DENIAL   4'2m1f Peter denies Jesus three times, but why?

(scene: bare stage, except for frying pan DC)

PETER -- (Enters, crosses slowly)

MAN -- (Enters, looks for witnesses, threatens Peter with a 
brown sock filled with foam rubber) Alright, hand over your 
money pouch or I'll bash you over the head.

PETER -- (pulls money pouch from under waist band, offers it) 
Listen, I don't want any trouble. I've had enough trouble 
already today. You wouldn't believe the day I've had...

MAN -- Your story touches my heart. (snatches pouch, whacks 
Peter over head, exits)

PETER -- (holds head for the rest of the skit) Aaaah! Ooooh! Oh, 
man! Oooo!

WOMAN -- (from offstage) Who's there? Is somebody out there? 
(enters, approaches) What's the matter?

PETER -- I think I hit my head! I don't remember. Aaah!

WOMAN -- (points DC, helps Peter) Here, let me help you. Come 
down here by the fire here. Can I get you something? A doctor?

PETER -- (warms hands by fire) No, thank you, I... I... (holds 
head) I think I'll be alright.

WOMAN -- Say, don't I know you from somewhere?

PETER -- Maybe, but I don't remember you. Aaah!

WOMAN -- Are you alright? Are you sure I can't get you a 

PETER -- No, I'll be fine.

WOMAN -- (snaps figures) That's it! You're one of Jesus' 

PETER -- I'm sorry, I don't know anyone named Jesus. Are you 

WOMAN -- What's your name? I'll bet I know your name.

PETER -- Ah, my name is... Well, isn't that funny? I don't 
remember my own name! My name is... well isn't that something?

WOMAN -- Let's see if I can remember your name. John. No, he 
was shorter and younger. Judas. No, he had those shifty eyes. 
You don't have shifty eyes. (snaps fingers) I remember you! You 
were a fisherman at one time, weren't you?

PETER -- I was?

WOMAN -- Yes, now I remember. PETER. Your name is PETER!

PETER -- It is? Why doesn't that sound familiar?

WOMAN -- Yes, that's it. Your name is Peter and you're a friend 
of Jesus.

PETER -- This Jesus, is he a nice guy?

WOMAN -- He's in there. (points)

PETER -- There. (looks in wrong direction)

WOMAN -- There, in the Sanhedrin. I think they're going to kill 

PETER -- Oh, oh. (staggers toward exit)

WOMAN -- Where are you going?

PETER -- I think whoever wants to kill this Jesus guy may have 
whacked me over the head. If I hang around here, I could get 
myself killed.

WOMAN -- Are you sure you don't know Jesus? (slip out of 
opposite exit as Peter exits)

PETER -- (exiting) Woman, I don't know him. Goodbye. (backs onto 
stage immediately) Oh, excuse me. (backs slowly across stage as 
MAN speaks, follows)

MAN -- (enters, dressed differently) Excuse me. Say, that's a 
terrible thing they're doing to him in there, isn't it? (points) 

PETER -- To who?

MAN --  Who? Jesus. They're beating him up, whipping him, 
whacking him on the head...

PETER -- Me too.

MAN --  Huh?

PETER -- Somebody just hit me on the head. I thought it might 
have been y... (points to man) I really have to get out of here.
(changes direction, backs away)

MAN --  Hey, you are also one of them, aren't you?

PETER -- One of what? 

MAN --  You were with Jesus tonight in the Garden of Gethsemane 
when they arrested Jesus. (crosses, exits)

PETER -- (backing away) Listen, I don't know what you're talking 
about, but I gotta get out of here. (looks around) It sure would 
be nice if I knew where HERE was, so I could find my way out of 
HERE. (shivers, rubs own arms) Man, it's getting cold out here! 
Maybe I'll just warm myself by the fire. (approaches DC, warms 
hands by fire)

WOMAN -- (enters, dressed differently) Evening.

PETER -- (startled) Huh?! Oh, it's just a woman.

WOMAN -- Well, thank you very much. You know, a woman can't get 
too many compliments.

PETER -- No, I didn't mean that you were JUST a woman. I meant 
that,... Well, let me explain. I think someone whacked me over 
the head, and.... (turns head, points to scalp)

WOMAN -- Say, that's a nasty bump you have on your head there. 
You should get that attended to.

PETER -- Oh, ah, yeah, ah, thanks for the concern but I think 
the bleeding has stopped.

WOMAN -- Say, I'm kind of an expert on accents.

PETER -- Accents?

WOMAN -- Yeah, I can tell where a person is from by listening to 
his accent. And I'd say that your accent puts you on the shores 
of the Sea of Galilee. Am I right?

PETER -- Ah, actually, I don't know. With this whack on my head, 

WOMAN -- You're a Galilean, alright. I have a good ear for 
accents. Say, that Jesus fella is from that neck of the woods, 
isn't he? (points)

PETER -- I really wouldn't know. I...

WOMAN -- You Galileans are a tight-knit bunch. I'll bet you know 

PETER -- Me? No, I'm pretty sure that I never... Well, gee, will 
you look at the time! I have to be going... (crosses to exit) 

WOMAN -- Are you sure you don't know Jesus?

PETER -- I'm telling you, I don't know him! (exits, rooster 
crows, reenters immediately, yawns, stretches, scratches self) 
Good morning, honey.

WOMAN -- (Picks up frying pan, stirs) Good morning, Peter. I was 
just going to come in and wake you up. Breakfast is ready. Did 
you sleep well?

PETER -- Not really, I had the weirdest dream. Every woman in 
the dream was you.

WOMAN -- Well, thanks, Peter. It's nice to know that you still 

PETER -- Yes, but every man in the dream was Jesus.

WOMAN -- Well, have you decided what you're going to say to 
Jesus this morning when you visit him in jail?

PETER -- (snaps fingers) Yes! (strokes chin, crossing to 
opposite exit) But I need to work out a way to fake a head 
injury. (exits)

WOMAN -- (follows) Head injury? What are you talking about?
Peter? (exits)

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