FORGIVE  5'3m0f The parable of the unforgiving servant

(all dressed as gangsters, have Brooklyn accents)

VINNIE -- (sly weasel, enters, crosses tip-toeing as if trying 
to sneak away)

BENNIE -- (hard, authoritative, enters carrying Bible in upstage 
hand, follows) Vinnie, you slime ball. 

VINNIE -- (freezes, doesn't turn) Oh, ah, hi, boss. I didn't 
know you was here.

BENNIE -- (approaches) Yeah, right. And professional wrestling is 

VINNIE -- (turns) No, really, I was, ah,... (looks at watch) Oh, 
geez! Look at the time! I have to be somewhere! (turns to exit) 

BENNIE -- Freeze, hair ball!

VINNIE -- (freezes, doesn't turn, cringes) Listen, boss, I... 

BENNIE -- I know what you're going to say, dirt bag. You were 
going to tell me that you're gonna pay me the money you owe me. 

VINNIE -- (turns) Yeah, boss, real soon, real soon.

BENNIE -- Vinnie, do you know why they call me "Bennie the 

VINNIE -- Because if people don't pay their debts, you break 
their knees. 

BENNIE -- Vinnie, you owe me twenty five large. And you haven't 
paid me a dime. Do I have the facts correct so far, slime bag?

VINNIE -- Yeah, but I can get it for you, boss, if you just give 
me a little more time.

BENNIE -- That's what you said last week.

VINNIE -- Yeah, but this...

BENNIE -- ...And the week before that.

VINNIE -- Yeah, but listen, boss, this time I have a line on 
some really big money.

BENNIE -- (steps toward Vinnie) Vinnie, do you own a wheelchair?

VINNIE -- (steps back) Oh, please, boss. Don't do that. I'll get 
your money, I swear. 

BENNIE -- (steps foreward) You swear. Your word and fifty cent 
will buy me a cup of coffee. I think I'll break your knees just 
so I don't have to hear nomore of your lies.

VINNIE -- (kneels, folds hands, begs) Please, boss, I'm begging 
ya. Don't hurt me.

BENNIE -- You make me puke. (raises Bible to strike Vinnie)

VINNIE -- (cringes, notices Bible) Say, boss, is that a Bible in 
your hand?

BENNIE -- (freezes, ponders Bible) Yeah, my wife's got me going 
to Bible study.

VINNIE -- So, hows about a little Christian kindness, huh, boss? 
What do you say? Huh? Just give me one more week. I'll get you 
your money, I swear.

BENNIE -- (Bible still in air, does repeated takes to Bible, 
Vinnie and audience until audience chuckles, clutches Bible with 
both hands) You're a lucky man, Vinnie.

VINNIE -- (stands) You mean you'll give me more time?!

BENNIE -- No. I mean, I'm cancelling your debt.

VINNIE -- You are? 

BENNIE -- Yeah.

VINNIE -- My whole debt?

BENNIE -- Yeah.

VINNIE -- All twenty-five grand?

BENNIE -- All twenty-five G's.

VINNIE -- Gee, thanks, boss!

BENNIE -- Do you know why I'm forgiving your debt, hair ball?

VINNIE -- Because you're married to my sister?

BENNIE -- No, scum bucket, because my Bible lesson this week 
says that I'm supposed to forgive others just as Christ forgave 

VINNIE -- That's nice, boss. That's real nice.

BENNIE -- (passes by Vinnie, pats his shoulder) Don't make me 
regret this, Vinnie.

VINNIE -- No sir, boss. 

BENNIE -- (exiting) I can't believe I just blew off twenty-five 

VINNIE -- (pumps arm, whispers) Yes!

TONY ---- (young, inexperienced, enters) Hiya, Vinnie, how's it 

VINNIE -- Tony, boy, you're just the man I wanted to see.

TONY ---- Oh ya? Why?

VINNIE -- You got my twenty bucks?

TONY ---- Twenty bucks? You told me I didn't have to pay it back 
until Monday.

VINNIE -- Well, I changed my mind. Cough it up.

TONY ---- You know I don't have it, Vinnie. I didn't borrow it 
to keep it in my pocket. I spent it.

VINNIE -- (grabs Tony by throat) I said cough it up.

TONY ---- I told you, Vinnie, I don't have it. I spent it.

VINNIE -- Then, what do you have on you that's worth twenty 
bucks? How about that watch? Give me your watch.

TONY ---- This was my papa's watch, Vinnie. Don't do this.

BENNIE -- (reenters) Hey, Vinnie, what are you doing?

VINNIE -- (pulls away) Ah, nothing, boss. We was just... (starts
to exit) I was just leaving.

BENNIE -- Freeze, dirt bag.

VINNIE -- (freezes, turns while talking) Listen, boss, I can 
explain. I...

BENNIE -- (holds up had to silence Vinnie) Tony, what was Vinnie 
shaking you down for?

TONY ---- He loaned me twenty bucks and told me I could pay it 
back Monday. But now he wants my papa's watch in payment.

VINNIE -- Listen, boss, I...

BENNIE -- Button it, hair ball. I forgave you for twenty-five 
big ones. And now you can't forgive Tony a measly twenty bucks? 
What are you, dense? Didn't you get the message? I should have 
known better than to cast pearls among swine.

VINNIE -- What does that mean?

BENNIE -- (grabs Vinnie's ear, pulls him to exit) Come with me. 
I'll show you.

VINNIE -- (displays obvious pain) Where are you taking me, boss?

BENNIE -- (exiting with Vinnie in tow) Vinnie, my boy, I'm going 
to buy you a wheelchair.

VINNIE -- A wheelchair?!

TONY ---- (flees to opposite exit, looking over shoulder)

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