TIMOTHY  3'2m0f Paul circumcises Timothy

TIM --- So, Paul, when are you going to take me along with you 
when you preach in the synagogues.

PAUL -- Funny you should mention that, Timothy. I was just going 

(Knock, knock, knock)

TIM --- I'll get it.

(door open)

PAUL -- Who is it Timothy?

TIM --- (afar) There's a guy here with a black hat and curly 

PAUL -- Oh, yes, that would be the moil.

TIM --- (afar) The what?

PAUL -- The moil.

TIM --- (afar) What's a moil?

PAUL -- He's a kind of priest. Have him come in.

TIM --- (afar) Oh, ah, sure. Yeah, I guess Paul is expecting 
you. Come on in.

PAUL -- Hi, welcome. Sit down.

TIM --- (near) So, ah, explain to me again. What's a moil.

PAUL -- Well, he's a priest who specializes in a specific Jewish 

TIM --- Uh huh. So, ah, why is he here?

PAUL -- Well, you said you wanted to accompany me to the 
synagogues in the area and preach to the Jews.

TIM --- Uh huh. And?...

PAUL -- And.... well, I think you'd fit right in, seeing as your 
mother is Jewish.

TIM --- You still haven't explained why the.... the....

PAUL -- ....moil?...

TIM --- Yeah, why the moil is here.

PAUL -- Well, to make it kind of official, the moil does a kind 
of ceremony to sort of complete your Jewishness. That way you'd 
REALLY fit in with the Jews.

TIM --- Oh. Alright.

PAUL -- So, let's get started.

TIM --- Wait a minute. I'm still a little bit vague about this 
....ceremony. Will I have to speak in public?

PAUL -- Well, actually, no. As a matter of fact, when the moil is 
done, you'll be rather speechless.

TIM --- Oh, really? Kind of a spiritual experience.

PAUL -- Well, some men have been known to call out the name of 
the Lord.

TIM --- Uh huh.

PAUL -- So, let's get started.

TIM --- Wait a minute. Tell me what I have to do. We haven't 
rehearsed or anything.

PAUL -- The moil does all the work. You just lay back and take 

TIM --- Take it. Take what?

PAUL -- What the moil has for you.

TIM --- You mean he's going to give me something?

PAUL -- No, actually, he's going to take something away.

TIM --- Oh, if this is confession, I've already confessed my 
sins to the Lord this morning. He's taken away all my sins 

PAUL -- Well, it's not your sins that the moil is going to take 
away, Timothy. Why don't you just lay down here on the couch.

TIM --- Oh, sure.

PAUL -- There you go.

TIM --- So, what's he got in the bag, Paul?

PAUL -- Well, actually, it's a razor.

TIM --- A razor. So, he's going to remove my beard?

PAUL -- Well, he's going to remove something, but it's not your 

TIM --- Hey, what's he doing, there, Paul? Paul?

PAUL -- I tell you what. Why don't you just bite down on this 

TIM --- Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmmmmmm. Mmm.

PAUL -- Now, Timothy, this won't hurt.....

TIM --- ....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

PAUL -- See? I didn't feel a thing.

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