lord day by day for your very existence. So, the
Lord wanted to reward your faithfulness. So, once again, thanks
for coming. (exiting) Well, come on. Come see the Baby Jesus!

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