BETRAYAL 8'1m3f Judas betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver

(all characters wear tunics and sandals)

SAM -- (enters wearing a fedora with unlit cigarette in mouth,
crosses strolling, to audience) The name is Spade. Sam Spade.
I'm a private investigator. In fact, I'm the world's greatest
private investigator. I'm sure you're asking yourself "Who does
this guy think he is calling himself the world's greatest
private eye?" Well, just to show you how great I am, I, Sam
Spade have been invited to the temple in Jerusalem. Not sure
why. But I wouldn't doubt that there is some kind of honorarium
in store for me, perhaps they'll name a colonnade after me.

WIFE -- (enter opposite) You Sam Spade?

SAM -- (polishes finger nails against own chest) So, you've
heard of me. I believe that Caiaphas the chief priest is
expecting me.

WIFE -- Caiaphas wouldn't wipe his sandals on you. (freezes)

SAM -- (to audience) This is what happens when the world's
greatest private eye has to stoop to investigating divorce cases
to pay the bills. Filthy business, divorces. (to Servant) Well,
Caiaphas sent for me. He must have wanted something.

WIFE -- Yes. He wanted to give you this. (tosses a coin pouch to

SAM -- (catches and shakes pouch) Must be a couple dozen coins
in here.

WIFE -- There's thirty silver coins in there. That's the price
of betrayal.

SAM -- So, you think I can be bought for thirty pieces of

WIFE -- Not you. That's for one of the disciples of Jesus.

SAM -- You want me to give all this money to one of Jesus'

WIFE -- That's right. Most of the disciples of Jesus are very
dedicated to him. You are to find one of Jesus' disciples who
can be bought off.

SAM -- I can do that. I'm a detective. In fact, I'm the world's

WIFE -- Save the sales pitch. You've got the job. You need to
find the weak link and bribe him into betraying Jesus BEFORE the
feast of the Passover.

SAM -- And if I do....?

WIFE -- If you do, I'll have another thirty pieces of silver for

SAM -- And if I don't...?

WIFE -- You get nothing.

SAM -- (lifts pouch to eye level, ponders)

WIFE -- Don't even think about it. If you keep any of the money
for yourself, my husband will have your hands cut off.

SAM -- So, you (points at Wife, looks down at hand, puts it
behind him) must be the wife of the chief priest.

WIFE -- Cut the chit chat. And get to work.

SAM -- Just so I'm up to date. What will happen to Jesus once
his disciple has betrayed him?

WIFE -- My husband will give him a fair trial and then, he'll
have him executed.

SAM -- But what if he's found not guilty?

WIFE -- (turns, exits laughing) That's very funny. Very funny!

SAM -- (to audience) So, they're going to railroad this poor guy
name Jesus... (raises pouch to eye level) for thirty pieces of
silver. I have half a mind to dump this client. On the other
hand, I have bill collectors knocking on my door. Thirty pieces
of silver would make me flush. (turns, strolls) Not wanting to
let principle stand in the way of money, I made my way to a town
called Bethany, where I would find the two people most likely to
betray Jesus. (to Mary) Hey, I'm looking for the home of Mary
and Martha.

MARY -- This is it. (points shoulder) How may I help you?

SAM -- So, you must be... Martha.

MARY -- Mary.

SAM -- Mary. I meant Mary. Say, I understand that Jesus
disappointed you and your sister recently.

MARY -- Well, I suppose in one sense you might say he
disappointed us.

SAM -- Well, I don't know how anyone could be MORE disappointed
than when someone lets your brother Lazarus die.

MARY -- Well, yes, I suppose it was the biggest disappointment
in my life, but...

SAM -- I mean, if this Jesus is the prophet he claimed to be, he
had the power to heal your brother's disease and not let him

MARY -- Well, yes, but....

SAM -- Jesus knew all about the disease, but instead of coming
to the aid of his friend Lazarus, I understand he decided to
remain in Jericho and let him die.

MARY -- Well, yes, that's true. But...

SAM -- So, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to get even with a
man who let Lazarus die. (pulls pouch from waistband) So, this
is your lucky day.

MARY -- I'm sorry, I don't think you heard the news.

SAM -- News? What news.

MARY -- Jesus chose not to heal my brother in order to reveal an
even bigger miracle.

SAM -- What could be bigger than healing a disease?

MARY -- You haven't heard?

SAM -- No. What miracle?

MARY -- Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

SAM -- (looks longingly at pouch) So, naturally, you and your
sister have no desire whatsoever to get even.

MARY -- Of course not! (points) What's the money for?

SAM -- (tucks pouch into waistband) Money? Oh, this isn't money.
I had a handkerchief in here in case you were going to burst
into tears.

MARY -- (backs toward exit) No tears for us. We're as happy as
we can be.

SAM -- (turns, strolls, to audience) A dead end. Well, that's
the detective business for you. Passover is almost here and I
still don't have a stool pigeon for the high priest. I headed
back to Jerusalem and tracked down a woman whom Jesus apparently
had condemned to death. (to Adultress) Hey, you!

ADULTRESS -- (enters opposite backward, turns) Were you talking
to me?

SAM -- Yeah. I hear that Jesus condemned you to death for the
sin of adultery.

ADULTRESS -- Where on earth did you hear that?!

SAM -- Look, I'm a private investigator. In fact, I'm the
world's greatest private investigator. So, don't try to deny
that you were the woman who was accused of adultery in the
temple courts.

ADULTRESS -- Well, I can't deny that I was accused of adultery.

SAM -- Aha!

ADULTRESS -- But, Jesus never condemned me.

SAM -- Wait a minute lady. I have it on good authority that
Jesus told the men in the temple to start throwing stones at

ADULTRESS -- Well, you're PARTIALLY right.

SAM -- What do you mean PARTIALLY?

ADULTRESS -- Well, Jesus did say "Let he who has not sinned cast
the first stone."

SAM -- Aha! I knew it.

ADULTRESS -- But he said it knowing that noone would start
throwing stones.

SAM -- How did he know that?

ADULTRESS -- He's a prophet.

SAM -- Oh. I knew that.

ADULTRESS -- Jesus knew that the men who accused me could not in
good conscience cast the first stone, because they were all
former lovers of mine.

SAM -- And he knew that?

ADULTRESS -- He IS a prophet.

SAM -- Of course he knew that! Listen, time is short and I'm
running up against a deadline here. (pulls pouch from waistband)
I need you to betray Jesus and I'll make it worth your while.
(jingles coins)

ADULTRESS -- You've got to be kidding! Jesus is not only a
prophet, he's also the Messiah of Israel! He's God incarnate!

SAM -- He is?!

ADULTRESS -- Yes. If I betrayed him, I would spend eternity in

SAM -- You would? So, there's no way I could...

ADULTRESS -- (exiting) No way!

SAM -- (turns, strolls, to audience) Well, the deadline is past
and I still don't have a stool pigeon. (holds pouch at eye
level) Well, as the saying goes a bird in the hand is worth two
in the bush. I think I'll just sneak quietly out of town and
keep this money. I'll call it a retainer... to pay my expenses.

WIFE -- (enters) There you are. (snatches pouch) I'll take that.

SAM -- But I was just headed over to the Mount of Olives. I have
another lead.

WIFE -- You're too late.

SAM -- I know it's past sundown and the Passover has begun,

WIFE -- No. I mean, Caiaphas already has a stool pigeon.

SAM -- He does?!

WIFE -- Yes, Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus' apostles walked in
off the street and volunteered to betray Jesus. (turns) So, this
money goes to Judas.

SAM -- (follows) Wait a minute! I spent days on this case and at
my hourly rate you owe me...

WIFE -- (exiting) You get nothing.

SAM -- (turns, strolls, to audience) So, that's it. The world's
greatest private investigator doesn't get a colonnade named
after him. The world's greatest private investigator gets
stiffed by the High Priest. What is this world coming to?

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