FULFILL  8'?m2f Lineage of Jesus, prophecy fulfillment

(all characters wear tunics and sandals)
(light cue: dim to 50%)

LIZ -- (enters carrying a baby and laundry bag, both covered by
a cloak, crosses to C, stops, turns, looks all around,

AMY -- (follows) Excuse me.

LIZ -- (stops, doesn't turn) Yes?

AMY -- I'm told I would find the descendants of King David in
this town.

LIZ -- Yes, they're all gathered here in Bethlehem because
tomorrow is the Roman census. (steps toward exit)

AMY -- So, YOU are a descendant of King David?

LIZ -- (stops) Well, yes, I am.

AMY -- But... well, excuse me for saying this, but you're not
exactly what I expected.

LIZ -- You expected that all the descendants of King David would
be walking around with crowns and gold and jewels.

AMY -- Well, yes.

LIZ -- Sorry to disappoint you, but the royalty in David's
family self-destructed after Solomon's idolatry and our family
never recovered. So, if you'll excuse me. (steps toward exit)

AMY -- I thought the census decree required all family members
to go to the tribal home of the husband.

LIZ -- Yes, it did.

AMY -- So, where is YOUR husband?

LIZ -- My husband?

AMY -- Yes, you ARE married, aren't you?

LIZ -- Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me.... (steps toward exit)

AMY -- So, where is your husband?

LIZ -- He... I... My husband is from the tribe of Levi. He went
to his own tribal birthplace.

AMY -- So, what are you doing here?

LIZ -- I'm just visiting my cousin. She lives in Galilee, I 
don't get to see her very much.

AMY -- Galilee?! You mean some of King David's family live way 
out by the Lake?

LIZ -- Yes. Because of the idolatry, our family was scattered 
all over Israel.

AMY -- Why are you sneaking around in the middle of the night?

LIZ -- I... I'm not sneaking. I traveled all day. I just got 

AMY -- They start the census in the morning. Shouldn't you be
with your husband?

LIZ -- I was going to spend a few hours with my cousin and
her new baby and then hurry back to my husband. I haven't seen
her in several months and...

AMY -- A baby? I heard the king of the Jews was born here in 
Bethlehem tonight.

LIZ -- (freezes momentarily) I really should go.

AMY -- What are you holding there?

LIZ -- Holding?

AMY -- Yes, what do you have in your arms?

LIZ -- (offers the wad of clothes) Just some clothes and some

AMY -- What's in your other arm?

LIZ -- Tell me, do you work for King Herod?

AMY -- No. Why do you ask?

LIZ -- There's talk about Herod, that he's insanely jealous of
the newborn king. He's threatened to kill the baby.

AMY -- Why are you so concerned about King Herod?

LIZ -- Well, I'm not making any admissions, but hypothetically
speaking, if Herod decides to kill the newborn king, he might
decide to kill all the babies in Bethlehem and if I,
hypothetically had a baby,...

AMY -- You don't have to worry. I don't work for King Herod. So,
what's in your other arm?

LIZ -- Do you work for the chief priests?

AMY -- What if I do?

LIZ -- Well, a lot of the Jews, especially the chief priests and
teachers of the law have been teaching that God isn't really
going to send messiah the king after all, because messiah the
king wasn't really necessary since the Jews keep the law. Isn't
that true?

AMY -- Yes, that's true. The teachers and the high priests have
been teaching that God changed his mind about sending the
messiah. What does that have to do with what's in your other

LIZ -- Well, I'm not making any admissions, but hypothetically
speaking, if they've been teaching that no messiah was
necessary, but the messiah showed up anyway, the Jews would have
egg on their faces, wouldn't they?

AMY -- I suppose. So, what?

LIZ -- So, hypothetically speaking, the Jews would be just as
likely as Herod to want all the babies in Bethlehem killed,
wouldn't they?

AMY -- So, you think that's the reason they sent me here?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking.

AMY -- I never thought of that! I just thought they sent me here
to find the baby so they could come and worship him. They
wouldn't kill messiah the king, would they?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking, they might.

AMY -- So, is that the newborn king there? (reaches)

LIZ -- (resists) No.

AMY -- Hypothetically speaking.

LIZ -- No, it really isn't the messiah. Take a look. (opens
cloak enough for Amy to see the baby)

AMY -- That's no newborn! That baby is at least six months old!
So, why all this hypothetical talk? What are you hiding?

LIZ -- Well, hypothetically speaking, if the newborn king was
born today, he would be preceded by a prophet in the likeness
of Elijah.

AMY -- Oh, yes. I remember that from the scripture! You mean,
THIS (points) is the prophet who will proclaim in the desert to
make way for the coming of the annointed one?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking.

AMY -- Hypothetically speaking, what would his name be?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking, his name would be John. The
people would call him John the Baptist.

AMY -- So, hypothetically speaking, this prophet and the newborn
king wouldn't just happen to be related, would they? I mean,
this cousin of yours wouldn't just happen to be the woman who
had this baby called the newborn king, would she?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking, the Lord might just do things
that way so people couldn't claim that it was a mere

AMY -- Hypothetically speaking, what would be the name of this
newborn king?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking, his name would be the same as
one of the prophets of Israel.

AMY -- You mean, he'll be called Moses or Jacob or Joseph?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking, his name would be Joshua.

AMY -- Joshua, the prophet who conquered the land for Israel?!

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Joshua. Joshua means "God is Salvation". How poetic!

LIZ -- In Greek the name would be pronounced Jesus,

AMY -- So, what hotel is he staying at?

LIZ -- Hypothetically speaking, he wouldn't be staying in a

AMY -- Well, where is he?

LIZ -- Hypothetically, if the Lord anticipated that Herod and the
Jewish elite wanted him dead, hypothetically, the Lord would make
sure he was born in a place where they would be the least likely
to look for him.

AMY -- You mean, like in a cave or in a stable.

LIZ -- Or maybe even a cave that was used as a stable,

AMY -- Hypothetically. And Hypothetically what would the father
of the newborn king do for a living? Is he a king or a prince or

LIZ -- No. Hypothetically, he would be a carpenter.

AMY -- A carpenter. You mean God chose a carpenter to be the
father of the king?!

LIZ -- Don't forget that David himself was the son of a

AMY -- So, tell me about the mother. What tribe is she from?

LIZ -- She's from David's tribe as well.

AMY -- So, both parents can trace their lineage back to King

LIZ -- Yes. I think the Lord wanted to assure us that his
prophecy that the savior of the nation of Israel would be from
the family of David was definitely fulfilled.

AMY -- The Lord is really good at taking care of the details,
isn't he?

LIZ -- Listen. I really don't have much time. I should be
going... (points to exit)

AMY -- May I ask you just one more hypothetical question?

LIZ -- Alright.

AMY -- I think you might be right about the motives of the
Jewish elite. Hypothetically, if I didn't want to work for them
anymore, where would I hide from them?

LIZ -- Hypothetically, the Mother and Father are already
planning to leave the country immediately after the census.

AMY -- Hypothetically, where would they be going?

LIZ -- Hypothetically, a prophet in scripture has already
predicted that the messiah would return from a foreign country
much the same way we Jews did centuries ago.

AMY -- Babylon or Egypt?

LIZ -- Hypothetically, it would be Egypt.

AMY -- Hypothetically, could I go with them?

LIZ -- Hypothetically, my cousin might need help with the baby,
since she might be a little weak from the delivery. Come, let's
go worship the newborn king.

(both exit)
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