CRUISE   3'2m?f Jesus's plans miracles on the Sea of Galilee

AGENT -- (at podium) Hi, welcome to Galilee cruises.

JESUS -- (enters, approaches) Hi, I'd like to book passage to
the other side of the Sea of Galilee.

AGENT -- And your name, Sir?

JESUS -- Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth.

AGENT -- (writes) Mmm Hmmm. And how many in your party, Sir?

JESUS -- Thirteen. No, better make that twelve. I'll stay behind
and catch up with them later.

AGENT -- Ah, this is the last boat of the day, sir.

JESUS -- Oh, that's okay, I'll walk.

AGENT -- You'll... walk. Uh huh. By the way, sir, the
weather man says there's a...

JESUS -- Oh, don't worry about the storm. I'll take care of the

AGENT -- So, you already knew about the storm?

JESUS -- Yes.

AGENT -- Uh huh. So, you're staying behind and YOU'LL take care
of the storm.

JESUS -- Yes.

AGENT -- Uh Huh. Oh, ah, I should also warn you that the caterer
who supplies the boat with the bread and fish...

JESUS -- ...he cut your order short.

AGENT -- How do you know that?

JESUS -- Don't worry about the food.

AGENT -- But, it's a long trip and the Captain says that all he
has left over is six small barley loaves and four small fish.

JESUS -- Oh, we've fed a lot more people with a lot less food.

AGENT -- You have?

JESUS -- Yes. And don't worry about being out of wine.

AGENT -- How did you know that we are out of wine? I haven't
mentioned that yet.

JESUS -- There will be plenty to drink. We had the same problem
at a wedding in Canaan. As long as you...

AGENT -- ...but we...

BOTH -- ...have the five jars of water on board...

AGENT -- Is there an echo in here?

JESUS -- What do you mean?

AGENT -- Nothing. Now, there were just a couple more things that
you should know, sir. Your friends will be sharing the boat with
a blind man and a lame man. I hope you don't mind.

JESUS -- I'm sure my friends and I will make the most of it.

AGENT -- You said, "My friends and I..."?

JESUS -- Oh, yes, remember I told you, I'll be catching up with
them later.

AGENT -- Yes, I believe you said you were walking, sir. And you
were aware that this is a boat? They'll be on water.

JESUS -- Yes. And just to be fair, you'd better sell us 13
tickets. (hands over money, receives tickets)

AGENT -- Thirteen tickets it is. Have a nice trip.

JESUS -- Thank you and gesundheit.

AGENT -- (sneezes) ...thank you. Huh? Just one more thing sir?

JESUS -- (turns to leave, turns back) Yes?

AGENT -- Listen, I don't mean to pry. But, you seem to know a lot
of things that you're not supposed to know. And you seem to be
able to do things that you're not supposed to be able to do.
And, well, I'm dying to know how you do it.

JESUS -- Well, soon, very soon, I'll be dying to show you.

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