SPOOK00         SPOOK911 series summary

A former Delta Force soldier is nanny to a spoiled rich kid who
acquires the ability to move things with her mind, fight crime


Katie     12  Daughter      Spoiled rich kid
Nanny     30  Katie's nanny Retired Delta Force
Andrew    40  Katie's dad   Billionaire 
Elaine    40  Katie's mom   Jet setter
Pierce    30  F.B.I. agent  Dedicated
Grimly    50  Police Lt.    Stodgy

SPOOK01  Katie is struck by lightening, acquires kinesthesis,
         aids Pierce to foil an enemy agent with her new gift

SPOOK02  Katie and Nanny helps Grimly capture a serial kidnapper

SPOOK03  Andrew is endangered by a bomb plot, Katie and Nanny
         defuse the bomb and capture the bomber

SPOOK04  Elaine disappears, Katie and Nanny track her to the
         harem of an Arabic sheik and rescue her

SPOOK05  Katie is put into boarding school for her safety, but
         she manipulates Nanny to arrest a car theft ring

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