SAUL     7'1m4f Private-I traces Saul's conversion to Paul.

(knock, knock, knock, pause, knock, knock, knock, door open, 
close, footsteps)

SAM -- (snores) 

DOLL - (harsh, clears throat, pause) Hey. Hey, wake up.

SAM -- (snorts) The check is in the mail. Huh? Oh. Hey, listen I 
can explain this. I... I, ah... I was up late last night... 
following an important lead. Yeah, that's it. I was following a 

DOLL - I'm sure. Is your name Sam Spade?

SAM -- It depends. Are you from a collection agency?

DOLL - Of course not.

SAM -- In that case, yes, I'm Sam Spade. What can I help you 
with, Doll?

DOLL - How did you know my name?

SAM -- I'm sorry. I'm still a little groggy. I didn't know I 
called you by name, Doll.

DOLL - Doll. My name is Doll.

SAM -- Oh.

DOLL - My employers have a job for you.

SAM -- Well, I'm a very busy man. I have a lot of cases to 
solve. But I could set them aside if the price is right.

(bag of coins clank)

DOLL - Will this be enough?

SAM -- Holy cow! What did you do, rob a bank?

DOLL - My employers are very determined.

SAM -- Also very rich. Yes, well, I guess I could rearrange my 
schedule. So, what do they want me to do?

DOLL - They want you to find a Pharisee.

SAM -- Well, that's easy. Just go down to the street corner. 
Them Pharisees is a bunch of showoffs. They stand on the street 
corners and pray out loud. Real spiritual you know?

DOLL - I was referring to a specific Pharisee named Saul of 

SAM -- Oh. Where did you last see this guy Saul?

DOLL - A couple weeks ago, he was going to Damascus to throw 
some Christians in jail.

SAM -- Nice guy.

DOLL - I can take my money and my business to another private-I.

SAM -- Oh, no! I'll take the job. Where was Saul supposed to 
stay while he was in Damascus?

DOLL - He was going to stay at the house of a Pharisee named 

SAM -- Doll face, this Saul of Tarsus is as good as found.

(jingle of coins, footsteps)

DOLL - (fading) Good, I'll just hang onto this bag of silver 
until you find him. As soon as you find him, stop by and pick up 
your pay at the Sanhedrin.

(door open) 

SAM -- The Sanhedrin?! What about my...

(door close)

SAM -- ...retainer. Oh, well. I went to Damascus and knocked on 
the door of Judas the Pharisee.

(knock, knock, knock, door open)

MRS -- (light, ditzy) I gave at the office.

(door close, knock, knock, knock)

SAM -- Hey, I'm not collecting for anything. Open up.

(knock, knock, knock, door open)

MRS -- This better be good, buddy. I am polishing my 
finger nails.

SAM -- I'm looking for a Pharisee named Saul of Tarsus.

MRS -- Do you like this color on me?

SAM -- Maybe I should talk to your husband. Is Judas home?

MRS -- Oh, he's traveling again. He's always out looking for 
Christians and throwing them in jail. I think this nail polish 
is a bit too pink for me, don't you?

SAM -- Can you tell me anything about this Saul of Tarsus?

MRS -- If you ask me, I think he has a little problem with the 

SAM -- What do you mean?

MRS -- Well, Judas and I were traveling with Saul, when, just 
outside of town here, he fell off his donkey. And when he stood 
up, he was as blind as a bat. I don't think this nail polish 
goes with my lipstick at all, do you?

SAM -- So, Saul is blind?

MRS -- Oh, he was blind for three days. He didn't eat or drink 
anything. But a fella named Ananias came in and laid his hand on 
him and healed him. This nail polish will never go with my red 

SAM -- So, now Saul can see?

MRS -- I can't believe I paid 4 and a half shekels for this 
nail polish.

SAM -- Mam, please?

MRS -- Yeah, yeah, he can see just fine. He went with Ananias.

SAM -- And where does he live?

MRS -- On the other side of town. And I do mean the OTHER side 
of town. If railroad tracks were invented he would live on the 
wrong side of them. 

SAM -- I think I can find him. Thanks for your help.

MRS -- (fading) I can't believe I bought this stuff.

(door close)

SAM -- I made my way to the poor section of Damascus and found 
the house of Ananias.

(knock, knock, knock, door open)

LOLA - (low, breathy) Hello, good looking.

SAM -- Can I assume that you are not Ananias?

LOLA - Oh, I'm sorry, Daddy's not at home. In fact, nobody is 
home. Would you like to come in and keep me company?

SAM -- Huh?

LOLA - Close your mouth, big boy. You're drooling.

SAM -- Huh? Oh, yeah, ah where was I?

LOLA - Would you like to come in?

SAM -- Yes..., no.

LOLA - Well, what is it? Yes or no?

SAM -- Maybe later. Right now, I have to find a man named Saul 
of Tarsus first.

LOLA - Oh, he's gone now. The Lord somehow convinced him that 
Jesus was the messiah. But, when he started preaching about Jesus 
in the synagogue, the Jews tried to kill him. We had to lower him 
from our window to help him escape. He went back to Jerusalem. 
He's probably preaching to the Greek-speaking Jews in the temple 
right now.

SAM -- Oh, great. I find true love and I have to leave town.

LOLA - I'll be waiting for your return, handsome.

(door close)

SAM -- I reluctantly returned to Jerusalem and stopped by the 

(knock, knock, knock, door open)

DOLL - So, what do you want?

SAM -- I found your man.

DOLL - Oh, really?

SAM -- So, when do I get my money?

DOLL - When do I get Saul?

SAM -- He's right here in Jerusalem. I'm told he's preaching to 
the Greek Speaking Jews in the temple.

DOLL - Nice try. 

SAM -- What do you mean?

DOLL - We tried to kill him there, but he escaped.

SAM -- You didn't say you were going to kill him.

DOLL - The dirty, low down rat, defected to the Christians. And 
his friends smuggled him over to Caesarea. If you want your bag 
of silver, get over there and find him.

SAM -- Any chance I could get a little advance?

DOLL - You get zero, zip, nada. Take a hike.

SAM -- But...

(door close)

SAM -- (deep breath) I went over to Caesarea, but found out that 
Saul had moved on to Tarsus. So, I went over to Tarsus, only to 
find that Saul had moved back to Jerusalem. Back at Jerusalem, I 
stopped in at the Sanhedrin.

(knock, knock, knock, door open)

Hiya, doll.

DOLL - He went to Antioch.

(door close)

SAM -- (aloud) Nice to see you too. (softly) I hurried to 
Antioch to catch Saul before he blew town again, only to find 
out that Saul seemed to disappear into thin air. Several people 
reported that a guy named Saul came into town, but noone named 
Saul left town. A few people reported a new guy in town named 
Paul. But Paul was last seen boarding a ship in the Mediterranean 
Sea, headed for points unknown. Sad to say, this was one case 
that went unsolved. Well, this case wasn't a total loss. During 
my investigations, I had found a new love interest in Damascus.

(knock, knock, knock, door open)

SAM -- Hiya, doll face! I...

MOM -- (deep voice, harsh) Are you the guy who tried to make a 
move on my daughter?

SAM -- Me? No. Sorry, wrong house.

(door close)

I went back to my office, you know, to follow an important lead.

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