SHEPHERD 3'2m0f Teenaged shepherds see an angel Christmas eve

(choral music)

GARTH -- Wayne. Wayne, wake up. Wayne!

WAYNE -- Mmmm. Huh?

GARTH -- Wayne, wake up there's an angel here!

WAYNE -- There's an angel in my dreams too, Garth. She's a 
cheerleader whose father owns a video arcade. Oh, baby, baby.

GARTH -- Open your eyes, Wayne. It's a real live angel of the 

WAYNE -- Not on your life, Garth. I've got a cheerleader in one 
hand and a joystick in the other and you're not spoiling it with 
your stupid dream.

GARTH -- Wayne, this is no dream. This is a real angel!

WAYNE -- So, is mine, Garth. She's five foot six, blond hair, 
blue eyes. What gorgeous blue eyes, Garth. Oh, baby, baby. I'm 
in the bonus round of this video game. 

GARTH -- Wayne, you're not making any sense. Wake up.

WAYNE -- Are you kidding? I've almost got high score.

GARTH -- Wayne, what if this is the end of the earth and the 
Angel of the Lord came to kill us all.

WAYNE -- Aw, Garth, you made me miss that one. I almost had high 

ANGEL -- (deep voice, echo) Do not be afraid. I bring you good 
news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the 
town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the 
Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped 
in cloths and lying in a manger. 

WAYNE -- That was a nice impersonation, Wayne, but I'm not 
waking up. The cheerleader is going to buy me a banana spilt.

GARTH -- Garth, that was no impersonation. That was the angel 

WAYNE -- Right, Wayne. You're just trying to ruin my dream.

GARTH -- Did you hear what he said, Garth? He said the Christ 
child was born in Bethlehem.

WAYNE -- Big deal, Garth, a cheerleader is spoon feeding me a 
banana split. Did I tell you how short her skirt was?

GARTH -- Wayne, there's a bunch of angels coming down from 
heaven. And you're going to miss the whole thing.

WAYNE -- Jeepers, Garth. And all I have in MY dream is a 
cheerleader who wants to feed me a marischino cherry with her 

(Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings the Hallelluia Chorus)

WAYNE -- Nice try, Garth. You're not going to wake me up by 
playing your boom box at full volume.

GARTH -- A boom box? A video game? A banana split? Wayne, none 
of that stuff has been invented yet.

WAYNE -- It is in MY dream. Oh, baby, baby.

GARTH -- Oh, you're hopeless. I'm going to go visit the Christ 
child in Bethlehem. (afar) You can have your stupid dream. 

WAYNE -- Oh, baby, baby. (pause) Baby? Baby? Baby, where are you 
going? I've still got some ice cream left. (snorts) Mmmmmmm. 
Huh? Oh, Garth, you're not going to believe the dream I just 
ha... Garth? Garth, where are you? Oh, well, he has no idea what 
he missed out on. (snores)

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