BUSYNESS 4'0m3f The parable of the sower (teen)

FARMER -- (enters, wearing bib overalls, plaid shirt, straw hat, 
and a seed pouch, crosses to opposite exit, scattering imaginary 
seed while speaking) A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was 
scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds 
came and ate it up. (scatters some imaginary seeds over Katie's 
head, exits)

KATIE -- (enters briskly, wearing pager on belt, oblivious to 
the farmer, begins to cross, looking at watch)

JANEY -- (follows) Oh, Katie.

KATIE -- (stops, doesn't turn, sighs) Yes, Janey.

JANEY -- (approaching) Have you thought about our conversation?

KATIE -- (turns) Yeah. Say, listen Janey. That Jesus thing is a 
really good idea. But my schedule is already way too full to add 
something else to it right now. Maybe next year, when things 
settle down a little, I'll make a commitment to Jesus. But right 
now... (looks at watch) Oh, I'm late for cheerleading practice. 
(backs toward exit)

JANEY -- Maybe after cheerleading practice, we can...

KATIE -- Sorry, I have dance rehearsal after that.

JANEY -- Well, maybe after dance rehearsal...

KATIE -- I promised the girls I'd help them make posters and 
banners for Friday night's game. Sorry.

JANEY -- Well, maybe....

KATIE -- (backing away, looking at watch) Listen, I really have 
to go. Check with me next year, huh? (exits)

JANEY -- Next year. (turns exits opposite) Oh, well...

FARMER -- (enters, crosses to opposite exit, scattering 
imaginary seed while speaking) Some [of the farmer's seeds] fell 
on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up 
quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, 
the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no 
root. (scatters some imaginary seeds over Katie's head, exits)

KATIE -- (enters, weeping, crosses to Janey at C) Oh, Janey, am 
I ever glad to see you. My life is a mess.

JANEY -- (enters, crosses to Katie at C) Oh, Katie, I'm sorry to 
hear that. Do you want to talk about it?

KATIE -- I got suspended from the cheer squad because I was so 
busy that I missed too many practices. Brandon broke up with me 
because I wasn't spending enough time with him. And now my dance 
teacher is on my case for missing rehearsals right before the big 

JANEY -- Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry.

KATIE -- I really need the Lord. Do you think you could help me?
You know... How do I....

JANEY -- All you have to do is pray and admit that your best 
efforts have fallen short of God's best intentions for you and 
that you'll turn control of your life over to Him.

KATIE -- (folds hands, prays) Lord, you know how out of control 
my life is. I need you to guide me in everything I do. Help me, 
Lord. Be the Lord of my life just as you are for Janey. Amen.

JANEY -- (hugs Katie) Good for you. Welcome to the kingdom of 

KATIE -- What do I do now?

JANEY -- Well, there's a midweek Bible study at my church 

KATIE -- (reaches for beeper) Oh, wait. My beeper is vibrating.

JANEY -- What is it?

KATIE -- (smiles) It's Brandon. I think he wants to get back 
together with me. Say! This Jesus thing really works!

JANEY -- Be careful what you attribute to Jesus. Brandon isn't a 
Christian. I'm not sure the Lord wants you to be unequally yoked 
with an unbeliev.....

KATIE -- (putting beeper back on belt) Can you believe it? My 
beeper hasn't gone off for three days and here it's vibrating 
again. (reads beeper again, smiles runs to exit) It's my cheer 
squad advisor. I'll bet she wants me to cheer for Friday night's 
game. See ya!

JANEY -- What about Bible study?.... (exits opposite) Oh, well. 

FARMER -- (enters, crosses to opposite exit, scattering 
imaginary seed while speaking) Other seed fell among thorns, 
which grew up and choked the plants. (scatters some imaginary 
seeds over Katie's head, exits)

JANEY -- (enters carrying sleeping bag, crosses to Katie at C) 
Oh, Katie, I finally was able to track down a sleeping bag for 

KATIE -- (enters, crosses to Janey at C) Oh, Janey, that was 
sweet. But I'm sorry to say I won't be able to go on the mission 
trip after all.

JANEY -- Oh, Katie! Why not?

KATIE -- My dance team won the district championships and we 
have to practice hot and heavy to get ready for the regionals.

JANEY -- Oh, Katie, I feel sorry for you.

KATIE -- Oh, don't worry about the deposit. I knew when I signed 
up to go on the mission trip that the deposit was nonrefundable.

JANEY -- I'm not talking about the deposit. I'm talking about 
the blessings you'll miss from doing the Lord's work. (remains 
on stage after Katie exits, freezes)

KATIE -- Oh, well. (looks at watch) Listen, got to go. (sings) 
Rehearsals, you know! (runs to exit)

FARMER -- (enters, crosses to opposite exit, scattering 
imaginary seed while speaking) Still other seed fell on good 
soil, where it produced a crop--a hundred, sixty or thirty times 
what was sown. (scatters some imaginary seeds over Janey's head, 

JANEY -- (pulls cell phone from purse or pocket, dials number, 
puts it to ear, strolls to exit talking on phone) Hello, Ashley? 
This is Janey. Hi. Do I ever have an opportunity for you! Yes. 
We just had a cancellation from the mission trip and now you not 
only get to go, but you get to go for free!

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