CRIMINAL 3'4m0f After Peter's denials, forgiveness, salvation

PETER -- (enters backward, being pushed by John, struggles) How 
many times do I have to tell you, John. I don't want to see
Jesus! And I'm sure he doesn't want to see me right now!

JOHN -- (pushing Peter to C) You don't have to talk to him. I
just want you to watch him and listen to what he has to say.

PETER -- You really know how to rub it in, don't you? What
possible good can come from me watching Jesus dying on a Roman

JOHN -- This is not about you, Peter. This is about Jesus.
(points to a spot on audience back wall) Watch.

PETER -- (looks, then looks away) I can't.

JOHN -- Just watch.

PETER -- How can I watch him die after I denied him three times?

JOHN -- Because he has a message for you.

PETER -- Don't be ridiculous. I'm the last person Jesus wants to
talk to. (looks at spot on audience back wall) Besides, he's not
even looking at me, he's talking to that criminal who's hanging
on the cross next to him.

JOHN -- Please. Just watch and listen.

CRIMINAL -- (voiceover) Jesus, remember me when you come into
your kingdom.

JESUS -- (voiceover) I tell you the truth, today you will be
with me in paradise.

JOHN -- (long pause) That's it. That's what I wanted you to
hear. You can go now.

PETER -- Wait a minute. That can't be right. Did Jesus just tell
that crook that he was going to Heaven?!

JOHN -- That's what I heard.

PETER -- Jesus doesn't even know that guy! (turns to exit) How
can he.... (stops) Oh.

JOHN -- Yes?

PETER -- (turns) If Jesus can forgive HIS sins, maybe he can
forgive mine.

JOHN -- That's the way I see it.

PETER -- (turns) On second thought, that criminal didn't sin
against the messiah of God. I didn't even lift a hand to help

JOHN -- Neither did I.

PETER -- But I denied I even knew him.

JOHN -- Peter, look again. (points)

PETER -- (turns slowly, lifts eyes) What am I looking at now?

JOHN -- (points) There are two criminals hanging next to him.
And one of them is going to Heaven. Neither one lifted a finger
to help Jesus.

PETER -- Of course not. Their hands have nails in them!

JOHN -- My point is, salvation can't have anything to do with
what they've done. So, your salvation can't have anything to do
with what YOU've done.

PETER -- Well, maybe...

JOHN -- Peter, do you remember why you dropped your fishing nets
and followed Jesus three years ago?

PETER -- Yes. Because I knew that I needed a savior and Jesus
was it.

JOHN -- Has anything changed?

PETER -- Well, if anything, I see an even bigger need for a

JOHN -- So, do you think Jesus can forgive you?

PETER -- (long pause) I suppose. If Jesus can forgive a criminal
who never did a decent thing in his life, I suppose he can
forgive me.

JOHN -- He's dying to forgive you.

PETER -- That's the reason he came, isn't it?

JOHN -- Yes.

PETER -- (exiting) Tell him I'm sorry.

JOHN -- Tell him yourself.

PETER -- I can't. I'm... (turns) I'm too embarrassed. You tell
him. (exiting backward) He always loved you better.

JOHN -- (follows pointing back) That's the point of all this,
Peter. Jesus loves everybody.

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