NEHEMIAH 6'?m2f Nehemiah rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem.

(children's voices, possibly women playing children)

SANBALLAT - (shouts, echos) Hey, you in there. (pause) Hey, I'm 
talking to you.

NEHEMIAH -- (approaching) What are you yelling about?

SANBALLAT - You're in MY fort and I want you out.

NEHEMIAH -- It's not your fort. Nobody was here when we got 
here, so finders keepers. It's our fort.

SANBALLAT - Not it's not

NEHEMIAH -- Yes, it is.

SANBALLAT - Wanna make somethin' of it buster?!

NEHEMIAH -- My name is not buster, it's Nehemiah. What's your 
name, kid.

SANBALLAT - My name is Sanballat. And Jerusalem is MY fort, Knee 

NEHEMIAH -- No, it isn't. And my name isn't knee high. It's 

SANBALLAT - Jerusalem is mine.

NEHEMIAH -- No, it isn't. 

SANBALLAT - I'll beat you up.

NEHEMIAH -- No, you won't. My friends are here with me. Just try 

SANBALLAT - Well, you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

NEHEMIAH -- Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names 
will never hurt me.

SANBALLAT - You dress like a girl.

NEHEMIAH -- No, I don't.

SANBALLAT - Yes, you do. Only girls where tassels on the corners 
of their clothes, Knee High.

NEHEMIAH -- My name is Nehemiah. And those tassels are symbols 
of my devotion to God. My dad wears tassels and he's big.

SANBALLAT - Then he's a sissy too.

NEHEMIAH -- He is not.


NEHEMIAH -- Is not.


NEHEMIAH -- Is not.

SANBALLAT - What do you want with a broken down old fort like 
Jerusalem, anyways. It's just a pile of broken bricks.

NEHEMIAH -- Me and my friends are going to rebuild the walls. 

SANBALLAT - No, you're not.

NEHEMIAH -- We are too.

SANBALLAT - What are you gonna use for bricks, Knee High.

NEHEMIAH -- We're gonna save the best ones and throw away the 
broken ones, then we're gonna make some new ones.

SANBALLAT - You don't know what you're talking about. That's a 
big fort. It's gonna take you forever.

NEHEMIAH -- Maybe, but it's our fort and we're gonna try.

SANBALLAT - You'll never do it.

NEHEMIAH -- We will too, with God's help.

SANBALLAT - Which god are you talking about?

NEHEMIAH -- THE God. The only god.

SANBALLAT - A lot you know, Knee High, there's dozens of gods.

NEHEMIAH -- Are not.

SANBALLAT - Are too.

NEHEMIAH -- Are not

SANBALLAT - Are too.

NEHEMIAH -- Are not.

SANBALLAT - Alright, you dumb tassels head. If you wanna lay 
bricks, lay bricks. But if you all get blisters on your hands, 
don't say I didn't warn you. I'm out of here.

NEHEMIAH -- (fading) Alright, guys, let's start building the 
walls of Jerusalem.

SANBALLAT - (pause, shouts, echos) Hey, you in there. (pause) Hey, I'm 
talking to you.

NEHEMIAH -- (afar) Who's there? (Near) Oh, relax, guys, it's 
just Sanballat.

SANBALLAT - Hiya, Knee High. I see you're halfway done building 
the walls of MY fort.

NEHEMIAH -- It's not your fort, Bozo.

SANBALLAT - Yes, it is.

NEHEMIAH -- No, it's not.

SANBALLAT - Yes, it is.

NEHEMIAH -- Is not.


NEHEMIAH -- Is not.

SANBALLAT - You're making me mad, Knee High.

NEHEMIAH -- My name is Nehemiah and why don't you just make like 
a tree and leave.

SANBALLAT - You leave.

NEHEMIAH -- You leave.





SANBALLAT - This is my fort, you know.

NEHEMIAH -- Go away.

SANBALLAT - I could sneak up on you guys while you're laying 
bricks and give you a snuggy.

NEHEMIAH -- You could, but you won't.

SANBALLAT - And why not, smarty?

NEHEMIAH -- Because from now on, only half of us are going to do 
the brick laying while the other half stand guard with squirt 
guns and pea shooters.

SANBALLAT - Alright, Knee High, for the last time, get out of my 

NEHEMIAH -- For the last time, get lost.

SANBALLAT - (fading) Alright, you'll be sorry, Knee High.

NEHEMIAH -- (fading) Alright, guys, let's get back to work.

SANBALLAT - (pause, whispers) Psst, hey you. Pssst.

NEHEMIAH -- Who's there?

SANBALLAT - (disguised voice) It's me.

NEHEMIAH -- And who are you? I can't see your face. Take off 
that hood.

SANBALLAT - No, I can't. Noone must know I'm here.

NEHEMIAH -- What do you want?

SANBALLAT - I'm a prophet of your... I mean, I'm a prophet of 
OUR god. In fact, I just had a vision from him.

NEHEMIAH -- You did? What did he say?

SANBALLAT - He said you should run away as fast as you can 
because a big tough kid named Sanballat is coming to beat you 
up for stealing his fort.

NEHEMIAH -- Nice try.

SANBALLAT - What's the matter, aren't you afraid of Sanballat? 
He can do it, you know.

NEHEMIAH -- Oh, he's tough, alright, but I'm not running away.

SANBALLAT - Why not?

NEHEMIAH -- The Lord told me to come and build this fort. He 
wouldn't tell me to run. He would be disagreeing with himself. 
He wouldn't do that.

SANBALLAT - He wouldn't?


SANBALLAT - Then, what about my vision. My vision has a lot of 
blood in it. Your blood.

NEHEMIAH -- Well, if you're really a prophet, then, you should 
know what we have to do.

SANBALLAT - What do you mean?

NEHEMIAH -- The Lord says if a person claims to be a prophet, 
but his prophecies aren't true, we have to stone him to death. 
(shouts) Come on, guys, everybody grab a rock.

SANBALLAT - (real voice) No, wait! Look, Knee High, it's not a 
prophet. It's me, Sanballat. See? I just wore this hood to play 
a joke on you. Funny joke, huh? Had you going there for a while, 

NEHEMIAH -- Yeah, real funny.

SANBALLAT - Say, look, you finished the wall all the way around 
the fort. So, I suppose now you think you're all hot and 

NEHEMIAH -- No, I think the Lord is all hot and everything. It 
was his idea.

SANBALLAT - Which god was that again? You know, there's dozens 
of gods.

NEHEMIAH -- Okay, guys, grab your squirt guns and pea shooters.

(ptooy, ptooy, pssst, pssst, ptooy)

SANBALLAT - (fading) Don't shoot. Don't shoot. I was just 
leaving. Hold your fire. See, I'm leaving. I'm going. I'm gone.

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