THEKID   4'3m1f Twelve-year-old Jesus wows them at the temple

MARY --- Joseph, it's almost time to stop for lunch. Where is 

JOSEPH - I don't know. This is a big crowd, Mary. I'm sure he's 
walking with the other kids back there somewhere.

MARY --- You know, I haven't seen him since we left Jerusalem.

JOSEPH - Come to think of it, neither have I. You don't 

MARY --- Joseph, I'm worried. Let's go back and get him. 

JOSEPH - I'm worried too, Mary. Let's go. 

MARY --- Jerusalem is a big city. Where will we look?

JOSEPH - Well, the last time I saw him, he was standing in the 
the temple, talking to the elders.

(transition sound)

MORRIS - (echos, preaching) .... and according to my 
calculations, the Messiah will come to earth in just 18 years.

JESUS -- (12 years old) Excuse me, sir, but the Messiah has 
already been born.

MORRIS - Buzz off kid, I'm expounding here.

JESUS -- I don't mean to disagree with you, sir, but...

MORRIS - Look, you little juvenile delinquent, according to the 
book of Daniel, the Messiah will ride triumphantly into 
Jerusalem in 18 years. Now, I don't suppose you're old enough to 
be able to calculate a date like that.

JESUS -- Well, Daniel is correct, sir. The Messiah will ride 
into town on the first day of the feast of unleavened bread.

MORRIS - Unleavened bread. Oh, yeah. (clears throat) I knew 
that. So, little kid, why don't you go outside and play.

JESUS -- Well, what I wanted to explain is that the Messiah is 
already on earth.

MORRIS - Now, wait a minute, you just said...

JESUS -- I said that the messiah would ride into town on the 
first day of the feast of unleavened. But, he was born twelve 
years ago.

MORRIS - You're full of beans, kid, you don't know what you're 
talking about. The Messiah won't be born, he'll just come down 
from heaven. (giggles, aside) This kid...

JESUS -- Then, how do you explain Isaiah 9:6?

MORRIS - Isaiah 9:6?

JESUS -- Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is [born], to us a son is 
given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will 
be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, 
Prince of Peace. 

MORRIS - Show off.

JESUS -- Well?

MORRIS - Alright, so it looks like the messiah is born as a 
baby. So?

JESUS -- So, if he'll ride into town in 18 years, it means he's 
already alive.

MORRIS - Really?! (clears throat) I mean, ah, that means he's 
probably one of us here in this temple.

JESUS -- Yes, he is.

MORRIS - Well! Maybe it's me!

JESUS -- No, it's not you.

MORRIS - You little rug rat! What do you know about it? I'm a 
a priest in the line of Aaron. Who would be a better Messiah 
than me?

JESUS -- I mean no disrespect, sir...

MORRIS - I am a Pharisee without sin.

JESUS -- What about Isaiah 53:6?

MORRIS - What's that? I mean, I know what Isaiah 53:6 says, but 
what do YOU think Isaiah 53:6 says?

JESUS -- We ALL like sheep have gone astray. Each of us has 
turned to his own way...

MORRIS - Oh, sure, get technical on me. 

JESUS -- Besides, Isaiah 16:5 says that the Messiah will be from 
the line of David, not from Aaron.


JESUS -- Are you from the line of David?

MORRIS - (aside) ...little brat...

JESUS -- The messiah was born in the city of David.

MORRIS - Hey, Seymour, lives in Bethlehem! Maybe, Seymour is the 

JESUS -- No.

MORRIS - How do you know?

JESUS -- The messiah was BORN in the city of David. Seymour was 
born in Jericho. 

MARY --- (afar) Oh, there he is.

JOSEPH - (afar) Jesus, we were worried about you!

JESUS -- Oh, sorry, Dad. I didn't mean to make you worry, Mom.

JOSPEH - We were half way home when we noticed that you weren't 
with our group.

MARY --- What were you doing here, son?

MORRIS - He was getting under foot. (laughs) He just told us 
that my friend Seymour here couldn't possibly be the Messiah 
because he was born in Jericho. (laughs) Have you ever heard of 
anything so stupid? Everybody knows that Seymour lives in 
Bethlehem. You were born in Bethlehem, weren't you Seymour? No? 
Say, kid, how you know... Where did he go?

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