ADULTRES 6'0m1f Monologue: Woman caught in the act of adultery

(enters cautiously and fearfully, dressed in tunic and sandals,
carrying a wicker basket full of laundry, eyeing audience as she
crosses to C, puts down basket, removes a piece of clothing, is
about to begin scrubbing the garment in imaginary fountain
between audience and stage, decides she's not wanted, puts
garment into basket, stands, picks up basket crosses to far side
of stage, recoils to a corner, eyeing audience constantly, sets
down basket, removes garment, begins scrubbing)

I don't blame you. I know what you're saying about me behind my
back. I know that you don't want to soil your laundry in the
same water as an adultress like me. But I think you should hear
my side of the story.

I don't have to tell you how Jewish men treat women, especially
since the Romans conquered us. If a man wants a woman,
especially if one of our religious leaders wants a woman, it is
very difficult for the woman to say no.

Anyway, one of the most respected leaders in Jerusalem decided
that I would be his next victim. Then, after he finished with
me, he just disappeared without saying a word. I didn't
understand it at the time. But then a moment later he reappeared
with nine other Jews and took me into custody. They accused me
loudly of adultery so all the neighbors could hear.

They tied my hands and hauled me away, But what I didn't
understand was why they didn't tie the hands of the man who
forced himself upon me.

Another thing I didn't understand was why they didn't haul us
out of the city to stone us to death right away, as they usually
do. Instead they took us to the temple. Why would they defile
the temple with two adulterers? There were a lot of questions I
didn't understand.

They pushed their way through a crowd that was listening to a
religious lesson by a rabbi named Jesus of Nazareth. As soon as
they broke through, Jesus stopped teaching.

They threw me on the ground at Jesus' feet and accused me of
adultery. Well, by law, I should be dead by now. So, I thought
the reason I was still alive was because maybe Jesus was some
kind of prophet or something. Maybe he had supernatural power to
see who was guilty and who was innocent. But, see, that was
another odd thing. Only "I" was thrown at Jesus' feet. Only
"I" was being accused. My attacker was now acting like one of my
accusers. I'm thinking, what's going on here?

Anyway, Jesus looked really irritated that they had interrupted
his lesson and defiled the temple with an adultress. He tried
to ignore them. But the Jews started shouting accusations and
ultimatums at him, (imitates with raised fist) "This woman was
caught in adultery!" "What should we do with her?!" "The law
says she should be stoned to death." "Are you going to uphold
the law or not!" "Answer us!"

I could tell that Jesus was upset with them. He had already 
driven the merchants and money changers out of the temple. And 
now the Jews had defiled the temple again. But instead of 
throwing us all out, Jesus just stooped down and started writing 
with his finger in the dirt.

That's when I realized that this whole thing had nothing to do
with me. That Pharisee had forced himself on me just so they
could use me to get to Jesus. I don't get involved with religion
very much, but I've heard that Jesus claimed to be the
fulfillment of prophecies of our messiah. The Jews were sure
that Jesus could not possibly be the messiah, even though he
gave them several miracles to prove it. And now they dragged me
into it. And it looked like I was going to die no matter what
Jesus said about it.

Anyway, the Jews wouldn't let up, they kept accusing me and
pointing fingers and challenging the authority of Jesus until
Jesus stood up and raised his finger. (demonstrates)

I thought, if Jesus is really a prophet like everybody says
he is he would know all about their scheming and that I'm just
an innocent bystander! "Tell them Jesus! Tell them that you know
that one of my accusers was actually my attacker!" (sigh) But he
didn't say anything like that. He said,"Go ahead and execute

(kneels upright, hands on hips) Thank you very much, Jesus,
you're a real savior, alright!

Then, Jesus, says, "The man who is without sin should throw the
first rock."

Well, that's not much help. These Jews were all Pharisees. They
all keep the law. They all claim to be as pure as the driven
snow. I'm as good as dead!

Then Jesus stooped down again and started writing with his
finger in the dirt. I supposed that, since he was teaching
before they interrupted him, he must be writing his lesson plans
or something while he waited for the Jews to haul me away to
stone me to death.

But they didn't haul me away. Instead, one by one, the Jews
walked away without saying a word. Within a couple of minutes,
they were all gone.

So, Jesus stood up and looked around and said. "Woman, where are
they? Has no one condemned you?"

What a crafty guy! I don't know how he did it, but according to
Jewish law, without any witness to accuse me, nobody could stone
me to death. I was a free woman! I said, "Noone, sir".

Then, he looked me right in the eye, right down to my soul. I
knew he could see that I wasn't just an innocent bystander and
that I was really an adultress. That Pharisee who used me was
not my attacker but my lover. I deserved to die and Jesus knew
it. Yet, he said, "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no
more." (sigh, pounds own chest)

(puts garment into basket, stands) I went straight home and
confessed my adulteries to my husband and begged him to forgive
me. And you know what? He forgave me! It turns out my husband is
one of many people here in Jerusalem who believe that Jesus is
our messiah. 

(crosses to exit) Now we're both disciples of Jesus. People,
listen to me. If Jesus can forgive an adultress like me, he can 
forgive anybody. Give him a chance to forgive you.

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